All across the city of blue there were families running for their lives because of Len and I. We watched as sapphire haired people ran away from them with looks of pure terror in their eyes. I found it incredibly amusing. It was hard not to be amused by such a familiar sight.

"Oh Len," I said through my laughter, my face wearing a look only the devil possessed. "This is brilliant!"

Len winked at me as he drove the thing that was causing all of the terror throughout the blue city – the roadroller. He couldn't help but crack a grin himself. Although he was usually a kind person (often very arrogant though), he always felt a rush of excitement as he drove the roadroller. He even, selfishly, thought it gave him an air of authority for once. I was always the one with that, not Len.

Yes, I read his diary.

"That's good, my princess." he said. He tried to keep his tone calm and quiet, not wanting me to think that he was excited by such a silly and sadistic act. However, the small laughs that escaped him showed the truth. "I'm glad you're enjoying this."

"Oh c'mon Len, loosen up!" My tone definitely lacked authority at that moment. "Even your dearest princess sounds like a peasant right now!"

Once my short (but epic) speech was over, I continued cackling and pointing my finger at the people that I wanted Len to roll over next.

"Sucks to be you right now, BaKaito!" I exclaimed to the heavens, grinning the most devilish of grins.

In short, the kingdom of blue was being slowly ripped apart and it was the Kagamines that were at fault. Then again, it seemed that we were always the ones at fault.

Or, to say the least, a good deed would never come from me.

"We can go to the castle if you wish, my princess." Len stated and I looked at him. I had a short change of mood as I considered his words.

"Once we have finished destroying the blue city," I said, my voice as proud and great as it always was. "We will head towards the castle of blue, taking a lesser known route through the back roads. Of course, this will mean that entering the castle will be a piece of cake... an orange flavoured cake. It also means that we can enter the garden straight away and... greet the guests... pleasantly."

Len kept his eyes forwards as he replied. "Great, that is exactly what I had in mind. I think that we should leave for the castle now, seeing as no buildings are left to be destroyed in this city..."

I nodded and grabbed my seat as Len swerved to the left, going on to a side road. It went up a hill and I could already make out the castle in the distance.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

Panic broke loose at the blue castle.

Miku Hatsune was running around, wailing at the top of her lungs for God's forgiveness. She seemed to be screaming to the ceiling for forgiveness for trying to steal away Rin's brother.

A Crypton employee, Gakupo, had just entered the room and was trying to calm Miku down, but he wasn't doing very well.

Kaito was curled up into a ball in the corner of the room, crying silently to himself about his 'poor, poor city-chan'.

... and Meiko just watched as all of those things happened.

In her mind, she was thinking about how she could fight the twins, who had a roadroller, with just a sword. It wasn't like in the play she had watched, where the hero had stabbed a giant snake with his shiny sword... no. It was much harder than that.

The other people in the room were starting to annoy Meiko, so she spoke up.

"Can you guys shut up and move your wimpy asses to the garden?"

The 3 other people in the room were taken aback by Meiko's scary voice and were frozen in place.

"We haven't got all day now have we? You guys don't want to know what great things I can do to your necks with just this sword."

Suddenly, the royal garden had 4 people in it.

"Okay, so we haven't got much chance of survival," Meiko said. "So put on your tough pose!"

The brown haired woman surveyed her small army and sighed at their clueless expressions.

"Say 'Grr' and you have less chances of dying painfully."

"Oh!" the 3 idiots said and copied the 'Grr' that Meiko had let out.

Meiko facepalmed, it was going to be a tough battle, but she had never lost one before.

She wouldn't lose, even if it was against the Kagamines.

Build up chapter serves it purpose to build up to the epic battle that is idiots vs roadroller.

I hope you enjoyed trolling with the Kagamines and facepalming with Meiko. *_* until next time~