Summary: A dream makes Stiles realize just what he feels for a certain werewolf, but how will Scott take it? Will his best friend understand or not? And the one million dollar question: What will Derek have to say?

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Not a crush anymore

Chapter 1

They were lying on Stiles' bed. The whole house was dead quiet since Sheriff Stilinsky had been called away about an hour ago. A sudden gasp tor threw the silent room and was followed by a husky and breathless chuckle from Stiles' bedmate.

The sixteen-year-old lay on his bed and the only clothing on his body consisted of low riding boxer shorts and a shirt which was on the brink of being ripped off of the teens chest while his bedmate was wearing nothing but boxer briefs. The nineteen-year-old on top of the teenager had his hand in Stiles' boxers and was fisting the younger boy's cock firmly.

Derek wasn't moving his hand one inch and it was driving Stiles mad. He would give anything for some sort of movement. The brunet had tried lifting his own hips in hope of sliding his hard member through the passageway Derek's fist formed, but before he had lifted his hip even an inch the werewolf had his other hand on Stiles' lower stomach.

He applied a minimum amount of pressure and had the sixteen-year-old pinned to his bed. Stiles' head was thrashing on the bed as whimpers and small cries of pleasure left his mouth. He thought he was sick for enjoying his own torture this much.

Suddenly the teen felt Derek's hands change into claws and he looked up. The sight of Derek in his wolf form made Stiles' shiver in pleasure and the teen could have sworn he had grown even harder in that moment.

The clawed hand which had been holding his hips down, slowly moved up Stiles' still clothed chest dragging one of its claws over Stiles' hard nipple. Another gasp tor itself from the teenager's throat and Stiles was afraid he might come then and there without further stimulation.

When it arrived at the collar of the brunet's shirt Derek slit it open with deadly accuracy not leaving a single scratch on the teenager's pale skin. The werewolf turned back into his human form and smiled at the teen. The fabric of Stiles' shirt was quickly thrown aside as Derek began to leave a small trail of kisses up Stiles' chest.

As he neared one of Stiles' nipples, the same one his claw had brushed mere seconds ago, he circled it with his tongue and slowly took it into his mouth. Stiles cried out as the wet and hot lips closed around his nipple sucking it into that talented mouth.

Derek nibbled at the small mount and gave it a long lick before moving onto the other one giving it the same treatment. All the while Stiles was lying on his bed with nothing but pleasure coursing through his veins.

Derek quickly moved from Stiles' hard nipples to the brunet's gasping mouth. He ran his tongue over Stiles' lips before pushing his own onto the teenager's. The brunet quickly opened his mouth further for Derek and the werewolf didn't think twice about the invitation.

Their tongues danced in perfect unity and caressed each other. Stiles thought he was going to die of all of the pleasure and then Derek gave the brunet's erection a few quick tugs. The teenager screamed Derek's name into the werewolf's mouth as he climaxed harder then he ever thought possible.

They were both left panting on the bed, Derek having come from seeing Stiles falling so undone. They lay in each other's arms for a short while before Derek pushed the boy away from him and stood up from the sweat soaked and cum stained bed.

The teenager frowned at Derek's behavior and got off of the bed as well. He walked over to the werewolf and hugged him around the waist from behind. Stiles felt Derek go stiff, not the good kind though, before the man turned around and pushed the brunet away again.

The teenager looked up at Derek and froze when he saw the werewolf's face. Derek looked more angry then the brunet had ever seen him. Stiles slowly stepped forward, but stopped when a low growl escaped from deep within Derek's throat.

Stiles breath caught at the growl and he shivered in fear. The teenager knew good and well that if Derek wanted or planed on killing him the werewolf would most likely get away with it, too. But he didn't think Derek would do that to him. At least he hadn't thought so until the werewolf had looked at him like he did a mere few seconds ago.

"Derek what's wrong?"

The werewolf looked at the teenager before turning back around and stepping into his pants. Derek pulled them up and buttoned them quickly before he bent down again to pick up his shirt. When the dark fabric was firmly covering the werewolf's chest he lifted his head but still didn't turn around to look at Stiles.

A small yet humorless chuckle escaped Derek. It made Stiles shiver, but not in a good way. The chuckle send fear through every single cell of the teenager's body. The werewolf finally turned back to look at Stiles and the teenager didn't like the look in Derek's eyes one bit.

"What you thought this was more then just a fuck? Oh poor little Rupert Stilinsky. You are nothing, but a warm body, at least to me. You want a boyfriend? Go to Scott or any other guy out there. They'll give you more then I ever will."

Stiles could feel small tears running down his cheeks as the werewolf made his way to the open window and jumped out. Not caring what kinds of substances stained his bed Stiles threw himself back on it and buried his face in his pillow crying hot tears into the white fabric.

Suddenly the brunet sat straight in his bed, boxers stained with cum and his heartbeat erratic. He looked around his room and saw the window closed and locked. His clothes were not on the floor with slashes in them. They were neatly, though he would deny it if anyone asked, folded on the chair next to his bed.

It had been a dream. Well a nightmare to be more accurate. Stiles knew he had feelings for the older werewolf, but he hadn't thought they ran as deep as they did in his dream. But now he knew they did. Stiles could still feel the somewhat dried tears on his cheeks and his heart ached just remembering what dream Derek had said.

What was he going to do? It had been hard enough to hide his morbid fascination with Derek from Scott and the werewolf himself, but now? He was basically in love with the nineteen-year-old because after that dream even he could tell this wasn't a crush.

Not anymore.

And he had no idea what to do.

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