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Not a crush anymore

Chapter 4


She turned her head to look at Stiles and her eyes widened when she saw the sheriff standing next to his son. Lydia quickly looked away again and flinched a little when she saw them walking towards her out of the corner of her eye. They stopped right in front of her and the sheriff crossed his arms over his chest.

Stiles suddenly felt really bad for Lydia even if she stole his baby. Having the sheriff being pissed off at you can really fuck up your day or even your whole week. Finally she sighed deeply and turned to look at the two of them. She looked at the sheriff, but didn't meet his eyes.

"Miss Martin would you mind telling me why you stole my son's car. From our driveway."

To be fair she looked fairly ashamed of herself right at that moment. She looked down at the ground before she looked back up, but this time she locked eyes with the sheriff. Lydia opened her mouth, but closed it again not really knowing what to say. After a few seconds she turned to look at Stiles and locked eyes with him.

"I'm sorry. I... I know I shouldn't have especially not because it was a stupid dare, but..."

She looked back down, shame filling her eyes. She didn't say anything else and Stiles wasn't sure if he could really be all that mad at her. His baby was alright, nothing was broken or missing and Lydia really did seem so goddamn sorry. And since Stiles had had a crush on her before the whole gay thing happened he decided to be merciful.

"Dad I don't want to press charges. Just let her go to school and make her do some community service, okay?"

The sheriff looked questionably at his son. Maybe the gay think was a phase and had faded now? For a second he nearly laughed at himself. Stiles may not be one of those people who really know what they want, but he wasn't as bad as to confess to his father that he was gay only to change his mind half an hour later.

Finally he nodded at his son and Lydia flew off of her chair and wrapped her arms around Stiles' neck. A surprised Stiles put one hand on her back and petted her lightly. When the teenager looked up at his father the sheriff was looking at his son and Lydia with one eyebrow raised.

"Miss Martin?" Lydia looked up and at the sheriff. "Return to the station after school and we will sort things out. Do you need a ride to school?"

Lydia nodded and the three of them made their way back to officer Parks. The sheriff told him to look at all the available community service hours on plan and to find an appropriate amount for Lydia. They left the station and the sheriff drove them to school.

A few people stopped and stared as Lydia got out off the police car only to be followed by Stiles. They were whispering although it couldn't really be called that if Stiles could hear every word now, could it? The most frequent were 'what did they do' and 'did the sheriff catch them making out in his room?'. Stiles himself thought it was immensely funny, even if he was gay. Then again they didn't know that.

Lydia however was quite bothered. Especially when Jackson came outside and glared the fucking hell out off the two of them. Stiles faltered in his step a little, but told himself not to get intimidated by a high school bully who could kill him with his little finger.

Needless to say that didn't calm him down at all.

"What do you think your doing with my girlfriend Stilinsky?"

The brunet took a deep breath and locked eyes with Jackson. The lacrosse player seemed taken aback for a second before he returned to glaring at Stiles. Finally the teenager took it upon himself to give Jackson some peace of mind and opened his mouth to speak.

"Well dad and I drove her to school from the station. She was there because she stole my car last night."

Jackson's eyes grew wide and his gaze quickly snapped to Lydia. She was standing tall even though she was still visibly guilt ridden. For a second Stiles thought that the guilt might have been a trick just to get out of the bad situation with the sheriff, but if she still looked the part at school despite her having to keep up reputations maybe it wasn't an act.

Lydia nodded at the lacrosse player as if to confirm Stiles' statement before she turned away from them completely and walked into the school. Both stared after Lydia for a second. Stiles face was full of amusement and he had to lift one of his hands up to his mouth to keep himself from laughing out loud. Jackson saw that and again glared at the brunet.

He opened his mouth but stopped short when a shadow fell over him. He turned around and came face to face with Scott. Fear flooded the lacrosse player's every pore and he gave a feeble excuse before all but running away from the pair of best friends. Stiles raised a questioning eyebrow at his friend but Scott said nothing before he pulled Stiles into a one armed(A/N: manly) hug.

"Jackson and me had a disagreement this morning. I was sick and tired of him bugging me about turning him so I showed him just what he would turn into. He seems to have a wee bit more respect for me now, doesn't he?"

They walked into the school in a comfortable silence. Well it seemed comfortable on the outside. During the whole walk Stiles kept thinking about telling Scott. Finally he decided that if his dad could react well to it so could Scott. Once they were through the school doors they made their way to Stiles' locker and the teenager put his lacrosse gear away.

"Listen Scott," Stiles wasn't even looking at his best friend while he talked. "there is something I want to tell you, but I think I kinda have to do it now because later I know I'll loose the balls to do it."

At last the brunet turned around to look at his best friend and saw Scott looking at him with a concerned expression. After a short wile the young werewolf nodded and steered Stiles to the empty locker rooms to talk.

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