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Dear Diary,

I found out what this strange thing between Klaus and me is. He told me shortly before he imprisoned me and treated me no better than his stupid hybrids. Indeed, it is nothing else than with his hybrids. It's a sire bond. I am sired to Klaus. My life is so fucked up at the moment, I don't know how to deal with all of this. I am still drawn to Klaus but now that I know what this is, I don't want to be around him 24/7. It still hurts and it still makes me feel crazy and mad sometimes, but I know I have to fight it. And try to break this stupid sire bond.

As she sped upstairs with the prone body in her hands, she felt the blood on her hands. She felt it on her lips and she had to stand still for a moment. As much as it hurt, she looked down and looked into Matt's hollow eyes staring up at her. She felt a tear escape her eye but she forced her feet to move forward, she needed to get out of there. She more felt than heard the footsteps behind her, the fresh blood pumping through her veins heightened her senses like a thousand times. She turned around and stood face to face with Klaus. He smirked.

"I see my plan worked" he said and looked briefly towards the dead body in her arms.
"I thought it would have been your plan" she simply said and looked at him.
"What you're doing with the body now? And dressed like that?" he smirked and looked her up and down, she was still only in her underwear from being tortured.
"I thought I'll show you what you did to me. Klaus, as you so nicely told me I don't know how long ago, but what we have is only a sire bond. So why don't you treat me just like all your hybrids and tell me what to do or where to go and other than that leave me alone."
"Because it's not that easy. What is between us is a sire bond, but it's different than with my hybrids. You're a true blood hybrid because you were a vampire before you got turned into a werewolf and you are from the original werewolf bloodline. So technically, you are sired to me but I cannot tell you what to do" he said and took a step towards her.
Stella took a step backwards in time with his forward. "Then just let me go. If I am not sired to you like that, leave me alone. I will be no use for you." Her voice was free of emotion, she had no strength left to feel hurt or angry. She just wanted to get the hell away from this place.
"But you are of use for me. We are still equal, love."
Stella snorted and shook her head. "Equal, right. Why don't we tie you up then for a change? And I torment you for a while, see how that suits you" she spat at him. "You lied to me Klaus, and then you lied to me again to get me back and I was stupid enough to fall for you every single time. I am tired of your games. You used me ever since you kidnapped me as a child and I can't go on like this. You're killing me and that's not how I am supposed to live my life."
"It was never my intention to kill you. I never wanted to hurt you" he said and took another step towards her, his voice soft as velvet.
"Stop it Klaus!" she called and took two steps back. "It's over. I am leaving and you will let me leave, just like that. I won't return and I won't help you with any sick plan of yours."
"I am afraid I can't let you do that. You know too much, love" he said it with a smile but she knew it was life or death now. She couldn't be that important to him.

"Klaus, I am not going to stay here. I am leaving but I won't help with any plan of killing you, I promise. I couldn't, anyway as it would kill me, but I will stay out of your way and let you fulfill your plans with Jeremy and Elena and whoever, I don't care."

A loud banging noise interrupted Klaus as he wanted to retort and he briefly looked in the direction of the noise so Stella saw her chance and vanished out of the house.

As she finally reached the Boarding House, she walked up the steps but collapsed in front of the door and the tears were now streaming freely down her face. She felt them ricochet off Matt's body and her own bare thighs. But she couldn't care less at the moment, she just kneeled there, wanting the pain to go away.

The door opened and Damon spotted her, sitting and crying, barely dressed and holding Matt's body in her hands.

"Stella, are you okay?" He asked and got down on his knees in front of her, wanting to take her hands in his. But she kept her hands tightly around Matt's shoulders, she wouldn't let go.

"I killed him, I killed him" was all she could say and shook her head, spilling more tears everywhere.

Damon called behind him and Stefan and Sage emerged from inside. They pried Stella's hands away from the body and carried her inward, all the while she was crying and trying to free herself. She only felt the cushions of the couch beneath her sore body as the world around her became black.

Stella woke up to voices softly whispering around her. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that someone had put a blanket over her, covering her body. She sat up and three pair of eyes fixed upon her.

Sage sat closest to her and she recognised his look. Full of pity and regret.

"How are you feeling?" He asked her softly and she looked into his eyes, then towards her brothers and back. They were all looking at her as if she might attack them any second.

"I'm feeling fine, why are you looking at me like I'm out of a horror movie?"

"Because of your mental break down just a few hours ago" Damon states in his matter-of-fact voice.

"We thought you might freak again as soon as you wake up."

"Freak is a bit harsh. You've been through a lot these past days" Stefan cut in - always the diplomat.

"How long have I been with Klaus?" She asked, looking at the males in front of her, ignoring their remarks of her mental sanity.

"6 Days" Sage answered in a small voice. "And I wanted to thank you for saving me."

"No need to thank me" she said and closed her eyes, leaning back on the couch. "You all would've done the same thing."

"Now spill the beans" Damon said and sat down beside her. "Why did he keep you there? And what for?"

"He was mad at me for running away. Apparently he likes having his pets around to play with" she said with disgust in her voice.

"Pets? What are you talking about?" Stefan asked alarmed.

"The thing that is between Klaus and me, where I told you it's destiny and all that stupid shit he planted in my brain, remember? It's a simple, stupid sire bond" she said and looked at Damon.

"A sire bond? Meaning you're sired to him?" Sage asked, unbelieving.

"Just like someone else we know" Stefan muttered under his breath, earning him a cold look from his brother.

"Whatever. It's not the same as with the other hybrids, so he can't tell me what to do but still. I'm sired to him and I won't ever get rid of him."

"We'll find a way for you to break it, promise" Damon said and laid a hand on top of hers.

Stella looked at him before pulling away her hand and grabbing the blanket, wrapping around herself.

"I just need some sleep right now" she said and got up, leaving the three men to their private conversation.

As she awoke, it was dark outside. She quietly got up and listened closely. She felt on top of her strength again, but she could only have slept a few hours.

She could her Damon and Stefan'a even breathings next door and was sure they were asleep. Sage's room was a few doors further away but he too was sleeping, she was sure of it.

A few minutes later she shouldered the bag she packed and made her way quietly but quickly downstairs. She crosses the dark hallway and pulled open the front door, inhaling the fresh night's air. She closed the door softly and walked down the driveway, putting the bag into the trunk of her car.

She got into the driver's seat, adjusting the rear mirror and glancing one last time back towards the house she had so many memories with. But it was no use, she would never be able to find peace in there. She drove away, determined to leave everything behind.

+++THE END+++

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