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"Hey! So tonight, you think it'll go alright, right?" Justin quickly asked as he walked through Munro's apartment door, clasping his hands together tightly."By tonight I mean, my date with Ace." He added nervously.

Munro mentally stale faced. As if I could forget.

"Sure man-come on in!" he quipped sarcastically, closing his apartment door. "I didn't know you were coming over…?" Munro drawled, scratching his head

"You're not answering my question! Do you think tonight will go alright?" Justin replied impatiently, fiddling with a book.

Munro rolled his eyes with a laugh. "I think you've asked me that question maybe twenty times in the past hour." He smirked, referring to the numerous texts from Justin asking the same question. "But yeah, I'm sure tonight will go…fine." He forced tightly.

"Aw man, I really hope so... " Justin said dreamily. "I just want Aislinn to have the best night tonight…ya know?"

"Yeah-so, I thought we were all meeting at the restaurant…?" Munro replied casually, obviously wanting to change the subject.

"Oh, right, funny story actually." Justin gave a sheepish laugh. "See, for some reason, I'm just really nervous for my date tonight."

"Really? I had no idea." Munro mumbled dryly with a smirk, but cringed at the word 'date'.

Justin continued on, ignoring his friend. "So, whilst waiting for you to respond to a text, I figured you could calm me down better in person, so, ta-da…" he grinned cheekily

Munro rolled his eyes smirking. "And here I am, ready to help. Honestly, what would you do without me?" he joked.

"I honestly don't know." Justin said in all seriousness. "I mean, you have truly been the best friend a guy could ask for, and I'm really lucky to be able to call you that! You're always looking out for me." He smiled genuinely.

Munro sunk with guilt, truly feeling terrible. Don't say that, I'm a terrible best friend. I like the girl you're going out with and I would gladly steal her from you… He thought sadly, and gave smiled weakly. "Thanks, you're a great friend too."

"Psh, not like you though. I mean you're even letting me, your best friend, go out with Ace, your other best friend. Most guys couldn' t handle that, hell I know I couldn't. I'd probably end up strangling me if I were you."

Munro forced a tight grin. Oh, you have no idea. "Well, uh, we should going." He replied absent mindedly, fixing the cuffs on his jacket. Maybe that'll change the conversation.

Justin checked the clock. "Yes! Oh awesome, man I'm so excited! This is going to be so great Munro!" he cheered as he bounded outside.

Munro sighed. Justin was acting like a new puppy, and frankly, Munro liked puppies. He couldn't bear to hurt one, or hurt Justin for that matter. "I'll just have to get over it then." He whispered sadly. Swallowing his pride, Munro grabbed his keys, and began to walk out the door. Ya know, we probably won't even talk about the date in the car.

Munro's guess was wrong. The car ride to the girls' apartments, seeing Aislinn and Cristine currently lived in the same complex, was spent with Justin's hormones switching from nerves to excitement every five seconds. Drowning out the radio were Justin's cries of; "Oh this is going to be a disaster, what if she doesn't like the outfit, or the restaurant, or dare I say it-me…" which frequently switched to; "Oh this is going to be great! I bet this'll be the best first date we'll ever have!" Munro merely clenched the steering wheel tightly, trying to ignore his friend.

"Maybe if I'm lucky, we'll even get to reenact that kiss from earlier and then some, if you know what I mean." Justin winked, nudging his best friend's arm.

"Excuse me-I'm trying to drive." Munro replied quietly, a tinge of annoyance underlay in his voice. "The roads are…dangerous." He added lamely

Justin clearly didn't notice. "You can't even imagine how excited I am. Man, I'm so lucky to have asked her out. And for her to say yes is unbelievable!" He gushed.

"Don't I know it..." Munro murmured under his breath. He shot a glance at a beaming Justin. He looks so happy. I can't just sit her wishing Aislinn would ditch him for me. Munro sighed. But I am wishing that. Returning his eyes to the road, Munro bit his lip. I'm the worst best friend ever.

"Munro? You listenin'?" Justin's familiar voice cut through his thoughts.

"What? Yeah, every word my friend. Every word." He replied dully. Munro's response seemed to have pleased Justin, because then he continued to gush about tonight's events.

"Thank god," Munro said under his breath when they arrived. "Well, we're here. You can get Aislinn, I'll get…Cristine." He frowned.

"Uh, yeah sure, we'll just walk up to the doors and get them." Justin replied hesitantly.

Munro got out of the car and began the walk up. Then he noticed he was walking alone. Turning around with a bemused expression, Munro saw Justin, still sitting in the car.

"You know, one usually does have to get out of the car to walk up to the door." Munro quipped, almost feeling sorry for how nervous Justin was. "You alright?" he asked, opening the car door.

Justin exhaled a deep breath. "Yeah, just nervous." He admitted. "But hey, I'll be fine. Let's go!"

Munro stared at Justin in puzzlement. For all the girls he's seen Justin been with, he'd never seen Justin this freaked for a date. This realization only led Munro's stomach to drop. Remember, you're here for Justin, and here to be Cristine's date. He told himself. Aislinn is just one of your best friends, don't be jealous, you don't even like her-remember?

"C'mon, we can go to the doors together."

"Munro, what are you doing here?" Aislinn asked, hints of annoyance in her voice, as she opened her door. "I thought you were okay with me going out with Justin. You can't just show up here. You really should go…"

What is her problem… Munro's eyes flashed with hurt. "What?" his voice neared the danger of cracking, "I'm not even here for you, I already got my date. And Justin's right here!"

Sure enough, Justin appeared from behind the door. "Hey, you look great. Munro's here because-"

"What do you mean you picked up your date?" Aislinn asked incredulously, ignoring Justin.

"He picked up me!" Cristine's high voice sounded, before she appeared wrapping her arms around Munro's body. "I'm his date." Munro grew stiff, uncomfortable with how touchy Cristine was.

"We're going to double! " Justin said dapperly. "Let's get to the car babe." Justin grabbed Aislinn's hand briskly, and led her off, Aislinn scowling at Munro as they went to the car.

"Well, let's go then!" Cristine smiled, and held out her hand for Munro.

Incredibly confused with the past events, Munro waved it off, smiling at Cristine, he took her hand following suit.

Tucked in a corner booth at the local diner, sat the four 'friends'. To Munro's surprised, he got one rather well with Cristine. She had a similar sense of humor, and they spent most of the night laughing over fries.

Aislinn and Justin spent most of the night not talking, and more just flirting and pecking one another. Munro couldn't help but notice how 'out-of-character' Aislinn was acting tonight, just by the fact that she even "suggested they practice more for their upcoming scenes." Do those scenes possibly include kissing? Just throwing that suggestion out there. Munro thought sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Although, he couldn't help but notice on several occasions Aislinn was- staring at him?

"Hey, Cris, let me get you a refill." Munro charmingly offered, grabbing her drink before allowing her to answer. "Sparkling lemonade right?" he smirked.

Pleased that he remembered, Cristine nodded vigorously. "Yes, thanks Munz!" she giggled. Munro turned on his heels then towards the machine.

"I'm going to refill my drink too-no Jake, I got it." Aislinn quickly shot down Jake's offer.

"Cute pet names." Aislinn's smug tone hissed in Munro's ear, causing him to jump, spilling Cristine's drink all over him.

"Shit, Ace, what'd you do that for?" he asked incredulously. He tried to salvage himself with napkins, but it was too late. He was turning into a sticky mess.

"Sorry, that was actually accidental. Bathroom." Her voice was sincere-for a moment. Walking into the bathroom, Aislinn grabbed paper towels, and then glared at him. "But what'd you ask out Cristine for? Asking out one of my friends because your two friends are going out? Isn't that a little desperate?" She continued to pat him down with napkins.

Munro scoffed in disbelief. "Are you serious right now…? I'm going to pretend that you don't actually mean that, and that you're just light headed from sucking face all night." He sneered.

"What are you doing, spying on us? Won't your new girlfriend get upset? " she retorted, dabbing his shirt.

Munro rolled his eyes. "She's not my girlfriend. Oh and uh, kind of hard not to notice when you're; A. right across from us and B. making sound effects. Thanks for that by that way." He added sarcastically.

"Could've fooled me." She turned to get more paper towel.

There has to be something I've done… "What changed?" he asked her. Aislinn stopped and looked at him puzzled. "From this morning to tonight, what changed? You were all worried to see if we were okay, and now-now you're just being plain rude." Munro said firmly, cautious of his word choice.

"I-I…" she stopped herself. "I'm just mad alright? I mean, this morning you're acting like you don't care at all that your two best friends are going out, and you acted as if you didn't want anything to do with relationships and then-wam, you show at my door with a date! You could've at least been somewhat honest." She added, a little hurt.

"Okay, maybe it does bother me-a litte," he looked at her cautiously Or maybe a lot, "but I didn't ask out Cristine! Justin set us up because she likes me and he is so nervous about tonight he wanted me there for support! And while he's trying to have a romantic evening you're busy yelling at me-why does it matter?"

Aislinn didn't say anything. "Let me get this straight. You didn't ask out Cristine?"

"Nope." Munro responded, popping the 'p'.

"And it bothers you that Justin asked me out."

"Yea-wait, I didn't quite say that now."

Munro didn't get a verbal response. Instead, he felt Aislinn's lips crashing onto his.

"Well, isn't this cute." A familiar voice called as the bathroom door swung open.


Ohh qui est-ce!

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