Shiloh shighed. She didn't want this life. She really didn't. It was too normal for her and she knew it. She could shatter a bullet, walk through walls, for gods sake. And what was she doing? Sitting in a class room, boredly watching her professor teach a lesson she already knew everything about because she had noting to do at home except sit in her fathers library and read. It's not as if her parents even knew she was there, let alone alive.

She kept her abilities reletively under control. It was good that she could control them. She had had an accident in Phys. Ed earlier. A little mishap with a volleyball flying through her, but that wasn't her fault. She had problems with stuff hitting her. It was the only time she couldn't control her ability. It was like a failsafe or something. The other students hadn't noticed, thank God. They were too busy playing the game.

Shiloh sighed again, as the bell rang, signaling the end of class, as well as the end of school. She stood, and by some miricle, and without using her abilities, she made it to the door and out of the classroom first. The halls were already filled with, what seemed to Shiloh, a billion other teenagers. She flipped her head to the left and groaned as the piece of hair she was trying to get out of her eyes fell right back into place. She lifted her hand and moved the offensive blonde and teal strand behind her ear manually.

She walked out of the building without stopping at her locker. Shiloh hated that place. She didn't want to be there any longer then she had to.

Halfway home, her phone rang in her pocket.

"Hello?" She answered without looking at the caller ID.

"Hi. This is Rachael. I'm callng because you left a message with Dr. Rosen. Your name is Shiloh Rousseau, right? And you called about you being able to do something nobody else can do?"

"Oui." Shiloh mentally scolded herself for using french, which she usually only used at home. It had been seventeen of her ninteen years since she and her familly had moved from france. Yet she still sometimes slipped up. "I mean yes, sorry."

"Oh, it's no problem!" Rachaels voice was happy, and one that Shiloh could get used to. "I just wanted to call you to ask if you'd be willing to come down to the office today and talk to us?"

"Us?" Shiloh echoed, looking at her watch.

"There are a few of us with abilities like you, and they'll be here too. There are five of us, including myself." Rachael explained, and Shiloh could tell she was smiling.

"Well, alright, I suppose. Where are your offices?"

Rachael sprouted off the address, saying she'd meet Shiloh at the elevators on the top floor before hanging up. Shiloh changed directions walking quickly along the sidewalk, shifting her shoulder bag to the opposite shoulder. She made it to the building Rachael told her to go to, and saw a man and a woman standing at the elevators as soon as she entered the doors.

"Rachael?" Shiloh asked the woman. She nodded, smiling.

"You must be Shiloh. This is Gary."

Shiloh observed the man, who should have actually been described as a boy, though she could see he was obviously over eighteen years old. The distant look in his eyes and the way he kept playing with his fingers showed her he was either autistic, or just plain stupid. She went with autistic.

"I told Rachael you were here." Gary said, distracted by something only he could see.

"Um," Rachael said as she lead Shiloh and Gary both into the elevator. "Gary can read electromagnetic wavelengths. He tends to listen into telephone conversations. He kept track of your cell phone. It comes in handy when we need to know where one of us is."

The elevator doors open and a large black man was standing there, talking to a pretty woman.

"That's Bill." Gary said. "Bill and Nina. Bill and Nina."

"Hey," Nina nodded at Shiloh. "New girl?"

"She gonna have to go through the hazing." Bill went to push on Shiloh's shoulder. She flinched and his hand went straight through her. Bill paused and Nina gazed at the sight in amazment. Rachael smiled and Gary gave a laugh.

"Bill, knock it off." Another man, this one white, but just as intimidating as Bill, pulled Bill's arm away from Shiloh, and lay his own hand carefully on her shoulder. This time, his hand didn't go through her. "I'm Hicks."


"Come on, Hicks," Rachael pulled on his arm. "Gary and I were taking her to Dr. Rosen."

Shiloh found herself being led by Hicks' firm but gentle grip on her shoulder, towards an office.

The old man sitting at the desk in the office looked up and smiled when he saw the four people standing there, at the door.

"Thank you, Rachael, Hicks, Gary." Hicks nodded, and Rachael quietly led Gary away. "Hello, Miss. Rousseau. I'm Dr. Rosen."

"Je sais que." Shiloh sat down. "Sorry. I meant I know. I tend to slip into French when I'm nervous."

"Pourquoi etes-vous nerveux?" Dr. Rosen asked, smiling a little at the supprised expression on Shiloh's face.

"Je ne sais pas." Shiloh shook her head. "I suppose it's because I'm in a new place, with new people, and no idea why I can do the things I can do."

"I can explain that for you." Dr. Rosen smiled again. Shiloh looked at him with her stormy grey eyes. The already dark ring around the outsides darkening further.

"You're an Alpha." He stood, Shiloh following quickly. "If what your message told me, you control density, which means you also control matter, otherwise called energy."

"So I'm the energizer bunny?" She rolled her eyes.

"Not quite." Dr. Rosen laughed. He stopped in front of a door to a conference type room, where all five others were gathered. He stepped into the room, and faced Shiloh. "I'm going to lock you out. Try to get in. It will be the begining to training your powers."

Shiloh nodded.

Dr. Rosen shut the door and Shiloh heard Bill laugh about somthing to do with locking her out. There was a swift, angry reply from Hicks, who seemed to have a soft spot for her already.

Shiloh placed her hand on the door and closed her eyes. A soft tingling went through her spine, and her arm began to feel like jelly, slowly followed by the rest of her body as it slipped through two solid inches of wood. When she opened up her eyes, she was on the other side of the door, looking at four wide eyed people, one dazed looking individual and a very happy Dr. Rosen.

Shiloh cleared her throat awkwardly. Bill suddenly picked up a vase from the table and whipped it at her. Nina, Hicks and Rachael all gave furious yells that were silenced the second the vase hit Shiloh in the chest. It exploded upon impact. Shiloh glared at Bill, brushing small pieces of glass off her shirt.

"Gee," She muttered. "Thanks, Bill."

"If you can lessen you density," Dr. Rosen explained for the benifit of his Alphas. "You can increase it as well. You can phase through solid objects, or make your skin hard as diamonds."

"Or you can sink or swim. Cela a été l'un des vacances que je détestais, laissez-moi vous raconter."

"You're speaking French again, Shiloh." Dr. Rosen commented.

"Oh, sorry." She sat on a couch between Hicks and Gary. Gary leaned slightly closer to her. Shiloh thought she could see just a spark of what he could, but only for a second. (A/N: This'll be important later on.)

"Eventually, with enough practice, you'll be able to move things. Any object you desire, anywhere from water to a mountain. All with your mind. But that'll take years of practice. You'll also be able to change the weight of any sold object. "

"Which I doubt she's up for, Dr. Rosen." Bill rolled his eyes. Hicks tensed up beside her.

"I am." Shiloh, too lazy to stretch above Gary and Hicks' heads, phased through them to lay her arms across the back of the couch. Gary let out a huff, while Hicks shuddered. "Sorry, it has different effects on different people."

"How about a formal introduction?" Rachael suggested.

"Gary." Gary raised his hand, still gazing at the electromagnetic fields only he could see. "Transducer. I'm not the google guy."

"Duely noted," Shiloh giggled. By now they'd moved so that their shoulders were in constant contact.

"Shiloh Rousseau. I guess I'm...Gary, what's it called?"

"Hyper-ennertransphasmic." He replied. "But I'm not the Google guy. (A/N: I literally just made the Hyper-ennertransphasmic thing up.)

"Cameron Hicks. Hyperkinetic." Hicks also draped his left arm around the back of the couch. "Means I have perfect aim, balance, and motor skills."

"Bill Harken. I can flood my body with adreneline and-"

"Initiate your fight-or-flight response. Lemme guess. You choose fight?" Shiloh rolled her eyes. She had a feeling she wasn't going to start getting along with Bill any time soon.

Bill huffed.

"Anyway. I'm Nina Theroux. I'm an Influencer. I can control pretty much everyone."

"Except me. It doesn't work on me." Gary had finally lay his head on Shiloh's shoulder, as he watched whatever it was he was watching.

"Exactly. Because it doesn't work on some people's minds. I've read about pushers." Shiloh lay her head on top of Gary's as her eyes drifted to a smiling Rachael.

"Rachael Pizrad. I'm a Synesthesia. I can enhance my senses to a superhuman level. But the rest of my senses get dulled when I do inhance one of them."

"Tough." Shiloh crinkled her nose. "Cool, though."

Rachael nodded her agreement.

"And I am Dr. Lee Rosen. I can't do anything remotely close to what any of you can do. But at least I can help you understand how you do the things you do. How to deal with it, and how you control it."

Gary suddenly leaned up to whisper in Shiloh's ear.

"Where the hell are you. From Scott R."

"Whaa?" Shiloh faced him, having them nose to nose. Her phone vibrated in her pocket. She opened the text and read it. "Hey, Gary don't read my Texts!" She laughed. Then blinked, standing quickly. Gary grabbed her phone out of her hands and programmed his number in, handing it to Hicks. They passed it around in a circle, all putting their numbers in it, even Bill. Gary slipped it back into her hand.

"She has to go home." Gary told Dr. Rosen. "Scott R wants to know where she is."

Shiloh nodded and dashed.

"Call me if you need us!" Hicks shouted after her. She called back an 'Okay' just before the elevator doors shut. In the elevator, she texted Gary to tell him to stay tapped into her houses camera system and warn Hicks if he saw anything sketchy going on once she was home.

Okay, so, her parents hardly ever paid attention to her, that much was true. But when they did, it was bad news, usually meaning that she was going to get a beating.

She walked as slowly as she could without getting herself in even more trouble. Soon enough, she was standing in front of the large house that was her home. Her father was standing on the porch, arms crossed and angry scowl on his face.

Shiloh flinched, and kept her head down as she walked into the house. She got as far as the hallway table before her father grabbed her by the hair, slamming her into the now closed door. Shiloh tossed a helpless glance at the camera, pointed at the door from above the stairs.

Scott Roussau's large hand closed around her throat, constricting her air going to her lungs.

"Where the fuck have you been, you ungrateful little leech?"



"G-Gar- DOCTOR'S!" Shiloh cut herself off before she finished Gary's name.

"Are you fucking pregnant, whore?"

"No, Daddy!"

"Don't lie to me!" Scott tossed her on the ground and kicked her in the stomach. It was taking all she had not to let her density change, and have her secret blown.

Scott picked her up again, and threw her into the stair bannister. He head slammed into the hard wood and she saw stars. There was a pounding and it took her a second to realize it wasn't coming from her head, or from her father, but from her front door. She put it together that she must have passed out.

The door was torn off of it's hinges and Bill was revaled. He moved to the side, and Hicks ran in, Gary behind him, and then Nina. Nina forced Scott to settle down and sit on the couch. Still glaring at his daughter, he did so.

"Whore," He muttered at her as Hicks helped her up, holding her head wile she regained further conciousness. Bill grabbed the man and squeezed his shoulder.

"No need for language like that."

"Bill," Shiloh called softly. "Thanks, but he's not worth too much of your adreneline."

Bill glanced at her and roughly released Scott.

"Get your stuff. You can stay with me until we get you figured out. I've got an empty room. Literally. There's nothing in it." Hicks told her. "Gary, I think she's got a cuncussion. Go with her and make sure she doesn't pass out."