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The next day, Shiloh was sitting in school, talking with her favorite teacher. She was an outcast in her school. She was a main part of the Drama Club, Mr Ceroky's specialty. This, paired with her messed up sense of humor and taste in music, made her a loner, even by loner standards, AND it made her rather unattractive to almost every guy in the school. That, and her past made for a teenager no one wanted as a friend.

She ate lunch on the stage every day while he graded papers on the red velvet seats below.

"So, this Bill guy found out about the musical coming up and posted CGI posters of you as Elphaba the Bad all over your offices?"

Shiloh took a bite of her ham and cheese sandwich.

"Yeah. It was horrible. And then in the diner, he initiated Karaoke Night, and selected LES MIS. Also terrible. I refused to sing."

Bill had been terrible since they all got home the day before. Shiloh was fed up with it.

"Well...He sounds like a douche. Anyways, this Gary dude, he ready for the most terrifying camping trip of his young life? He's all set up to share a bunk with you. You should give him the bottom."

"Oh, haha."

Ryan Ceroky's brown eyes twinkled.

"Haha indeed." The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch and the begining of the transition to the next 90 minute period. US History. Great, another class spent doodling Bill getting eaten by giant lizzards on a random sheet of paper.

When school was finally over, shiloh walked to the offices, yawning as she hung her bag on the back of her office door.

"Hey," Rachael knocked. "Dr. Rosen wanted to see you."

"Thanks." Shiloh took her wedges off, placing them next to her door before walking across the hall and two doors down, to Rosen's office. "Wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Shiloh, I wanted to talk about something that caught my attention yesterday."

Shiloh took a seat in the leather chair across from his desk.


"Shiloh, I recall you saying something about knowing what a drug addict in witdrawl looked like."

Shiloh cleared he throat and flicked imaginary lint off her blue skirt.


"It was a long, long time ago, Dr. Rosen." Shiloh sighed. She knew her drug filled past would come back and bite her in the ass one day. She bit her lip, and met the kind doctor's eyes. "I was desperate, depressed and in need of fitting in. That had, at one time, been the only way I could feel anything other then hate and pain."

"But you got better." It wasn't a question.

"Yep. I did. A new teacher came to my school two years ago, and he made me feel like I wasn't alone in the world, despite what I'd felt the three years beforehand."

"That's very good that you overcame that. And despite the fact that it was a horrible thing for a girl your age had to go through something like that, it was information that helped save David's life."

Shiloh nodded and excused herself back to her office. She sat in the middle of the green rug and opened her assigned english reading assignment, to be completed by the time they got back from the retreat. She'd read the book twice before; Remembered every tiny detail down to the placement of the freckles on the main characters nose. But she had finished all the other homwork she had to do by the end of the retreat, and had nothing else to do.

Hicks came over and planted himself on her couch.

"You're leaving tomorrow," He stated. Shiloh bookmarked her page and looked at him from under her blue hat.

"Yep. It's going to be hell on my OCD, too, because I have to wear shorts and tee-shirts and maybe some of Gary's hoodies. None of wich match with anything else."

"So you're all packed, then?"

"Yesiree, I am." Shiloh grinned and raised her voice. "Gary? You packed for the trip?"

"Yes! I told my mother and she seemed happy that there wouldn't be any electromagnetic waves for me to read. Says it'll be relaxing."

"It will be." Shiloh agreed. Some would find it weird that the members of DCIS talked to each other through the walls of their offices, but no one really cared.

"Well, this is good," Hicks sighed. "You just moved in, and now you're leaving!"

"Gives you a week to spy on your kid," Shiloh chuckled. Then she paused and pulled out her phone, sending a quick text to Nina.

"Shiloh?" Gary appeared in the doorway a few seconds later. "Nina sent you a text back."

Shiloh's phone buzzed, and she read the text and groaned.

"Hicks...Do me a favor." She stood up and walked to the breakroom for coffee.

"Nina said you have to go to the store and get Shiloh some Tampons. What are Tampons for?" Gary announced. Bill and Dr. Rosen, both in the room as well, had different reactions.

Bill began laughing hysterically, and Dr. Rosen rubbed the back of his neck, a pink tinge coming to his cheeks. Gary blinked, unaware of what was so funny. Hicks ground the heels of his palms into his eyes, groaning loudly.

"Well, Gary," Dr. Rosen began. "There is a certain time of month-"

"I'm done!" Hicks shouted. He left the room and walked to his office grabbing his wallet. He drove to the drug store, locating the aisle with all...lady items. "Jesus."

Several extremely colorful boxes of Pads and Tampons stared him in the face. Hicks rubbed the back of his neck before growling and grabbing a box, practically chucking it at the cashier. The elderly woman looked at the box, then at Hicks' face, and smiled.

"Girlfriend, wife, or daughter?"

"Uh...Daughter." Hicks shrugged. That was bassically what she was, now. "She's at work...emergency, you know?"

"I know well enough." She smiled wider, ringing up the Tampons. "You actually got a very good brand, for a first timer."

"It's that obvious?"

"Yes, sir. Judging by the blush. Your little girl is growing up sir, it's a part of life."

"She is growing up." Hicks agreed.

"That'll be 4.47, sir." Hicks exchanged a five for the medium sized box. "Have a nice day."

"Yeah, you too."

He took his time getting back to the office, hping to God Rosen was done with his explanation.

He was. Bill was still laughing, Gary looked a bit awkward now, and Shiloh was nowhere in sight. She wasn't in her office either, nor Nina's or Rachael's. So he went to the next most obvious place.

Hicks opened the door to the Girls bathroom and tossed the box over the only closed door.

"Thank-you." Shiloh mumbled. Hicks made a noise of agknoledgement, and left. Shiloh sighed, and put the Tampon in, groaning as she did so. She flushed the toilet and washed her hands, making herself presentable.

Gary was standing outside her office, shuffling awkwardly on his feet, Hicks standing next to him, arms crossed.



"Thanks, and everything...but uh...you got the wrong brand."

"You have a specific brand?" Hicks' face dropped into a mask of horror.



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