Title: Supernaturals

Author: Lazalot_Anreads

Beta: None

Characters/Pairings: Bella/Jacob, Billy/Charlie, Other Pairings

Rating: NC-17

Challenge: None

Summary: When Bella and Jacob clean out Bella's attic in order to find stuff for the Annual Police Charity Auction, they discover a beautiful bejeweled silver trunk that changes everything.

Notes: New Moon AU, No Imprinting, Slash, Alice didn't see Bella jump because Jacob was already too close

Chapter 006

The four of them watched a movie after Bella Shaped the remote so that Charlie would be able to figure the TV out on his own, and then Billy spent the night in order to help Charlie, who would be wheelchair bound for at least two thirds of the next day.

The next morning at eight am, Marie got everyone up and fed them cheese omelets. She explained that she wanted to figure out the rest of Bella and Charlie's powers before the day was out because she had some things for both of them and she couldn't hand them over until they each knew all six of their personal powers. Then she sent them all to get cleaned up and told them to meet her in the living room when they were done. She cleaned up the kitchen the normal way and by the time she'd finished, a few minutes after nine, they were all waiting for her.

"Okay," she said as she sat in the recliner they'd left unoccupied for her, "it's Bella's turn, and I think that the way she loves with everything she is might mean that she's a Glamour. Glamming is the power to change one's own physical appearance either temporarily or permanently. Temporary changes can be undone easily or, if left alone, will wear off themselves in forty-eight hours. Permanent changes, on the other hand, do not wear off – and they're not so easy to undo, either. If you make any sort of permanent change, take a picture BEFORE you do it, or a tape, or whatever you need so you'll be able to fix it even if it's been a while. Got it?"

Bella sighed. "So far, except for my Shielding power, it looks like Dad is going to be much more effective against enemies. How is being able to change the way I look going to help us win against whoever we end up having to fight?"

Marie laughed. "You'd be surprised, hon. For example, let's pretend you were being attacked by Victoria – which could still very well happen. I'm sure you remember what James looked like?" Bella shuddered and nodded, and she went on. "Well, you could temporarily become an identical copy of him and use Victoria's ensuing confusion against her somehow."

"That makes sense, I guess, but I really hope I NEVER have to look like James. Yuck." Bella made a face. "Okay, let's test your theory, then. Is there anything special I need to do besides imagine and focus?"

"You have to touch the area you want to affect, like with Shaping, and be VERY clear in your mind on whether you want a temporary change or a permanent one. If I were you, I wouldn't try permanent until I'd mastered temporary, because if you make a mistake it'll be kind of difficult to fix it since you're just now learning about this power. Why don't you start by temporarily turning your hair a different color?"

"Okay." Bella thought for a second, then grinned and touched her hair, which became neon green. They all laughed, and then Bella touched her hair again and undid it, leaving her hair looking exactly as it had before. "Cool. So it's Dad's turn now. What have you got for him, Marie?"

"Make sure it's something I can do without having to use my legs, since that will be impossible until about four fifteen," Charlie added, glaring down at his temporarily useless legs. He hated the helpless feeling that came with being confined to a wheelchair and wondered how Billy had stood it for so many years. He was SO glad that he'd been able to help his best friend.

"Well, everything I've seen of you from watching Bella and with my own two eyes has proven you to be very contradictory, so I think you could be a Copier. That means you can make copies of yourself and control them all at once. Try it – there's nothing special you need to know. Oh, but your copy will be paralyzed too, so you should focus it into this chair." She got up and sat on the arm of the recliner instead. Almost immediately, there was a popping sound and a perfect copy of Charlie appeared in the chair beside her.

The two Charlies stared at each other for a moment, and then there was another pop and the copy disappeared. Charlie shuddered. "That was really CREEPY, Marie. It felt so WEIRD, being in two places at once."

There was a knock at the front door, then, and they all looked at it. Bella spoke first. "Who could that be? Oh NO, Dad, what if it's one of your officers here to check on why you've called in yesterday and today? They can't see you like this!"

But Jacob was stiff, sniffing the air. "It's not, Bella. It's … God, I'm sorry, I don't know what they're doing here, but it's the Cullens. ALL of them."

"WHAT?" Charlie would have leapt to his feet had he been able to do so. He watched as Bella paled dramatically and clenched his fists. "Well, they can just go right back to wherever they came from! They aren't welcome in THIS house!"

"We understand how you feel, Chief Swan," Carlisle's voice came through the door, "but we're not here to hurt ANYONE, especially your daughter. Please let us in so that we can explain."

Nobody moved, so Marie heaved a sigh and got up to open the door and let the seven Vampires in. As Edward stepped over the threshold last, she said quietly, "I'm sure you've read my mind and know JUST what I think of YOU. Don't go anywhere near my great granddaughter, or you'll learn what happens when you piss a Witch off." He nodded miserably, and she closed the door behind him. "I'm glad we understand each other."

Carlisle blinked when he saw that Billy was standing and Charlie was confined to a wheelchair. "How -"

"Just tell us what you're doing here so you can get the hell out," Charlie snapped, cutting him off. "Your presence here is offensive to me and my family." He purposely included Billy and Jacob with a wave of his arm, hoping to convey to his best friend and his best friend's son just how much they both meant to he and Bella without having to be too direct. Billy reached down and squeezed his shoulder and he knew he'd gotten his message across.

"Victoria is creating an army of newborn Vampires in Seattle so that she can get past the Werewolves to Bella," Alice blurted out. "We're here to help you guys fight them."

"Shit," Charlie swore. "Marie, is it possible that we could handle this WITHOUT the Cullens?"

"Well, since Jacob has cut ties with his Pack, I doubt it." Marie frowned. "But I don't think either of us can make this particular choice, regardless. Bella should be the one to decide whether these DESERTERS stay or go."

All eyes turned to Bella, who was wrapped up tight in Jacob's arms, her own eyes filled with tears that she absolutely REFUSED to let fall in front of the Vampires she had once thought of as family. "We're not strong enough on our own, yet," she admitted in a trembling voice. "I think we DO need them. But for right now I think they should leave, because we still have work to do and I don't think I could concentrate if they stayed."

"You heard the girl," Billy told Carlisle coolly. "Take your family and go. We'll be in touch sometime tomorrow."

"Alright." Carlisle nodded, and then turned to Bella with soft, sad eyes. "For what it's worth, we truly thought that leaving you would be the right thing to do after what happened on your birthday. We would have said goodbye, but Edward … Well, it's done with now. But we ARE sorry. More sorry than you'll ever know." With that, he ushered his family out the door, actually resorting to dragging Edward and Alice when they both refused to move. Marie shut the door behind them, and the Swans and the Blacks breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"Bella, are you sure that you can handle this right now?" Marie asked quietly, completely prepared to put figuring out the rest of their powers off for another day if her great granddaughter was too upset to continue. She knew what a blow the Cullens' sudden return must have been for the poor girl.

Bella took a deep breath and pulled away from Jacob's warm embrace, straightening her spine determinedly. "I want to keep going." She offered them all a weak smile. "I want my presents."

"Alright, Bella," Marie agreed with a sympathetic smile of her own. "Another power I think you have – and by this point I'm pretty sure I'm right about the First giving me a little something extra – is Mocking. A Mocker can basically borrow any power that anyone within one hundred feet of them has, and not just Witch powers. When I say any, I mean ANY."

"So if I'm fighting Vampires, I can basically use all of their own abilities against them?" Bella asked, just to be sure that she had the right idea. When Marie nodded, she grinned so widely that Charlie privately wondered if her face would freeze like that. But then the grin melted into a more normal smile, and he smiled as well, relieved. "So if I want to, I can be a wolf and run with Jacob as long as we stay within one hundred feet of each other?"

Marie nodded again. "That was actually the way I planned to test it, but the running is going to have to wait for a little while, okay? We still have a lot to do today. Now let's go outside." She led the way through the kitchen and out the back door, because that was where the wheelchair ramp was and it was also the only place outside that was secluded enough that the neighbors wouldn't see anything. They all followed her, Billy pushing Charlie with Bella and Jacob bringing up the rear.

"Now, you can't Mock a power unless you know someone in range HAS that power," Marie cautioned. "So don't go thinking that you're suddenly some all powerful being, Bella. Mocking IS an impressive power, and it's even rarer than your Shielding power, but the first rule of battle is to NEVER underestimate your enemies."

"Believe me, Marie, I won't be getting a God – or First – complex anytime soon," Bella promised. Then she turned to face Jacob. "You first, buddy. Don't worry about your clothes – I'm sure Marie won't mind fixing them for us."

"Not at all," her great grandmother agreed as Jacob backed away to a safe distance and burst into his Wolf skin. "Okay, Bella, this should be the easiest power you've used so far. There's nothing special you need to know. Just go ahead and do it."

Bella nodded and backed away until she was positive she wouldn't hurt anybody when she changed. Then, taking a deep breath, she imagined what it might feel like to be a Wolf and focused on using Jacob's power to transform herself. At first nothing seemed to be happening, but then, quite suddenly, she burst into a Werewolf just like she'd seen Jacob do a hundred times. A second after that, Jacob's mind seemed to reach for hers, which reached back for his, and then they could hear each others' thoughts.

[Whoa,] Jacob was thinking, [she's MAGNIFICENT!]

Had it been possible in that form, Bella would have blushed. [What do I look like, Jacob? Can you show me a picture?]

[Sure,] Jacob replied easily, and in the next moment she was seeing herself through his eyes.

Bella saw that she was huge – almost as big as Jacob – and that her fur was a glittering gold color that she'd never imagined could exist. It contrasted beautifully with her dark emerald green eyes, she thought.

[It sure does,] Jacob answered her thought with a sappy mental sigh. [But hey, we've got lots more to do today, so I'll go into the woods while you change back and you can tell my Dad to bring me my clothes as soon as you're back to normal, okay?]

[Okay,] Bella agreed easily, and watched Jacob disappear into the trees.

Before she phased back though, Jacob said one last thing. [I think we were right to trust Marie, don't you?]

[I KNOW we were right,] Bella replied, and then phased back. Awkwardly, she said to Billy – who had turned his back to give her privacy, "Jacob said to tell you to bring him his clothes, Billy."

"Right, of course." He reached behind him and she put her friend's shorts in his hand, then hurriedly got dressed herself while Charlie's and Marie's heads were turned politely away from her.

"So," Bella said brightly once she was dressed, "I guess you were right again, Marie!"