"Oto-san, You want me to what?"

Chizuru couldn't believe her ears at the news from her father. He was on his knees begging her as well.

"Please Chizuru, lend me some money." He stared at the girl with pleading eyes, which made her roll her eyes. Koudou was one that never asked his daughter for money, Ever.

"How much are we talking?" She asked, taking out her wallet. Koudou half-smiled at his daughter and spoke with hesitation.

"Four million yen." Chizuru lost grip of her wallet out and glared at her father. Although, he wasn't looking at her, he could feel her anger rising within a second. Like a good father would do, he tried to calm her down. Which failed as her eyes turned blood red and spatted each word she spoke. "HOW. THE. HELL. . THAT. MUCH?"

Koudou rubbed the back of his neck as he calmly explained the reason. "Well, You know that project I was working on. I needed more money for it. Their is also the money for rent and the bills. And those guys at the gambling place."

Chizuru wasn't amused nor was she happy at this news. She knew that Koudou had a gambling problem but, what bothered her the most is that project he was working on. Koudou told her some of the information on what it is. Like that it's called the Elixer, which gives you superhuman powers. It's like steroids or something, instead of Interjecting it inside the arm, you just drink it. Heck, she didn't approve what he's doing but, it didn't stop him from working on it.

"So, could you lend me some?" He asked her once again, snapping her out of thought.

Chizuru sighed, she could lend him the money if she had that much. Currently, she was working with part-time shifts at the hospital. Although, they both didn't pay as much, she had her exercise in both jobs. Not that long ago, she graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in medical.

"I wish I could, but I don't have at least that much Oto-san."

Koudou smirked at her, before laying a hand on her shoulder. Chizuru didn't like that smirk at all, He must of planned something horrible again. She hated thinking of what he did back then when his plans means something he had to lose. For what she could tell, he didn't much cared for her well being when he raised her. He did indeed taught her some medical stuff but, those were basics. After that last plan she grew to dislike him for what he did.

"Chizuru, I want you to work for the guy I'm loaning from. It's to help repay my debts."

"No Oto-san, That is your problem not mines." She glared at him but, his smirk didn't leave his face.

"That's an order from your father, Chizuru!" He yelled and slapped her face.

Chizuru touched her cheek, then stared at her father. She was about to say something but, couldn't due the fact he slapped her. Koudou never once hurt her when he was raising her. It was the first time he did and her first time disobeying his order.

"Well, this a dramatic scene." Souji said as he intruded inside the room. "Please go on, I want to see how this ends."

"Why the hell are you here! Get the hell out!" Koudou yelled at the boy, which made Souji smirked and walked towards the man.

"Ah, I'm just here on a business trip."

"Business?" Chizuru found herself asking and stared at her friend. Souji patted her head as found himself face to face with Koudou.

"I'm here to collect the money." Souji stated.

"Well, I don't have it." Koudou hissed, "However Chizuru is willing to pay up with her body."

Chizuru glared at her father and clenched her fists. Souji glanced at Chizuru before knocking Koudou down. She looked at Souji surprised and bewildered at his actions. Souji smirked and kicked Koudou hard, repeated the process. Chizuru wanted to stop him but, she found herself unable to move.

"Oi, Souji Hurry up!" shouted a frusterated man who walked in.

Chizuru stared at the man who walked to Souji and began talking. Both men glanced at her as they stopped and Souji nod at her. As if he was pointing at her and went back to kicking Koudou for his entertainment. The man had purple eyes and looked angry at the moment, which could kill someone if lazers came out his eyes. The man took out a katana, that Chizuru never knew he brought and pointed the blade at her.

"If you value your life, do not show me your back. "

Chizuru stared at the man's eyes and somehow saw a breeze flow by, making his bangs flutter towards the side. For some reason, she thought she heard that line before. After that her mind went blank.


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Chizuru has to obey her father's orders to repay the debt loan. Which doesn't leave her a choice, so she has to serve under 'Mibu Loan' Until the debt is paid. Along the way, she tends to have dreams of an unknown past.

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