Here I am again! : ) I thought I would do a small story of Mike seeing Jenny after they had kissed. There is just this turmoil between the two of them that is kind of suspenseful in a way. I'm really excited by this show and I can't wait for what's in store for it!

summary: while at a clients dinner with Harvey, Mike sees Jenny sitting across the room in the same restaurant with some friends and feels his insides clench.

They were sitting in a five star restaurant talking to a client they had recently closed a case with and Mike already felt uncomfortable with eating high class food. He hadn't been paying much attention as his wandering eyes fell upon a familiar beautiful blonde sitting across the way. Her smile was as radiant as usual and he felt his heart crash inside chest at the sight of her. Jenny. He sighed mentally in his head.

Harvey noticed his associate's strange silence and glanced at him. He had one hand on his glass on the table and he looked like he was spacing out. Harvey followed his gaze and found a pretty girl on the opposite side of the room. He smirked slightly at his associate's transfixed expression. Mike turned his head away as the young lady got up to go to the restroom and Harvey recovered as well before Mike could notice his scrutiny.

"Mike?" the girl paused as she saw him and Harvey felt Mike tense next to him. He saw a dozen expressions flit on his associate's face that ranged from panic, relief, and sadness. Mike settled for a smile and looked up at the blonde.

"Hey Jenny" Mike looked up at the girl he fell in love with and felt his heart thump unevenly again as she smiled at him.

Author's note: Sorry it's so short but I love suspense and drama! : ) feel free to review and what not.