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Mike and Jenny watched as Harvey exited the room then turned to face each other once more. Jenny lifted the hand Mike was holding hers with and kissed it. She reached out and gently touched the nasty cut on his forehead. Mike saw the concern on her face and sighed.

"I'm fine, Jenny." she looked at him and almost felt tears spring forth from her eyes. She stared down at the sheets thinking of how she had come so close to losing him. She didn't realize a single tear had leaked from her eye until Mike coaxed her to look him in the eyes with his thumb under her chin. "Hey, I'm ok. Come here." She laid her head softly on his chest as he pulled her into a hug with his one arm. She sighed after a couple of seconds and disentangled herself.

"I know, it's just that I almost lost you Mike. I hate knowing that there's that possibility, that you might be taken away from me." She stared into his blue eyes and felt her own begin to water once more.

"Please, don't cry anymore." Mike wiped at the corner of her eye with his thumb. Mike began to feel frustrated slightly when she didn't look convinced. He took her hand once more and placed it against his chest. "You feel that? I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere." Jenny felt his heart beat though his hospital gown and blushed as she realized her hand was touching his chest but kept it there. His chest was quite muscular considering how skinny he appeared if you saw him from far away. She glanced up and felt her heart skip a beat then speed up double time. He had been staring at her as she was focused on her hand on his chest. "And..." He paused, struggling with what to say next.

"What?" she whispered as she raised her hand from his chest to touch his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into her caress. He felt exhausted but he had to tell her even though half of his mind was screaming at him not to. Mike was best friends with Trevor but their relationship had weakened. Plus, he was gone and no longer attached to Jenny in that way. He had ruined his chance with Jenny and now it was Mike's turn. His eyes snapped open and she smiled.

"And I'm still in love with you" Mike whispered as he looked searchingly into her eyes for an answer. Jenny's hand paused and she held it there at the shock of his words. She stared back searching for the same thing in his eyes. She had seen that look upon his face before but it was usually quite more reserved and didn't fully show in his eyes as it did now. She had seen it so many times and wondered why she never really recognized what it was. It was the look of someone who was in love with you. She smiled and stroked his face once more.

"I know" she quoted him. She leaned in, touching her forehead to his as she closed her eyes. They both laughed in whispers and heard each other's breathes hitch as their hearts sped up. Mike put his good hand up to her face and closed his eyes as well. Their mouths inched towards each other like magnets until they could feel heat of each other's lips. When they kissed they both flew into the oblivion of happiness.


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