Chapter 1

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"Get her!" – One of the doctors yelled holding a tranquilizer gun in his left hand.

"Where is she anyways?" - Uzumaki Naruto, asked his partner.

"She vanished!" – Akimichi Chouji replied.

"Damn it! Right on Sasuke's first day here!" – Naruto cursed. – "I can't believe she escaped again! Go make sure the building is sealed! I don't want anybody getting in or out until we find her!" – He ordered.

"Yes sir!" – A few men replied before spreading off.

"Find Hyuuga Hinata!" – He yelled, furious.


Hi! My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I am one of the many workers of a sanatorium. No, unfortunately, I am not joking.

After my father died, my godfather Jiraya gave me a job at his workplace. He said I was good at talking to people. I have been here for the past five years, and I am now 25, and have no intentions of leaving! You can believe it!

As far as I'm concerned, these people need help! In fact, this is the only place where I feel needed! I never had any friends nor family before I came to work here, except for Uchiha Sasuke. If anybody asks, he is my brother, period. Oh and did I mention I'm going to marry the secretary, Haruno Sakura? Hahaha!

Well anyways… A couple of years ago we received a new patient. A young girl under the name of Hyuuga Hinata, who had been raped over and over again since she was ten years old, and when she told her family, they were all killed by her rapist who was obviously crazy. He made her his slave; she had to clean, cook and fuck; that is until she turned fourteen years old, the day she was able to escape his 'prison'.

He was found decapitated, lying on his bed, with his bed sheets covering him, and the mark of lipstick pressed against one of his cheeks.

She was hospitalized for another two years, but made no progress so she was sent here.

The medical records say, she is very dangerous and untrustworthy. Of course nobody believed it at first, seeing she was just a seventeen year old with the face of an angel! How could she be considered dangerous?

Well, we all had our answers once her first escape toke place, two months after arriving here, and she murdered one of the guards that was at the front gate.

I don't really know how it happened, I wasn't there that day, but rumor has it that she beheaded him with her own nails, and was found sitting next to a tree outside the sanatorium holding her knees and rocking her body back and forth and she stared at the ground.

Nobody really knows why, whenever we ask she always answers the same thing…

"H-He was going to take my body f-from me…" She says in that innocent tone of hers.

Always the same answer! We begin to think she no longer trusts men, so we always send in women to treat her. Although… when I talk to her, she never does anything to me.

My male colleagues are all too scared to even go near her, but I think she considers me a… Not a threat.

On one of the rare occasions where she actually spoke, she told me that she could see through people's souls and could tell who were the one's trustworthy and who weren't.

Well, the point is, we stopped sending in women when she ripped two of the nurse's fingers off, when she tried to touch her face.

And she has been getting worst over the years! She hurts and has already killed four people, with her bare hands!

Well my point is, I offered Sasuke a job here a couple of weeks ago and today is his first day. He is gonna be here in one hour.

And guess what? Hyuuga Hinata is missing once again and this time she has a knife and a fork with her!

She has already harmed Yamanaka Ino, Sakura's best friend who is a receptionist there, by stabbing her in the neck with a pen!

Our only chance is to find her and tranquilize her, or else…


Naruto ran through the many rooms of the building checking all of the rooms.

"C'mon, c'mon…" – He mumbled as he opened all the doors he could find, until… - "Ah-ha!" – He yelled as he aimed his tranquilizer gun at the female in front of him.

Hinata was sitting in the broom closet, obviously hiding, holding her knees and rocking her body back and forth. That was her way of calming down.

"B-Blood… So much b-blood…" – She mumbled at the thought of Miss Yamanaka falling to the floor, screaming.

"Hinata calm down." – Naruto said kneeling down in front of her and resting a hand on her shoulder.

"I-I'm going to be here forever… forever… forever…" – She mumbled as tears begun to make their way down her snow white cheeks. Her gaze was fully concentrated on her bare feet, she didn't even blink. – "P-Please, Naruto-kun…"


Hinata slowly lifted her head up.

"I'm not crazy… I-It was an accident… P-Please…" – She pleaded, starting to show despair and sadness in her face as she blinked.

"Hinata-chan…" – Naruto sighed. Of course she was crazy, insane even, but how could he tell her without taking the risk of being hurt? – "I know you aren't. So why don't you try to prove it to everyone?" – He asked, his voice tone was very smooth. He felt it was like explaining the ways of the world to a child.

"P-Prove?" – Hinata asked, curious.

"Yeah, show everyone who you really are. Not crazy. Not insane. Just a normal misunderstood girl. How about that?" – He asked smiling gently.

Hinata rubbed her face with her hands and looked at Naruto smiling back at him.

"I'll do it! I-I'll show everyone I'm not insane!" – She said, her voice still weak, but this time it was different…

Naruto stared at her in surprise. This was the first time she had smiled since she got there! And it was because of his doing! A wave of happiness flew through his body as he smiled back at the eighteen year old girl.

He stood up and offered her his hand to help her up, which she took.

"A-Arigatou." – She mumbled blushing softly.

"Let's get you back to your room before Sasuke gets here." – Naruto said after chuckling softly.

They made their way through the corridors, Naruto pulling her by the hand. They didn't look like a couple at all, since Hinata as a little behind Naruto simply following him as she looked at the ground.

They passed by some guards and some doctors, and at first they all aimed their tranquilizers towards Hinata, but after the disapproving look they were thrown at by the Uzumaki, they put all sighed in relief and started to continue the routine that had been interrupted by the young fugitive.