Chapter 17

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Sasuke was now driving home after a long day of helping the sanatorium pack up the papers, files and computers that the firemen had been able to save. Thankfully, nobody was going to lose their job to that "little" incident, but there was still some work to be done before they could continue their peaceful lives in the new sanatorium.

According to Jiraya, the buildings were already prepared, but it had been prepared as a hospital. So they still needed to organize some door locks, and prepare some more secluded rooms for the "special" patients, for example. But the bases had already been taken care of. In fact, they even got to see pictures of new the soon to be Konoha's Sanatorium! In those pictures four tall white buildings rose up forming a large square. Uniting the buildings to each other, walls were still being built so that the patients wouldn't escape to the outside world, and in the middle of the four buildings, there was a big beautiful garden, also still being taken care of. The garden will be as green as a garden can be; it will have trees and bushes of flowers, just like the old Sanatorium's garden did. It will also have white benches so that everybody can rest in the garden from time to time and maybe even some swings for the patients and the children that sometimes visit. After all, that little time the patients spent outside, meant more to them than it will ever mean to anybody else, so the workers did their best to make the outside look as pleasing to their eyes as possible.

As he slowly slowed down when the traffic lights hit red, the news that were playing on the radio ended and the announcers slowly quiet down before a song began playing. It was a small jazz band that was now playing. There were no lyrics, just the soft sounds of the guitar, the drums, the piano and the saxophone.

For a moment Sasuke went nostalgic and began rethinking the events of the past couple of days. Who knew so much could happen in so little time?


"…I'm scared." – Sasuke spoke up.

"I'm nervous." – Hinata replied.

"I'll help you." – He assured her.

"I'll protect you." – She smiled kindly.

Sasuke chuckled. – "Protect me? From what?" – He asked.



He chuckled at that memory.

"She's the psychopath and I'M the one who needs protection?" – He sighed. – "I can't believe I said something so stupid like I'm scared…" – He mumbled annoyed regretting his own words.

'She just got to me… and when she held my hand… the truth came out. I couldn't stop myself…' He thought to himself before a small smile appeared on his features.

He sighed. – "I'm feeling too weak. I can't keep this up if I'm around her. She'll probably smell the fear." – He laughed softly.


"You really don't get it do you?" – Naruto frowned, as his features went from natural to dead serious. –"That girl is not stable! Sure she looks like an angel but you saw what she did to Tenten's hand! And Ino's neck! And that's not all! You can't let yourself be tricked by her looks!"

"But maybe she's changed! Ever since I started working here I've seen her lot more calm than you describe her!"

"This is just one of her silence periods; you really think she hasn't done this before?" – Naruto growled. – "She already tricked us before, and there's never a pretty ending to it. Just because she says or does things that make her sound like a little girl, you can't let yourself be fooled."


The smile slowly faded away.

'What if he's right? What if she's just faking it and making a fool out of me..?' He asked himself.

Sasuke knew that he didn't know what he was getting into by letting that girl into his life. But he couldn't stop himself! That sweet, innocent, beautiful young girl… who had a lust/unstable fear for blood… who chew off her best friend's fingers… who had already murdered doctors, guards, nurses… who he had taken into his house… god damn it! And he left her alone for one whole day!

He quickly stepped on the accelerator as the many ideas of what that girl might be doing by herself in his apartment crossed his mind.

When he finally arrived he saw a crowd of people forming a circle around somebody who appeared to be fainted on the ground. He tried to peek through the little holes between the crowd, and got to see a puddle of blood on the sidewalk mixed with dirt and white flowers next to a blond woman on the ground. Her eyes were slightly open, but empty.

Sasuke widened his eyes and looked over at the beginning of the street, where an ambulance was already being seen rushing over.

He ran into the building and pressed down on the elevator's button, at least, 14 times. When the elevator finally arrived he jumped in, clicked on his floor, and up he went. As the elevators doors opened themselves, he ran to his apartment's door, already holding his key and quickly unlocked it.

"H-Hinata!"- He called out as he walked inside, and closed the door before taking off his shoes in a rush and jumping into the apartment's entrance, also known as the kitchen/living room.

"Ah, Sasuke." – Hinata mumbled as she looked up from the book she was reading. She was sitting on the couch with an old book in her hands. – "I'm sorry, I-I just borrowed it.." – She mumbled standing up and resting the book on the table, afraid Sasuke was mad at her for reading it.

"No…" – He sighed relieved. – "You can read it… It's just… Did you accidently drop a pot from my window?" – He asked.

Hinata turned around to look at the completely shut window before turning back to Sasuke, with a finger gently and thoughtfully rested on her chin.

"I don't think so, Sasuke." – She replied looked at him while curiously blinking her big pearled eyes.