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Author's Note: This is a sequel to Complete where Tony is McGee's son. That was McGee's story and this one is Tony's.


Anthony Dominic McGee DiNozzo walked into the NCIS bullpen and sat down at his desk. He grinned at his Dad as he sat down and nodded towards Aunt Ziva and Uncle Henry. Nobody except Ziva and Henry knew that Tony was McGee's son and they wouldn't tell anyone. Gibbs had retired and had finished his boat and it was already on the water. He had sailed with his grandpa before and loved spending time with his grandpa. Uncle Henry was now the leader and his Dad was the senior agent. If the Director knew that Tony was McGee's son then he would never be allowed to be on his Dad's team. He had to go by his other last name DiNozzo. He really didn't like using it because he had no connection to the woman who gave him up, but he really didn't have a choice.

He had been in Baltimore when his father and the rest of the team had shared jurisdiction on the case. Uncle Henry was the one to ask him if he wanted to become an NCIS Agent and he jumped at the chance to be working with his Dad.

The other thing was that he had a girlfriend and her name was Kelsey. Kelsey had been away from DC and just came back to move back. She had called him when she had found an apartment and he helped move her in. They had been dating for two months now. Next week he was going to ask her to marry him.

They had gone to a restaurant and after dessert he asked her to marry him and she said yes. There were invitations to mail, caterers to hire and preparations to do. Kelsey had called him and told him that she had found the perfect dress.

It was the day of the wedding and they were both getting ready. He walked to stand by his best man which was one of his frat brothers. All of his frat brothers had came to wedding along with his grandma and grandpa McGee along with grandma Scuito. Aunt Ziva, Uncle Henry and Grandpa Gibbs was there too and of course his Mom and Dad. It was a small and quiet wedding. He looked down the isle as the doors opened and the wedding march played. He got a look at his future wife and couldn't believe how beautiful she was. The reception was great and everybody had a great time and the food was perfect. The honeymoon was in Hawaii and when they got back from the honeymoon they still had a few days before each of them had to go to work.

Tony had smiled when he had gone back to work. He looked down at his wedding band as he sat down. He couldn't believe that he was married. He turned to look who was coming in when the elevator dinged and out stepped Aunt Ziva, Uncle Henry and his Dad.

"Good to see you back to work." Aunt Ziva said.

"Thank you." He said as he smiled at her. He knew that she used to be Mossad, but now was an American citizen and now an NCIS Agent. His Dad told him about his Mom and him being at the ceremony. He thought that she was nice. She had on occasion when he was little read to him when she babysat him.

They all sat down. He watched as his Dad turned on his computer along with everyone else. A call came in where a Petty Officer was killed. They all grabbed their bags and walked towards the elevator. They piled inside the NCIS van and drove to the location. They piled out and each of them did what they were trained to do. Henry talked to the witness, Tony sketched, Ziva took pictures and his Dad bagged and tagged. They were waiting for Palmer to get to the scene. Ducky too had retired about a couple of years after Gibbs did. Palmer now was the ME and he had an assistant. The ME van finally made it's way towards them and both the men walked out. Palmer took the temp and told Henry that he had been dead an hour.

They grabbed the evidence that they had gathered and took it to the truck and Palmer had already put the body in the bag and had put it in the truck. When they got to NCIS Tony made his way towards his Mom's lab where her normal music was blaring. Tony turned it off and his Mom turned towards him. He had just put the evidence on the table when his Mom hugged him.

"I'm glad to see you're home."

"Thank you." He smiled at his Mom.

They talked for a little bit and then Tony said. "I better get up there before I'm missed."


He made his way upstairs and began searching about the dead Petty Officer Gabriel Thompson. When he was done he told the leader his findings and then McGee told Henry about the calls that he had made and his bank account. Ziva told him about a fight that he had been in with another Petty Officer called Dylan Miller. Ziva and Tony were the one's to go and bring in Dylan Miller. It turned out that he had killed him because he thought that Gabriel was hitting on his girlfriend which wasn't true when the questioned the girlfriend.

They all wrote their reports and printed them. Henry read them, signed them and then brought them to the Director. It was time to go home and for that everyone was glad. Tony made his way home on time for dinner and couldn't believe the wonderful smells that were coming from the kitchen.

"It smells good, Kelsey." He said as he made his way towards the kitchen and kissed his wife.

"I'm making pot roast with potatoes and carrots."

He remembered the time that he had worked alongside his Dad and had finally got to see Kelsey again. He didn't get the chance to go home all that often because of his shifts at work, but all that changed in Baltimore.