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Tony sat there playing on the cell phone trying to get to the next level on Tetris and didn't know that Director Vance was watching from the top level. He watched Tony and then turned his head towards the other Agents, Ziva David, Henry Thompson and Timothy McGee and smiled. He liked Special Agent McGee and thought that he was the Agent of the future. He knew that he was married to Abby Scuito, but that was it. He wasn't there when Tony had been a baby and had no idea that he was his son. Everyone was working except Tony.

He needed to speak with Henry, but not in front of DiNozzo. Tony put his phone down and told them that he would be going to get lunch for them. He got up and made his way towards the elevator and he saw him disappear into the elevator. He made his way towards the bullpen. He knew that DiNozzo had been on the team for about five years. Vance had been the Director for about four months.

"How is Agent DiNozzo doing?"

"What do you mean Director?" Asked McGee

"He seems to be joking, talks about movies and playing on his phone." He had been watching Tony for a while and seen the clown antics of a certain agent.

"He's a good Agent. He often is the one who breaks the case wide open. He's observant and a very capable Agent." Said McGee sticking up for his son. He didn't like what Director Vance saying about his son and he was this close to saying that this was his son he was talking about.

Tony made an appearance right then with the Chinese food and Director Vance had made his way towards the office.

"Tony, you need to quit on the clowning around when the Director is here." His Dad spoke up.

"Why what's wrong?" Tony asked his Dad.

"Vance was here talking about your joking, movie talking and playing on the phone."

"Okay, sorry about that." He said as his eyes traveled upwards towards the Director's office.

He then grabbed his box and made his way towards his desk. He finished his lunch and then started in on his paperwork that he had started in the morning. He finally finished it as the day was done and made his way towards the elevator again and couldn't wait to go home to his wife.

He drove home and made his way towards his way inside the house. Once again it smelled great. She was making Chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. After the dinner and the dishes were put into the dishwasher Kelsey spoke up.

"Tony, I have something to tell you."

"What is it, Kelsey?"

"I went to the Doctor and I'm pregnant."

"You're pregnant? That's good news." He smiled at his wife and hugged her. " I need to call my parents and tell them the good news that they are going to be grandparents."

"Mom, Dad. I have news. Kelsey is pregnant."

"That's good news son. We're going to be grandparents." His Mom and Dad said. They were happy for the growing family.

As the months progressed the baby bump was getting bigger and they found out that they were having twins. When the babies were born he looked at his wife and smiled down at her. He bent down and kissed her and said. "Now our life is complete." He never guessed that that was the same thing that his parents said.

The End