Perpendicular Symmetry

As read to you by Neji Hyuga

By:SuperHyuga Yoshi-chan

Ever remember the 1st time time you explored the human anatomy?

Every graceful bulge

That made you want to indulge

was a rocky edge or a cool iceberg

or a grassland

drenched in it's own dewy sweat.

The rocking and frolicking of sets of hands,

busy feet,

scorching thighs,

intimate parts dripping with heat.

But the biceps and triceps can't be beat.

Wrapping around their desires in a short relapse of need.

Desire is a fire

The devil may be a liar,

but this is undeniable, indeed.

As as unfeasable as it may seem,

it breaks apart

but comes together.

And forms a Perpendicular Symmetry.


This poem is dedicated to Okami Rayne, who wrote the following fanfics "Break To Breathe" and "On the Cusp". Her stories are very good! Despite the fact that I had another pairing in mind while writing this, the poem seemed to take a life of it's own. So, here's a poem for you Okami!

Oh, and by the way, could you read it to Neji? I'd like his input on the poem too!