Authors Note: I do not own dead like me, only this story and the Original Characters in it.

This is the first story I've put up, even though I have written several different stories- I was too scared to put any of them up, I think I chose this one because I'm the least attached to it, which means it will be easier to handle if people think its awful. This is the only story I've written from POV's.

Rated T for language and some violence

Dead Like Me Fan Fiction

Pairing: Mason/Jane OC

Chapter One

Jane's point of view

I was at my friend Katie's Halloween party I was dressed as an angel with white feather wings, a halo made of fake pearls placed on top of my brown hair that I curled to make myself look even more angelic, and a short flowy white dress that I found at a flea market that I think was once a wedding dress. I was having a pretty good time and was starting to get a nice buzz, when my ex-boyfriend Greg showed up. I tried to hide from him but he found me a few minutes after he arrived, he asked if he could talk to me in private while pulling me towards Katie's back yard not really giving me a choice. I knew what he wanted to talk to me about it was always the same thing he wanted me back, I broke up with him four months ago after I found out he had a wife and two sons. When we got outside he pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard, I pushed him off of me and said "What the hell?" he walked back over to me and stood way to close "you know what". I sighed "Greg we're over! Go home to your wife and kids…shouldn't you be taking your kids out trick-r-treating?" He raised an eye brow and looked at his watch "it's almost midnight I already took my kids trick-r-treating they're home in bed now." He was about to lean in and kiss me but I ducked away from him and said "good you should also be home in bed… with your wife" while I walked back into the house and was now in the kitchen that was empty. He grabbed my hand and pushed me against the counter "don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you" he said while gripping my wrists so hard that I was sure that I would have bruises tomorrow. I tried to escape his hold but was unsuccessful "Greg you're hurting me, let go" he just gripped me harder "no you need to listen to me…" I cut him off "Greg there is nothing that you can say that'll change my mind: you lied to me, and you're married, have kids, and there is a decade between us why do you even want this" I knew why he wanted me so badly it was because he couldn't have me because I said no and no one said no to him. "Jane I love you and I know you love me, I want you back and I won't take no for an answer" he said and kissed me hard and pulled my hair when I tried to pull away from the kiss. "You're hurting me…let go!" I tried to sound stern and pushed him off of me. I tried to leave the kitchen but he pulled me back and pushed me against a wall hard which made me cringed in pain. "Who is he?" he shouted in my ear while holding me against the wall hard "what?" I said in confusion. "Who is the guy you're fucking?" he yelled "I'm not fucking anyone! Let go damn it!" I shouted, pushed him away and tried to run, but he once again pulled me back, he pushed me against the counter and a sharp corner jabbed my back and I fell to the ground. I made a small noise of pain and was starting to get scared and wished that someone, anyone would come and save me or at least hear me. Greg kneeled next to me and tilted my chin up so that I would meet his eyes "I'm sorry baby it's just you drive me crazy" I tried to pull myself up but he made it impossible. "Greg we are over! Let me go! Get the fuck off of me!" I shouted but became paralyzed with fear when I saw him grab a knife that was on the counter above me. "We'll never be over! You will always be mine!" he said while he stabbed me three times in the chest and killed me.

Then something strange happened well stranger than being killed, I felt no pain and a second later I was standing in the kitchen across the room watching Greg step away from my now lifeless body, he looked pale and seemed surprised that him stabbing me would actually kill me. Greg fled the scene leaving me alone with myself? I stared at my lifeless body my bright green eyes were frozen with a look of surprise and fear, my hair was slightly disheveled from Greg pulling it and being pushed around, my wings were damaged and bended, and my white dress now had blood stains from the stab wounds and the knife was still sticking in my chest.

I went to walk over to myself and tried to pull the knife out but my hand just went through the knife I was about to try to remove it again but a man's voice stopped me. "Sorry girly but you won't be able to pull that knife out" I turned to look at the man he was a little taller than me, had brown hair and brown eyes probably in his early fifty's. "So I'm dead?" it was more of a statement than a question but he answered it anyways "yes, yes you are" "then why am I still here? Why can I see myself? Why hasn't anyone noticed that I was killed? Are you the only one that can see me? Why didn't I feel myself getting stabbed?" I asked while looking back and forth between the man and my lifeless body. "Those are a lot of questions, how about I answer them over waffles" he said while offering his hand to me I took it and we walked out of the party, well I walked through people.

Ten minutes later we were standing in front of 'Der Waffle Haus' I've seen it before but never actually went inside until now. He told me his name was Rube on the way over to the 'Haus', Rube led me over to a booth were four people were sitting.

"Georgie, is it just me or did Rube just walk in with an angel?" someone with a British accent said and I was surprised that someone else could see me. It turns out that all four of them could see me because they all were staring at me. Rube handed me his jacket and said "others will be able to see you now so you should cover that up" he was talking about my blood stained chest so I put it in front of me not wanting to take off my wings and placed my arms through the sleeves.

"Jane this is George, Roxy, Daisy, and Mason" he introduced me to the group and gestured for them to make room for both of us, when I sat down my wings hit the cute British guy in the face "oh I'm sorry" I apologized and moved the wing so that it was no longer in his face, he said nothing and continued to stare at me.

"What happened to her? And where's David?" the small blonde named George asked Rube.

"She was killed and was David's final Reap" he said I didn't understand the last part but everyone else seemed to.

"Who the fuck would kill someone dressed as an angel…that fucker has gotta have some seriously bad Karma headed their way" The woman named Roxy said and George nodded her head in agreement. I just stayed silent, in fact I said next to nothing ever since we left the party it seemed like they wanted me to answer but I just stayed silent.

Rube ordered me waffles that had strawberries and whip cream on them I ate it to be polite even though I wasn't hungry. While I was eating Rube answered the questions I asked earlier. I didn't feel the pain of getting stabbed because some guy named David took my soul before it happened, I was still here because I was going to be a reaper like the rest of them, other people could see me now but I didn't look the same-I looked similar but different so that people wouldn't recognize me. Rube said that he would tell me more about my new life tomorrow morning. He asked/told George and Daisy if I could stay with them until I found my own place, they didn't look that thrilled but agreed the cute British guy offered to let me stay with him but Rube said no. I went to the bathroom alone before I left the restaurant with George and Daisy to go to their house.

Mason's Point of View

It was Halloween night and I was sitting at our usual table at 'Der Waffle Haus' when I saw Rube walk in with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen she was an angel-literally she had the wings and all. I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was real or if it was just the drugs I was on making me hallucinate.

"Georgie, is it just me or did Rube just walk in with an angel?" I asked George, who nodded her head and stared like the rest of us at the angel who had blood stains on her chest. Rube gave her his jacket to cover up the blood and she wore it in front of her and slid her arms through the arm holes.

Rube introduced all of us to the angel whose name was Jane, and made us scoot down so that they could join us at the table. The angel or Jane sat next to me and one of her wings hit my face then she said "oh I'm sorry" then moved her wing so it was no longer in my face and I swear her hand brushed up against my face- I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Then Georgie girl asked the question that everyone wanted to know:

"What happened to her? And where's David?"

"She was killed and was David's final Reap" Rube explained and we all knew that, that meant that he got his lights. Then Roxy said:

"Who the fuck would kill someone dressed as an angel…that fucker has gotta have some seriously bad Karma headed their way" we all looked at Jane expecting her to say something but she stayed silent and ate the strawberry waffles Rube ordered for her. While she ate Rube explained a little of what had happened to her and what was happening to her. He told Georgie and Daisy to take her in for the night they didn't like that, so I selflessly offered my couch for her but Rube said no and gave me a stern look.

When the angel also known as Jane went to the loo, all eyes were on Rube. "So?" Georgie asked "So what?" was Rube's reply. "So what's her deal? What happened to her? Why…" Georgie girl elaborated but Roxy cut her off "who the fuck killed an angel?" Rube sighed and looked annoyed and very tired "Her ex-boyfriend" was all he said, and then Jane came back to the table. Rube paid the tab and we all left the 'der haus' and the angel left with Georgie and Daisy.