This story, is a ZechsXNoin from gundam wing and RoyXriza(royai)from fma crossover! the pairings are so similar! This is my very very first crossover fic ever written, enjoy :), Reviews,favorites and alerts are veryy much loved! thanksss :D, this story contains mostly zechsXnoin and Royai, but also some of the other pairings from both!

Chp.1 In the cafe

It was a cold and dark rainy day in central when First Lt. Riza Hawkeye and first lt. Lucrezia Noin were setting at a local café drinking there hot tea, and talking. Talking about the ones they have sworn to protect no matter what happens, even if it meant giving up there own lives.

Riza looked down at her cup of tea and said slightly in a saddened tone "I wonder when Zechs and Roy will be back from the mission in Xergse, we were scheduled to stay here, and I hate not being at his side, especially with days like today, his flame attacks are useless in the rain" and a slight smile crept upon her lips thinking of how many times she has saved his ass from being killed in the rain, but it made her feel good to know she can protect him.

Noin giggled slightly at Riza's little comment and said with a slight sound of re-assurance in her voice "I know they'll be back soon, and Roy will be fine, he's used to the uselessness in the rain, just like the one mission we went on in East city that one time".


It was a cold and chilly day in East City, while Colnoel Roy Mustang, his right hand women first lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, first lieutenant Lucrezia Noin and Colonel Zechs Marquise were walking around the city trying to find any leads to figure why there were children running around stealing food from the shops.

Roy sighed and said "well i'm just glad it was the four of us who got sent on this mission together, and not with Archer and his squad."

Riza let out sigh as for Noin who spoke up and said "I'm just glad we all are getting put together as a team, and not with anyone else.

Zechs noticed how she said that and asked "Roy, what happened with the rest of your team by the way, how come they didnt come along?"

Roy giggled slightly and said "Well, Havoc's girlfriend Rebecca is pregnant and could go in labor any day or minute now, Falman and Breda are on vacation, and Furey took some leave."

Zechs just answered with nodding his head understanding and just as Noin was getting ready to speak, the rain just came poring down. Roy sighed and yelled "DAMN RAIN!" Riza let out a slight giggle and pulled her umbrella over his head, and she noticed he pulled her a lil closer under the umbrella with him. Zechs also grabbed his and opened his and pulled Noin under his with her, to keep them protected by the rain also.

Just as they were getting ready to go into a coffee shop they seen a robbery going on and Roy decided he would try to be a big hero without thinking about his gloves being wet because of the rain, to let a slight fire around the guy outside holding the door holding a gun to the inside of the building so they could catch him, well just as he snapped his finger the guy turned around and was getting ready to shot a fire from the gun until they heard a gun shot from behind Roy.

Roy new who it was hearing that gun shot. He smiled slightly to himself "What would happen to me without her?"

About ten minutes later, Roy got knocked out of his thoughts and noticed a feminine voice yelling right at him

"Damn it Roy Mustang, what would you do without me, you idiot you would've gotten shot, if i wouldn't have acted as quickly as i did."

Roy smiled slightly with a slight embarrassed look upon his face and said in a soft but meaningful tone "Thanks, a lot lieutenant for saving my life again", he turned towards her still with the smile upon his lips and grabbed her hand, and lightly kissed the top of her hand.

The blonds face turned a slight pink color.

Still rain continued to fall from the sky falling upon the two, Roy kept his lips attached to her hand for a few seconds until they heard the deep masculine voice of Zechs and the feminine voice of Noin say "Okay you two, i think it's time we get heading back to rest."

As Roy separated his lips from her hand, he looked up at her noticing her blush, and said in a slight tone "With her blushing reminds me of the kid Riza i remember meeting."

He turned around and noticed Noin and Zechs were already walking with there hands entwined with each others, and Riza was walking behind the two of them, he hurried to catch up to them.

They all looked back at him and let out a slight giggle.

End Flashback