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CHP.3 The hospital

As soon as they reached the hospital's front door, Zechs ran through the door as fast as he could up to the receptionist desk, with Roy and Riza right behind him.

The brunet haired lady that was working the desk looked up at Zechs standing over her desk and noticed him holding a lady with violet hair.

She asked in a kind voice "Do you need some attention, what happened?"

Riza spoke up softly behind Zechs and said "Well her and I stood up and the next thing I know she just passes out and fell to the ground."

The lady had a worried look upon her face and looked at Zechs and said "Follow me back to this room, I'll get an emergency dr back as fast as he can come."

Zechs, Roy and Riza walked really quickly to keep up with the lady, finally they got to the room.

As soon as they reached the room and walked in, Zechs laid Noin down on the hospital bed, pulled a chair right beside her and sat down in that chair, he held her hand so tightly and kissed the top of her hand.

He stood up slightly and said in a slight whisper " I hope she awakes soon, I'm not leaving this room until I know she's fine, awake and healthy."

Roy and Riza both smiled with a look of awe in there eyes and Roy spoke softly and said "Well, we'll head back to HQ and let Grumman know what's going on and where you two are.''

Zechs smiled and thanked them so much. Riza was the first one out the door of the room, Roy was right behind her, as he was getting ready to step out the door he noticed Zechs say "Roy".

Roy looked back and Zechs asked in a soft tone "I know if it were Riza, you'd be the same way, you'd be here with her" with a honest smile.

Roy smiled slightly and said in a soft and reassuring tone "Zechs, you have that right on the dot, if it were her in any situation like this, I wouldn't leave either, we understand completely."

Zechs thanked him one more time before he walked out the door shutting it behind him.

Roy walked out the door with a huge smile upon his lips and Riza had a quizzical look upon his lips and asked "What's with that smile Roy?"

Roy blushed slightly because of Riza noticing the smile, he spoke softly and said "It's just that I understand Zechs reasoning's for wanting to stay by her side, while she's in the hospital, I would do the same for someone special to me" and grabbed Riza's hand and held it tightly in his.

Riza knew he was talking about her, her cheeks turned a deep red, Roy could feel the heat coming off her cheeks.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Zechs sat there beside the dark haired women laying on the hospital bed, still a little out of conscious but it was like a sleep and she was still breathing, he was so thankful for her to still be breathing and have a normal pulse.

He noticed she was talking in her sleeping like state, so he lowered down closer to where he could hear what she was saying, he noticed and heard one thing that was very familiar to him she spoke softly in her sleep with a tone sounding of worry "Zechs, don't die, I need you, and I….love you, please don't die" and she was tossing and turning, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

He stepped outside the door and seen a nurse walked by and let the nurse know that she was waking up, the nurse said she'd get the dr right there, so they could do tests on Noin to check and see what could have caused her passing out.

He thanked the nurse politely and thought to himself "I'm glad, they'll find out what's wrong with her."