Chapter 1: The new arrival

A baby held onto her mothers clothes and stared up at her mother. Her mother smiled down at her. The young girl looked about and smiled down at their young collie dog The dog smiled and barked softly to the little baby and padded at the girl's dress that stretched to the floor. The baby laughed a true laugh. She giggled gleefully and a small sparkle appeared in her eye.

The dandelion in their yard shook suddenly, even though the warm evening air in the neighborhood did not blow. A single seed detached itself from the bunch and glided along in the air, as if by magic. It floated along and up and up and up… until it flew up to the star on the right. Pixie Hollow.

The seed floated into the land. A young fairy, named Swirl, saw the seed. She gasped happily. She flew along and made sure not to touch it. If she touched it… the seed would wither, and the new arrival would be lost. She moved her hands around it creating a small breeze to blow it along. All the other fairies were gathered at the amphitheater in the Heart Tree. She finally got the seed into the building. All the other fairies watched silently. She helped it along. Suddenly a swirl of pixie dust appeared. It created a burst of golden glitter and Queen Clarion emerged.

The young Fast-flying fairy smiled and took her seat as Queen Clarion thanked her. A dust keeper fairy by the name of Carter moved along. He carefully adjusted the slide of crystal and scooped Pixie Dust in his hand. He daintily poured it over the new seed. He sat down after his thanks and the seed glowed. It slowly glowed and transformed into the form of a girl. It slowly faded. The glow revealed a pretty girl. She had bleach-blonde hair and violet eyes. She had light freckles and her hair was about 3 fairy inches past her shoulders. She was thin and smiled faintly.

"Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow. Now, let me see those wings." Queen Clarion said gently. Smiling, she straightened out the new fairies wings. Everyone smiled. Glitter fell the new girl's wings as the queen straightened them out. A light glowed but died once her wings were up.

The new fairy forgot all her fear at that moment and grinned as she looked to her shoulders. Between her two shoulder blades were her very own glittering, transparent, pointed wings. She turned her head back to the queen. She heard some sighs emit from the crowd as they stared at her wings.

The Queen took her small hand and slowly pushed the fairy up, very gently. The new arrival looked around and suddenly began moving her wings. They beat together, making her float. She smiled and saw small specks of glitter falling from her wings as she stayed afloat.

"Now, pick you're talent young one." Queen Clarion said. Fairies brought up maybe, 35 symbols. "Go on…" Queen Clarion urged.

The new arrival slowly walked to a dew drop. She tried to pick it up, but it popped and gushed water. She looked up at fairies dressed in blue. They smiled sadly at her. She turned to a paint brush. She tried to pick it up, but it snapped in half. Again, some fairies dressed colorfully smiled at her sadly. She looked at a hammer. She touched it and it fell apart. She looked at fairies dressed in green. They looked sad too. She turned to a pretzel, but when she touched it, it un-wove itself.

A spider wed became tangled, a wind swirl stopped, a flower withered, a feather duster lost it's feathers, dandelion fluff blew away, a paw print faded, a cake caved into itself, a light sparkle burst then died away, caterpillar fluff became flat, clapping hands stopped clapping, a scrub brush became grey and dirty, a dyed shirt got red splotches, lace became ripped, mouse milk spilled, pixie dust blew away, a book's ink ran, and a star charts stars got all fumbled.

By now, the new fairy was close to tears. She had gone through about 21 talents. Only about 35 existed. She felt like she wasn't going o find her talent. She touched a leaf and it shriveled up. A stone became jagged, and a pair of wings got all oily.

She turned around and felt drawn to a certain symbol. She walked to it and touched it. It was a snowflake. All the fairies with white clothes on leaned in slightly, watching intently. It glowed brightly and all the fairies smiled. She held the snowflake in her hand.

Queen Clarion smiled sweetly and walked to her. "Congratulations. Winter fairies, come meet you're new talent… Snowflake. All the other talents smiled to her and walked out or flew out chatting about her.

Swirl flew over her. "Hello." She said.

"Hi." Snowflake said.

"Come to the field later. I'll talk with you. Bye!" Swirl said. Snowflake nodded, confusedly, and watched as all the fairies in white came to say hello. She smiled at them and said hello back.

Now, she felt like she belonged.