Swords of Chaos

HELLO EVERYBODY! This is a story that was inspired from other stories where Percy joins Chaos.

Disclaimer: Really? Please don't make me do this! PLEASE PLEASE! I NEED THE MONEY! Ok maybe not but STILL! Ok! I don't own PJO! *Starts to cry in background while Percy comes up.*

Percy: Yeah, he's emotional right now-*ducks from chair thrown at him* and he really doesn't like me. So I'm just gonna start the story before anyone gets hurt-*gets stabbed in the back* ….to late*falls dead*


(Percy's POV)

It all started after the first Titan war. Annabeth and I were dating, Thaila left the hunters due to her wanting to age and live life, and even Nico got his happy ending. He fell in love with a girl named Caroline.

But then it changed.

Thaila, Nico, and I each got a new sibling. A sibling that would ruin our lives.

Let me start from before that shall I?

Kronos, Oceanus, Atlas, Krios, Hyperion, and Typhon all escaped 3 years after the 2nd war. The Gods went to battle Typhon while my dad fought Oceanus. Camp-half blood, which had Greeks and Romans, was left to fend against waves of monsters. So I, being the fighter I am, decimated the monsters and defended single handedly. I beat Krios, Hyperion, Kronos, and Atlas.

Wanna know how? Well I was the best swordsmen to ever live by then so I took out Atlas and Krios first. Then I called on the power of the Sea and beat Hyperion. Finally, with all my strength I sent Kronos back to Tartarus.

The gods needed help so Thaila, Nico, and I went and with our powers we helped subdue Typhon long enough for the gods to trap him again.

Our siblings took out Oceanus by themselves. While they were finishing up we beat Gaia and the Giants. But apparently, the Gods thought it was a big deal. So here we are. Thaila, Nico, and I, all walking to the dining pavilion.

"And we'd like to thank Daniel Keyes, Sarah Mills, and Zach Harold's for saving Olympus and being our favorite children!" Zeus shouted. We stopped in shock. Everyone was cheering and I thought 'really? All they did was beat 1 Titan! We took out the rest!' I was guessing Nico and Thaila though the same thing.

People started to shout "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" I wondered what was happening so I walked in. I immediately wished I hadn't.

I saw Nico's brother kissing Caroline, her kissing back. Thaila's sister was handing out papers saying "party in Zeus cabin in honor of the greatest heroes ever!" And then what I saw next broke my heart. Annabeth, my Annabeth was making out with my brother Daniel. I ran away with Thaila and Nico. We all slept near Zeus fist.

But it only got worse. The next day Thaila's brother, Jason died from an arrow in the chest while her mom was murdered. Then a week later my mom, Paul, my baby sister, and unborn brother were all found dead. And for 1 year, only Chiron and Grover remembered us. Our Siblings were living the good life. Annabeth said she loved Daniel more than she loved me and the same goes for Caroline.

So we left. And then the best thing in our lives happened.

Chaos found us.

THAT WAS JUST A PROLOGUE! Chapters will be much MUCH longer. Like at least 1,000 words in each.