Ashley walks down the stairs and into the kitchen, her mom, dad and brothers already is eating their breakfast.
Okay so it isn't her real brothers or her real mom or dad. Her parents died when she was 10 in a car accident, ever since then she has been living with the Jonas's. Denise, Kevin Sr, Kevin Jr, Joe, Nick and Frankie.
Since her parents didn't had any relatives, the Jonas's was the ones who was supposed to have her if anything happened.
"Good morning" she smiles at her mom
"Good morning honey, slept well?"
She nods and grabs an apple and takes a bite then looks around at everyone
Joe looks up at her "Good morning Ash" then turned to his breakfast again
she takes another bite from her apple "Hey mom what day is it today?"
"The 22nd...Why do you ask?"
"Well...what happens the 22nd this month? It's September right?" she walks over to her dad who is reading a newspaper "yup September the 22nd"
Nick looks up at her "And?"
"And...Nothing I guess" she walks out off the room with her apple and up to her bedroom. Did they seriously forget her 18th birthday?

In the kitchen everyone looks up from what they are doing.
"Do you think she has a clue?" Kevin ask
Joe chuckles "I highly doubt it, I can't wait to see her face tonight. It's going to be priceless"
"She will get a birthday she never saw coming" smiles Nick and gets up "Thanks for breakfast mom" and he walks to his room.
"Yeah thanks mom" says both Kevin and Joe and walks to their rooms.

Later when they all arrive at school, Ashley walks over to her locker and opens it.
She grab her books then suddenly sees Joe and Demi talking together. Demi her best friend and Joe her brother...They pretty much hate each other. But now they are laughing and Demi is totally flirting with Joe, the way she stroke his arm.
She closes her locker and walks over to them
"Hey guys"
"I'll see you later Joe" Demi smiles at him and walks away
Ashley looks up at Joe "What was that all about?"
"You and Demi talking? You two never talk...And you two were..." she starts to make vomit noises "F-lirting"
"We wasn't flirting...That's disgusting"
"You were...the whole laughing and she stroking your's flirting"
he looks at her "How would you know that? Has anyone ever flirted with you? No offense Ash...but you isn't exactly the girl the guys what, if you know what I mean"
She looks at him with a hurtful look "So what you are saying is that, I'm not pretty enough to actually have a boyfriend?"
"You are your own...way. Maybe if something more with yourself, make-up and that sort of stuff"
"I can't believe you" she looks at him hurt and walks to the girl's room.
She walks into the girl's room, stands in front of the mirror and removed her hairband. Her hair was a mess, she needed a haircut and maybe some new clothes.
She looks down at herself, old baggy jeans and a black hoodie with a top underneath it. Maybe this is why she can't get a boyfriend and...well never really had one.