Alice and I just had the best day shopping. Which is a big thing for me to say, considering I don't ever like shopping. St. Patrick's day was coming up and I got this awesome pin that says, "Pinch me and you're dead meat." So I don't have to wear any green. Alice let me get it only because she says that green is my ''fat color.'' I was insulted at first but then I was happy to get the pin.

It was a humid day in Forks, Washington. It was cloudy but hot. I think it might be my favorite weather. The Cullens can't go outside when it's sunny or else people will realize they are different. They sparkle in the sunlight. I thought it was hilarious when I found out. They have yet to show me though.

Alice was driving her yellow Porsche back to her house. I was in the passenger seat. We were singing to Cee Lo Greens Forget You at the top of our lungs while I was eating a Big Mac from McDonalds. Alice wasn't eating because she's a vampire. I tried getting her to eat it but she wouldn't.

Once the song was over and I finished my food Alice said, "Bella I almost forgot to tell you, there is this one nomad vampire that stopped by and visited. Her name is Mandy. I don't know anything else about her though." Alice looked a little worried at that. What she means by she doesn't know anything else is that she can't see her in the visions she has.

I hate it when the situation goes from having fun and laughing to being serious. But I'm pretty good at it. I looked down at my hands in my lap. "Bella don't worry, she won't go after Edward. He loves you and only you." She knows me well. Probably because I have known her for 3 years. Since I was 16 to now 19.

I started to say how I don't understand that when she cut me off. "Bella you are beautiful and perfect. You have to know by now that he is not going to leave you!" Alice said. She looked exasperated. I gave up and smiled at her.

We pulled up to her mansion of a house. We both picked up as many of the shopping bags as we could. She got more than me since she is stronger. But I am taller by a few inches so I guess that evens us out. Alice is my best friend and probably will be for the rest of our lives.

There was still some bags left but we just left them for the boys to get. Alice went ahead of me, walking at my pace though so she could still talk to me. As soon as we got inside Emmett, Jasper, and Esme came up to me all yelling different things. "You should go home." -Jasper "Bella honey, I don't think you should be here right now."-Esme "LEAVE!" -Emmett.

I looked at all of them confused. Carlisle wasn't home and Rosalie was standing by the wall looking at her nails. All three of them looked at me anxiously. Alice raced down the stairs from where she went as soon as we walked in. "Bella! Bella! Can we please stay outside for a bit? You have to trust me on this!" Alice had the same look as Esme, Jasper, and Emmett. They were all crowding over me.

"Just let her see for herself. You guys always say yourselves to never keep secrets." Rosalie spoke up with a devious look in her eyes. That worried me. Plus, I hate being out of the loop.

"I think I am just going to go to Edwards room. I have no idea what is wrong with all of you." I laughed a little nervously. Mandy was nowhere in sight and neither was Edward. I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions but that sounds pretty bad to me. Plus with all of the Cullen's acting weird and freaking out.

I set the bags down and started up the stairs to Edwards room. Everyone but Rosalie looked helpless and defeated.

As I got to the door I was almost scared to open it. But I hate looking scared so I opened it and what I saw in the room stopped me. Edward and what I was guessing was Mandy were on Edwards bed in a heated make out session. I was torn between crying and screaming. I guess I made a weird noise because they both stopped and looked at me. I decided to be mad.

I glared at Mandy and Edward. "I knew it. I knew it I knew it I knew it! I can't believe you actually did it! I was stupid to think you wouldn't! Goodbye Edward! Have a nice life with that tramp!" I yelled at them and ran back down the stairs. My vision got blurry when I got to the bottom.

"Bella-" I cut Alice off with a bone crushing hug. She held me tightly as I cried. Emmett and Esme joined. Jasper didn't hug me but I saw in his eyes that he cared. I knew I was still welcome here but I can't with Edward being with another girl. I might sound over dramatic but it needs to be done. I told him that I would leave if this happened. I need to be the only one for him. That didn't happen obviously.

I wiped my eyes and got out of the hug so I could breathe again. "I love all of you guys. I want to make sure you know that. But I can't be here anymore. Thank you for trying to protect me. I'm sorry." Rosalie snorted. Even though she hates me I said to her, "That counts for you too Rosalie. Especially you. I know why you don't like me but I wish we could have been friends." She looked startled for a second. Then went back to not caring.

I wasn't going to risk giving her a hug so I just grabbed some of the shopping bags that were mine and walked out the door. I grew really close to all of them in different ways. There eyes shined with tears that could never fall.

I'm glad I drove myself over here. I set the bags down on the passenger seat of my old 67' Chevy Truck and got into the drivers side and got the engine running. I wanted to do one more thing before I left. Everybody knew not to come after me so I went into the garage with pink spray paint and my keys.

On the side of Edwards car I put cheater. On the other side I put a word that I would never say out loud. I got to the front of the car and used one of my keys to scratch it. I didn't write any words. Just scratches. I broke all of his windows and emptied the can of spray paint in his car. I smiled at my amazing work. And to top it off I got a sticky note that read, Don't ever mess with me. Hope you like it. -Bella

I don't know what made me do it but I purposely got the alarm to go off and then ran back to my car and floored it out of there. Before I got out of site I saw Edward on his knees in front of his car. That alone made me burst into tears. I'm surprised I made it home. I barely remembered driving.

I pulled up in my driveway and brought my shopping bags in the house. Charlie's car wasn't in the driveway so he wasn't home. I walked up into my room and set the bags on the ground and jumped onto my queen sized bed. I was all out of tears. What if Edward comes to my house? I don't think he would but I couldn't let that happen. I decided to go to the Volturi. I don't know if they would kill me or change me. I really could care less what they would do.

I packed a bag with a few pairs of clothes and things that are important to me like pictures and memories. I know I shouldn't have but I packed the things that Edward has given me. I didn't have the heart to throw them out. I brought with me some of the things Alice and I bought too. I left a note to Charlie telling him how much I love him and that I will miss him. I did the same thing for Jacob, my best friend hoping my dad will deliver it. Just thinking about never seeing them again made me want to cry all over again.

I was just about to walk out the door when I realized that I never wrote a note for my mom. And that I didn't have any money to get there. So I got my college fund that I never used and wrote a similar note for my mom that I wrote for my dad and Jake.

It was seven o' clock by the time that I finally left the house. It was getting dark. I had a feeling that my dad would be home soon so I fast walked to my car. I hope nobody notices my leave. My car is very noticeable because it is a very bright orange. I don't know why I wanted it that color in the first place. It used to be a rusty brown when my dad bought it from Jakes dad when I was 16.

I kept the radio off because it reminded me too much of Edward. I didn't think about anything except driving. I hate it when I am vulnerable so I try to not to do things that will make that happen. But in this case I guess I brought it all on myself. Never again will I ever fall in love with someone else.

I got my ticket to go to Volterra, Italy and I was waiting for the plane to leave. It took about another 30 minutes of waiting but I finally managed it. As I was walking to the area to get on the plane I swear I heard someone yell, "Bella don't!" But I think it might have been my imagination.

It was a 2 day trip and I slept pretty much the whole way there and was woken up by some random kid right in my face asking me if I was dead. I got a little creeped out by that but overall he did wake me up so I could get off the plane. I was dying of hunger because airplane food always makes my stomach sick.

After I was all settled and off the plane with my one carry on, I never really planned on how to get to The Volturi. I have never been there so I had nowhere to look. So I decided on doing something that I might regret.

I slit my wrist open with the key to my truck that I will always and forever miss. The cut stung at first but it went numb. I started walking around the town in hopes of finding one of the vampires. Not even 5 minutes later I was pushed into a dark alley with inhuman strength. I almost smiled.

"What's your name? Are you with The Volturi?" I asked the vampire who pushed me in here before he could eat me. He was pretty cute actually. He was pale but with blonde hair and brown eyes. He was a little buff too. He would strike you as someone who was pretty, rather than handsome.

The guy looked at me funny. "How do you know about us?"

I laughed a little nervously. "Well I used to be with a vampire. He left me and now I would like to speak to Aro." I hope I didn't get The Cullen's in trouble. I know they are not aloud to tell me about The Volturi since I'm a human. And that is exactly what he stated to me.

"You should not be alive right now. Who told you? That is against the rules. We shall go to Aro now and speak with him about this." Blondie talked a little funny. Like a weird accent that I couldn't place. He dragged me along with him for about ten minutes. We stopped at a little deserted place in front of a sewage type hole.

He opened it and was about to jump in when I said, "I am not gonna jump down there. Are you crazy? I can't even see anything! That's a death sentence!" He sighed exasperatedly. Blondie was a little over dramatic if you ask me.

"Feisty little one. I will catch you Miss… I never got your name. What is it?" I told him my name and he looked at me like I was a celebrity or something. I'm going with or something. "Hurry hurry Miss. Bella! We must see Master Aro now! He will be so delighted." He jumped down into the dark hole. I heard him call up to me saying to jump.

I really didn't want to. But if it was the only way I guess I will just have to deal with it. I closed my eyes and jumped. I felt like I was falling forever into an endless black hole. It was only about a 5 second drop though. He caught me and I was happy about that but I think I might get some bruises later on.

He didn't waste any time. He dropped me and walked right down a dark hall that was lit by sticks of fire. We were really underground. Or that was what it looked like. He stopped at a giant door that looked like it was hand carved. It was crazy. For a vampire it probably would only take 5 minutes to do. For us humans it would take about 3 weeks. What can I say, it was a huge door.

Blondie opened the door to a beautiful looking place. There was a chandelier on the ceiling that was so shiny it looked like it was made of diamonds. It probably was. The Volturi has been alive for thousands of years. They would have to be rich. There was 3 thrones at the top of a few stairs. Sitting down was what I was guessing Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Aro's throne was bigger and closer up. Them all sitting down like they are in there black cloaks reminded me of the picture Carlisle has up in his house. Aro looked upset.

"Felix, who is that you have brought in here?" Aro asked in a cheerful voice. So that was what Blondie's real name is. I smirked. Felix sounded like a name for a dog. "Let me see your hand." He held out his hand and Felix took it. After about five seconds Aro let go looking as happy as a five year old on Christmas Day.

I looked at the other people in the room. Felix left me alone as he walked up and stood next to a girl that looked almost sixteen. The girl stared right back at me, a little weirdly. I stared right back. I hate losing a stare down. After a little while she looked angry and faster than I could blink she was choking me. I glared at her. I hate it when vampires use their super human abilities to take me down.

"Remarkable. Jane let go I would like to test a theory." Jane squeezed my throat a little tighter than let go. I didn't give her the pleasure of me holding my throat or looking like I was having trouble breathing when really, I was having trouble with both. But I refused to do it. She made an angry sound. Aro held out his hand for me to take. I knew what his power was. With one touch of a hand he can read your every thought. It was like Edwards mind reading power but much much more powerful.

Edwards name made my heart ache. Remembering him is painful. I hesitantly held out my hand and touched Aro's. It was warm. When a vampires body is warm that means that they have fed recently. Or you can tell by their eyes. Human blood drinkers eyes are ruby red and turn black when they need to drink. Animal blood drinkers like The Cullen's have gold eyes that turn black also when they are hungry.

Aro held my hand for a little while and I was afraid he was able to read my mind. The only person who is able to work their powers on me that I know of is Jasper. He can feel and influence other peoples emotions. Alice and Edwards powers don't work on me.

Aro let go looking flustered. "I can't read her. This is amazing!" He droned on about me being a powerful vampire when I interrupted him saying, "Can I please speak and tell you why I am here?" His eyes flashed with anger.

"What do you want?" He spoke slowly with a cheerful voice that he has had ever since I got here. I explained to him how I want to either die or become a vampire because I had a little problem with a vampire. He kept trying to get more out of me but I wouldn't budge. It was my business and my business only. Well and The Cullens…

Aro's lips were moving but I couldn't hear anything he was saying. I sighed irritated. I crossed my arms and tapped my foot that had my amazing white Nikes with a blue swoosh. I can be nice. When I want to be. 5 minutes passed and he finally turned and looked at me. My leg was falling asleep. "You shall be going into the changing room-" I started giggling at that. He looked at me annoyed. Sometimes I'm a bit of a handful. "You are going to be a vampire. You might have a special power and we're hoping we can use it to make us stronger. Guards, Ian and Tyler. Take her bags to one of the rooms. She can pick which one she wants in a few days."

I didn't know if I should be happy or sad. I did ask to be changed. But I think I might have liked dying better. Aro led me through a door that I didn't notice before. It had long curving stairs made out of cement. By the time I got to the top I felt like I ran a mile. I was sweating and was out of breath. I need to work out more.

There was another door that looked similar to the huge wooden door but it was smaller. The designs on it were still beautiful. Before we walked into the room I said, "Can you not go through my bag? When I become a vampire I will find out if any of you guys did. And I will hurt you very badly if you do." I ended with a cheery voice like he does.

Aro chuckled. "I can kill you with a flick of my finger and you're threatening me?" He started laughing more. "You are going to be a very interesting vampire." And with that, he went through the door and motioned me inside. I got a little nervous.

Aro told me he was going to change me himself so that eased most of my uneasiness. He was an old vampire. Surely he can control himself, right? There was a table in the small dark room. To me it looked like a mini dungeon. The table had places for my arms and legs to get locked up in. I looked at them curiously and then at Aro. He explained.

"When you change. It burns really bad. You will wish to die. And without the cuffs to lock you down you will be thrashing around. They will be taken off around the end when you are about to wake up." He searched my face for what I was feeling. I'm good at hiding my emotions but this time I let him see that I wasn't really interested. That I just wanted to get the job done.

He motioned for me to lay down and I did. Even though I don't like being told what to do, I made an exception. He locked me in. The table was very uncomfortable. There was nothing I could really do but wait for Aro to bite me. Once he bites me his venom will go through my system and it will change me into a vampire. At least that was what Edward said. No matter how many times I said his name, each time it hurts worse.

"Get on with it." I told Aro. He chuckled. Aro grabbed my wrist. The one that I cut open and forgot all about. He didn't waste any time. He bit me. Good thing I was willing or else that would have hurt really bad. But it actually felt pretty good. Kind of like someone tickling you with something that soothes you. If that makes any sense. He bit my other wrist and my ankles. Then he bit my neck. I would have giggled if I was able to. I felt paralyzed.

He licked all of the wounds to seal them I'm guessing. Edward never went into detail about it. I started to feel the burn right away. It was getting hotter and hotter by every minute. I didn't scream out though. I locked my teeth together. It hurt my body so bad. But it wouldn't help anything if I screamed. The fire came to a point where I swear I was going to die. All I saw was black. I couldn't remember closing my eyes so I wasn't sure if that was why that's what I saw. I almost screamed. Right as I was about to, the fire stopped. It didn't die away slowly. It died right away. I was happy. Until the fire was so intense I prayed to God to just let me die.

I felt my heart stop. I felt myself die. I didn't die completely though. I was a vampire. I think if I wanted to I could have opened my eyes and started moving but I knew that if I tried I would just scream. I heard other people in the room.

"She should be up by now. It has been over 72 hours!" I couldn't place that voice. But I knew the next one.

"She is fine. I am certain she will wake up in a few minutes. She used the same strategy I used." Aro said. I felt like I could hear a piece of dust drop. My ears could hear somebody walking up the stairs to head up to this room.

"What strategy was that Master?" The mystery guy asked. I felt Aro smile.

"Haven't you heard of that quote? A vampire never tells their secrets to changing." I know I have never heard of that ever. I don't think the other guy did either because he made a confused sound.

I felt like it was time I woke up because I didn't think I would scream anymore. So I moved my arms and legs. They weren't locked down. I lifted myself up and opened my eyes.

Aro and one of the guys I saw with Aro earlier both gasped. "What?" I asked them. My eye sight was certainly more clear than ever. My voice sounded twinkly. It was weird.

Aro answered me after a few minutes of staring. "Your eyes." He spoke. I looked at him funny. "They aren't red. Or black. They're brown. No they're green. Now they are violet." He kept changing his answer. It was getting annoying. But then I realized what that meant.

"My power is that I can change my eye color? Wow what a sucky power." I shrugged it off.

Aro was still staring at me. "No. It isn't a bad power. The last person we met who could change their eyes like that turned out to be the most powerful vampire ever known."

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