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Chapter Seventeen


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Last chapter…

He shimmied my jeans from my hips and down my legs, and tossed them on the floor; and for the first time, outside of a hospital setting, I found myself laying in front of the man I loved in nothing but my underwear.

"Isabella," His eyes shined with both love and desire as they roamed across my nearly nude form. "So beautiful."

"Please, Carlisle," I begged. "Touch me," reaching down, I took his hand in mine and guided it towards my panties.

His breath hitched as his fingers ran across my red, lacy thong; he whispered something in what I thought was Italian before he began to slowly pull down the thin fabric.



I stopped breathing as my hand slowly pulled her panties down her soft, creamy legs; Bella gave a gasp of breath as my cool touch glided over her bare skin. "My Isabella," I whispered, lowering my head closer to her sex, I breathed in the scent of her arousal, it was intoxicating… beyond words.

"Carlisle," she whispered my name with such want, her voice pleading for me to touch her, to taste her.

My gaze moved to meet hers, I could see the lust, the desire in her eyes, and I knew my own eyes were holding a similar gleam. I wanted her as much as she wanted me, but… not yet, at least not completely. I wanted her to know what she was getting into before we 'went all the way;' I wanted her to know the truth.

"My beautiful, Isabella," I breathed as I slowly moved my hand across her stomach and over her hip, my fingers delicately tracing the scar where the bone has punctured through her skin.

So fragile, so easily broken.

I continued to caress her soft skin as I slowly made my way up towards her breasts which were covered by only a thin layer of lace. As my eyes moved to focus on her perfect breasts, her small hands made their way to my chest, where she hastily began to undo the buttons on my shirt.

My lips descended to hers in a passionate kiss as she pulled my shirt from my shoulders. My hand coasted along her side and to her back until I reached the clasp on her bra, with a quick flick of my finger it was unhooked. As I slowly pulled the last bit of clothing from the woman I love, I was in awe of how beautiful my Isabella truly was. She had scars, yes, but we all did; some on the outside and some on the inside, but they did not make her any less perfect in my eyes, in fact they were a testament to how strong and truly amazing she was.

"Nessuna creatura più perfetta è stata mai creata."

She gave a small laugh as she wrapped her arms around my neck, the fingers of her left hand playing with the ends of my hair, "Was that... Italian?"

"Yes," I answered simply before once again brining my lips to her own.

Our kisses grew more passionate, more wild; her hands running up and down my stone chest, as mine gently squeezed and caressed her supple breasts which fit perfectly in my hand.

"Carlisle, please..."she begged, taking my hand in hers, guiding it back down to her bush of curly brown hair, "touch me here."

It was a request I could no longer deny, so I slid my fingers along her soft folds, parting them slightly, she moaned my name as I ran my thumb across her clitoris; slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed, still I was careful and minded my strength. "C-Carlisle... y-yes... oh god," her back arched, her eyes glazed over in pleasure as I continued to rub the sensitive area, "feels so good."

I loved to see her like this, so turned on by my touch and I couldn't help but wonder what words, what sounds she would make when I one day buried myself deep inside her.

"I love you, Isabella." I breathed, moving my lips to her neck, marking her the only way I could at the moment, by sucking on her soft decicate skin, causing the capalaries to break. It wasn't the first hicky I had given her, and it wouldn't be the last.

"Oh God, Carlisle, I love you, too", and just as I was about to lover my mouth to one of her perky breasts, her hands slid down to my waist, unbuttoned and zipped my pants, then sliding her hand inside,

"Isabella," I groaned in pleasure as she wrapped her soft, warm hand around my rock hard, stone-cold penis and began to pump it. The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced, or ever expected, it was almost overwealming.

With my free hand I slid my pants and underwear over my hips, past my legs then kicking them off completly. Then, while continuing to rub her clit, I slowly sent my middle finger inside of her, "Oh God!" she gasped.

"Do you like that, Isabella?"

"Yes, Carlisle, please...more."

All to happy to obey to her request, I pressed another finger into her heat, filling her more fully.

It did take long after that for both of us to find ourselves nearing our climax. She came first clenching tightly around my fingers. The sight of her body tensing, the sound of her screaming out my name, was too much, and I found my self coming quickly after.

Moving to lay beside her, she quickly snuggled herself into my cold embrace. "Thank you," she smiled up at me, leaning up to place a soft, quick kiss on my neck, "best birthday present ever."

"Yes, well you talked me into it," I said with a chuckle. Actually, it was more like she seduced me; then again I didn't put up much of a fight. As Isabella slowly drifted off to sleep in my arms, I realized that if I could bring pleasure to the woman I loved, with my hand, without losing control, then perhaps, more was possible.

Still, I thought it best if we take it slow, gradually building up to the actual act of intimacy and in so giving her body more time to properly heal.

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