Meanwhile at the hospital

Marty is rushed through the emergency doors. Doctors and nurses are already waiting.

As they are checking over her injuries – her eyes slowly open, she feels a sharp stabbing pain in her stomach and tries to scream but she couldn't. She was scared and hurt – tears began to roll down the side of her face. A nurse seen the tears and noticed Marty was awake – she told the doctor in charge. They began to ask Marty some questions – did she know where she was? Did she know what had happened? Is she in any pain? Over an hour later Marty's mother and friends had arrived awaiting for news on what had happened. They were scared that Marty may be dead. A doctor walked into the waiting room and many relatives turned hoping their loved one was alive and well, scared of who he maybe there to talk to Wanda avoided eye contact. That was until the doctor called "relatives of Marty Perkins". She stood up walked towards him "I'm her mother please tell me she is ok" everyone turned in a desperate attempted to hear any news on their dear friend. She had been involved in a serious accident, her right arm and left leg are both fractured she received a head injury, she is yet to wake up, she needs to be closely monitored and the next 24hours may be critical.

Marty lay still in her bed her body covered in cuts and bruises she also as casts on her left leg and right arm. She is surrounded by her friends and her mother Wanda. The doctor John Carter arrives to speak to Wanda, it does not look promising. Wanda screams in dismay; tears rolling down her eyes. Marty is unconscious and was apparently pregnant. The baby had died directly after she was hit. Dan tries to find out what has happened. Wanda refuses to tell anyone.

As everybody began taking turns sitting by Marty's bedside, all were in the waiting room wishing that Marty will wake up as Savannah and Dan took their turn they fell asleep. They were unaware that Marty's eye was flittering as she began to come around. No-one noticed as her eyes were swollen and bruised so her little flutter had not gotten any attention until doctor Carter arrived in to check up on Marty. He noticed that she was in fact awake. He asked her mother to return to the room and requested that Savannah and Dan left. As Wanda walked towards her daughter, doctor Carter began to explain Marty's injuries to her " your right arm and left leg are both fractured and you received a head injury we need to monitor you very closely because of it, also you were pregnant before the accident but unfortunately the baby died as a result of the cars impact. I'm very sorry ".

Marty didn't know what to say, she had no idea how long had she been pregnant – who could the baby's father been. She then realized she had no way of knowing who could she tell, her friendship was already on thin ice with Savannah over just sleeping with Dan. This could ruin everything, Lewis that was months ago there was no way it could have been his so there is no point even thinking the baby could be his. Then there is Julian everything in her body says it had to have been his baby, but would she say anything. She begged and pleaded with both Doctor Carter and Wanda not to tell anybody. As they agreed Dan's head peered through the door. Marty was unable to moved her whole body but she tilted her head to look away from the door not wanting to look directly at him. She knew if she did he'd know something was seriously wrong. As if turning to avoid eye contact didn't give him that idea anyway.