Door to December

By Rizember


Summary: Sequel to An Unlikely Romance. Set 3 years later. "Marriage jutsu." Sasuke deadpanned, staring at a grinning Tsunade. "You placed a marriage jutsu on me and the idiot?" Naruto didn't say anything. He had just jumped out the window in a random suicide attempt. SasuNaruSasu, yaoi


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This fic will make no sense at all without reading An Unlikely Romance. Just letting you know.

But I suppose you could try anyway, if you're determined.


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Chapter 1: Reunion


Name: Tsunade

Age: Classified. Probably wouldn't be true even if we had one.

Class: Hokage-level

Purpose in Life: To get lucky and gamble herself to wealth.

Current State of Said Purpose in Life: *insert snort here*

"SHIZUNE! Shizune, get in here! I did it!"

In the hallway, a brunette ran past several people, rushing in excitement into the large oval room. Shizune stuck her head in, failing to hide her excitement.


Tsunade was grinning at her, looking triumphant. "I did it."

"You finished the jutsu?" Shizune grinned back, squealing along with the pig in her hands.

Tsunade snorted. "Even better!" She held up a large cup with a frothy, steamy drink. "I made the perfect latte."

The silence that followed that declaration was equivalent to the silence after the dreaded, 'I'm pregnant'…hell, it could give that silence a run for its money.

"I can't believe you," Shizune hissed, turning away.


Shizune looked over her shoulder and gave Tsunade a potent glare. "It's been three years. At this rate, it'll be too late to do anything."

With that, the brunette and the pig haughtily left, dignity rolling off them in waves… If Tsunade wasn't going to take this seriously then there was no hope left.

Back in the large room, Tsunade paced, stopping occasionally only to nod at herself, frown and then begin pacing again. She hated upsetting Shizune but honestly, the woman could have at least tasted the latte.

The oval room was large and clean, completely neat in its utter lack of paperwork to be seen anywhere. Books lined the many book cases, shelves and boxes that were all lined up and she occasionally threw them wary glances, as if they would attempt to assassinate her with information.

It was nothing like the Hokage office she'd had.

And she felt oddly about that. Bitterness and relief flooded her along with a sense of regret but then she smiled slowly. Tsunade walked to the large desk and sat in the comfortable chair behind it. Swinging leisurely, she opened a drawer and took out a small scroll and unrolled it onto her desk.

Brown eyes scanned the many words, elements and symbols before she sighed and leaned back against the chair. Redemption was a hell of a lot more work than being Hokage had ever been.

Her thoughts turned to Konoha and she frowned unconsciously.

She hadn't been Hokage in three years, having been exiled herself, and Shizune right beside her.

Danzou had taken advantage of Naruto's exile. He'd blamed Tsunade and the people, like the sad little sheep they were, had agreed with him. The council members had taken Danzou's side and Tsunade was unceremoniously impeached- just a week after Naruto's exile. And what a bloody week that was.

It was like Naruto had been the seam that held the village together and everything just fell apart afterwards.

Several of the ninjas and villagers still loyal to the blond had left as well, all before Danzou was instated as the sixth Hokage and Tsunade was exiled.

Sasuke left first.

That hadn't come as much of a surprise. What did surprise them was that he wasn't following Naruto. He wasn't claiming he'd bring him back like many assumed he would. In fact, Sasuke had seemed thoroughly pissed off and Tsunade was sure she'd heard him promising to kill Naruto but she figured she'd heard wrong. Those two loved each other. It wasn't rocket science.

Hell, even the blind hobo who lived in a box at the corner near the Hokage tower knew that.

But something had happened the night before Naruto left. Something Sasuke told no one.

The only thing people knew for sure was that Naruto left and Sasuke was sending evil vibes across the village. He resigned from ANBU and left the village without a word to anyone.

The next to leave, shockingly, was Sakura.

Tsunade had been both impressed and worried. She had no idea whether her apprentice was following Sasuke or Naruto. And if she was following them both, what did she think she would achieve? Naruto and Sasuke were both S-class nins in their own rights. If Sakura engaged them in battle, no amount of hulk-like 'me smash you' power was going to save her ass.

But Tsunade had to admire her stubbornness anyway.

Sakura had left the day after Sasuke. Which had led many to believe it was either a fan girl rescue mission or a fan girl 'take me with you' type of deal.

Tsunade would have preferred it to be the former. The latter was a tad bit embarrassing.

But she had reasons to believe that it was neither.

Tsunade had a hunch that Sakura had actually left for her own reasons and had gone after neither of the two. She'd become a responsible kunoichi and if she had done the foolish deed of stalking either of those fools, Tsunade would see to it that Sakura got an imperial ass-whooping and a day-long lecture about fangirling.

After Sakura, the last ninja to leave the village, was Hinata.

No one knew her reasons.

Maybe her old love for Naruto had returned and she had gone in search of declaring it. Maybe she had decided to attack Sasuke while he was out and alone. Maybe she was on holiday.

Hinata leaving had been one big mystery. Especially seeing as her sister, Hanabi, had immediately been named the next heir and Neji had been proclaimed the current leader, as Hiashi had stepped down.

No one understood Hyuuga politics but there were theories. Stupid theories. Mostly involving Hinata leaving to have wild, forest sex with both boys and maybe asking Sakura to join in… stupid, stupid theories.

Tsunade was sure half those perverted rumours had been started by Jiraiya.

Shaking her head, she picked up a bell that had been sitting on her desk and rang it loudly.


Tsunade looked up from her desk and nodded at the people at the door.

They were deep in the forests of the Fire Country. Which was amazing in and of itself because no one had bothered trying to assassinate them. But then, it wasn't like anyone could find their lair and live long enough to even realize what it was...

Tsunade stretched and waited while the three people entered the room.

Following Danzou's takeover, many ninja had secretly declared their loyalty to Tsunade and had stayed loyal all these years, spying for her and sending her information.

Three of them were in her 'office' right now, awaiting her orders.

Kakashi, Jiraiya and Shizune all stared at her. Shizune was glaring at her, Jiraiya was staring at her breasts- apparently they would converse with him- and Kakashi was reading his little book o' porn.

How any of them had become ninjas was beyond her. Well, at least Shizune had the 'death aura, killer intent' down pat. The other two were just two perverts.

It was a shame, really.

"You rang for us?" Shizune prompted coldly.

Tsunade refrained from rolling her eyes, simply deciding to get on with it.

She looked down at the scroll and smiled. "I've finished the scroll."

Shizune scoffed.

"I really have."


"And it'll be sure to get not only Naruto and Sasuke back, but Hinata and Sakura as well."

"What then?" Jiraiya asked her boobs.

"Then," Tsunade said, throwing a chair at him and receiving a satisfying smack, crack and yell. "We take Konoha back."

"Anarchy," a voice said from the window. "I like it."

"Itachi, we have doors," Tsunade sighed, nodding at him in acknowledgement.

The Uchiha gave her a dry look. "That wouldn't be very ninja-ly."

"That's not a word."

"Uchihas are not limited by vocabulary."

Tsunade stopped from smacking him with a dictionary and sat on her desk, eyeing him warily when he stood by Kakashi and started to peek over his shoulder, reading along.

If their plan worked, it would be a miracle.

"Even if we get them all back, there's no guarantee they'll help us take Konoha back," Shizune said quietly.

Tsunade chuckled. "Well, Naruto swore his loyalty to me before he left actually. I saw him last. And he asked me to take care of the Littlest Uchiha. Like I'm a babysitting service."

"Sasuke left," Itachi commented, motioning for Kakashi to turn the page.

"Yes," Tsunade rolled her eyes. "Thank you. I hadn't realized." She looked out the window. "Sasuke, being who he is, was apparently offended by Naruto the night he left and-"

"Ten bucks says Naruto shagged him and ran," Jiraiya piped up.

"You're on," Itachi smirked. "I say Sasuke shagged him and then Naruto ran."

"Getting back on topic!" Tsunade growled and they hushed up. "WE get them back and Naruto will help me. Sasuke will help so he can get vengeance on Naruto for whatever it was that happened between them-"

"You'd think he'd realize the revenge angle is getting old," Kakashi commented airily.

Tsunade gave up. She started to study the scroll while Shizune smacked Kakashi upside his head and yelled at the three men.

"How do we get Sakura and Hinata?" Shizune asked when she was done.

Tsunade smiled. "You get Sakura. I'll get Hinata."

"How? We don't even know where they are."

"Simple loyalty jutsu."

"So…" Shizune grinned. "They'll be drawn to us?"

Tsunade nodded.

"But the only way to break a loyalty jutsu is to do a favour for the bonder. Either that or kill the bond partner, kill the one who made the bond or kill yourself."

"Yes well," Tsunade coughed. "Before the killing, me and you need to bail so they get straight to the part where their only option is doing us the damn favour."

"Getting us Konoha?"

"Yep. They'll be free once we have it."

"Isn't that like slavery?" Jiraiya asked, curious.

"Why yes, yes it is."


Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"Okay, what jutsu for the boys?"

Tsunade grinned and took a pen, writing a few more words onto the scroll and stepping back satisfied.

"Shizune, hold my latte."

Tsunade bit her thumb and pressed it onto the scroll in a line before pressing her other hand flat onto the scroll.

She shut her eyes, mumbling the necessary incantation and keeping a steady chakra flow out of her hand.

She felt a flare of chakra as the scroll tried to absorb to much at once but she quelled it.

This was about control.

"She looks hot like that…"

Maybe having perverts in the same room while she was doing this delicate procedure wasn't a good idea.

Tsunade kept her eyes closed, feeling power creep up her hand, coiling around her arm as it did.

Her body glowed green and the four other people stopped talking and all stared at her.

Her hair was raised with the pure power coming from the jutsu and she frowned slightly. Her mind seemed to be searching the countries, going quickly over lands and rivers, drawn towards something.

Suddenly, the glow stopped and Tsunade stepped back. Her eyes were still closed and her body was on fire. She figured she could handle the small pain for now.

Opening her eyes, she found the others staring at her arm.

She looked down at it and smiled.

Four tattooed marks, like bracelets, were engraved in her skin. Black, blue, red and purple.

Jiraiya was glaring. "You just did two separate jutsu simultaneously."

Tsunade nodded.

"Do you realize how dangerous that is! You could have died if a single thing went wrong! We were talking! What if you lost concentration or-"

Tsunade smiled warmly at him and he immediately shut up, blushing lightly and clearing his throat.

"The red and purple are for Sakura and Hinata. They'll have the same marks on them. The black and blue are for Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi, get Sasuke. Jiraiya, you'll go get Naruto. They'll both be really…desperate…to get here."

Jiraiya blinked and smirked. "You added summoning jutsus to it?"

Tsunade chuckled. "Of course. They'll get here faster that way."

"But their human," Shizune pointed out.

"So just imagine how much discomfort they'll feel if they don't come to me," Tsunade pointed out smugly.

"She's trying to get us all killed," Shizune muttered, walking out the door to go prepare.

Tsunade chuckled as they all left.

She was left staring at the scroll, and looking at all the modifications she'd made.

It was a summons scroll, adjusted to call the four. Since they weren't animals or summons by any means, they'd just feel slight itching to get to Tsunade- without knowing why they were being led there or by whom. Also, the itchy feeling would grow to full blown irritation and desperation to get to her. That would make the search for them relatively easy.

The other modifications were complicated, especially the bonding one that would ensure that Sakura and Hinata were forced to help- or die. It was drastic but these were drastic times. Besides, Tsunade was sure they would both be eager to help. The boys however…

Naruto and Sasuke…

Tsunade grinned as she stared at their section of the scroll.

The jutsu she'd used on them was different from the loyalty jutsu. Theirs was special.

and they'd be racing to get to Tsunade to have her remove it. Especially seeing as the effects would get worse with time.

Tsunade smiled.

It served them right.

They'd both given her grief for far too long. This was payback.

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Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 21

Class: S-class missing nin, former Konoha genin

Purpose in Life: Unknown.

Current state of Said Purpose in Life: Unknown. Secretive bugger.

The blond man leaned against the tree trunk, eyes closed and looking every bit the wary and foolish traveler.

He was there almost a full ten minutes before he heard groaning, panting and huffing.

A man with short, spiky dark hair was coming up the forest path. He had a cane in his hand and there were several streaks of gray in his hair. His old, tattered peasant clothes were worn out and he looked like he could use a bath.

He trudged slowly up the path and stopped in front of Naruto, peering at him before prodding him in the chest with his stick.

Naruto growled, grabbing the stick and snapping it in two like a twig.

"You're late."

The man snorted and straightened out, stretching. "Hey, unlike you, when a woman offers her body shamelessly to me, gosh darn it, I'm taking the offer."

Naruto rolled his eyes and started to walk in the direction opposite the one the man had just come from. The man's genjutsu was well enough to travel with. The expensive clothes and 'I shower three times a day' look weren't exactly travel friendly. Naruto didn't have to worry about his own looks. No one ever bothered people in cloaks and they usually assumed they were either dirt poor or deadly.

"The redhead was amazing! Oh, you should have seen the way she could twist her-"

"I don't want to hear about your prostitute indulgence, Shin," Naruto said briskly, his black cloak billowing behind him. He pulled his hood up and walked faster. "We were supposed to reach the village by sun down but because you cant keep your pencil in your pants, we'll have to travel at night."

Shin gasped indignantly. "Pencil?"

Naruto smirked and kept walking.

A moment later, he heard a soft rustle. He paused while Shin bent over, complaining about his back and old age.

Naruto leaned closer to Shin, almost like he was asking whether he needed a hand and whispered, "How many?"

"Four and a half."

Naruto glared. "Half?"

"Well," Shin shrugged minutely. "Either they have a midget with them, or they kidnapped a child."

Naruto froze at that, straightening out a moment later when a large man stepped out from the forest's shadows.

Naruto nearly snorted.

The man was huge and muscled, he smiled grimly at Naruto and licked his lips. The blond had to keep from blowing chunks at the gesture.

"What do we have here?"

Naruto ignored him while Shin went into a monologue about the old days when backs were stronger and life was hard.

He concentrated and tried to feel for the rest of the chakra signals.

He noticed the four and sighed.

His chakra control had been greatly improved in the last three years, especially under Shin's training. The problem was he couldn't concentrate enough to dispel a layered genjutsu and note all the chakra signals there.

Dammit, he was brilliant, sexy and awesome. There was no way he'd lose to these pompous fools. Word had obviously gotten out that he had issues with layered genjutsus.

When he found out whoever it was who was spreading the rumours, he'd have them declare his absolute Amazingness and then kill them. Maybe he could even get them to leave a note saying how it was suicide from over-exposure to Naruto's brilliance.

Shaking his head slightly, Naruto scowled. How the hell was he supposed to be an elite and serious ninja if those stupid moments of Kit kept popping up.

For the nth time, that day, he cursed Danzou again for ruining his life in every possible way.

"When you're done having your flashback, maybe we should get on with this," Shin sighed, edging away from the giant of a man.

Naruto scowled at him. "I wasn't-"

"Please," Shin snorted. "You have like, three every hour. I swear sometimes I can even hear background music. You might want to-"

Naruto took a leisurely step forward, vanishing for a moment in a soft yellow light before reappearing a few feet away from the giant with Shin in his arms.

In the spot where Shin as standing, several kunai littered the ground. Shin paled, turning to thank Naruto when the blond abruptly dropped him onto the dirty forest path.

Shin swore loudly at him.

"Get the kid," Naruto ordered, turning to face the big man. The man in the trees wasn't a problem. His method of staying hidden and attacking was cowardly and all-too-common. Naruto could feel the other two. They had surrounded him.

Naruto smiled.

"What's so funny?" the burly man asked gruffly, pulling a sword out from its sheath.

"Just wondering why you're attacking two poor, unarmed travelers."

"For the bounty, of course," the man replied, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Naruto sighed. Great.

So they probably knew who he was. Guess the cloak thing wasn't working anyway. He lowered his hood and took on a lazy stance.

The man looked properly offended and charged without a moment's thought. Before he could reach Naruto however, something fell to the ground between them.

The man paused, looking down. His eyes widened and he paled in swift anger.

The body of one of his team mate was between them. Dead.

"D-Dan!" he turned to Naruto. "You! I'll kill you!"

Naruto rolled his eyes and when the man blinked, Naruto suddenly had his sword in his hand.

He took an uneasy step back and fell to the ground.

Naruto was inspecting the sword with a bored air. "You know, I really don't enjoy killing."

The man didn't speak.

Two more bodies were thrown in from the forest from two different directions.


Shin stepped out of the forest looking annoyed. There was a child in his arms, limp. Naruto's breath hitched.

"The kid-"

"he's alright," Shin interrupted. "Just scared."

"You scared him?"

"Me?" Shin snorted. "I'm gorgeous. Maybe he fainted from-"

"Are you going to kill him or can I do it?" an impatient voice asked. It was rich and deep, with an arrogant drawl.

Naruto turned and sighed, facing his partner.

A large black fox with six tails was watching him, its dark brown eyes bored with the whole situation. Blood matted its dark fur and Naruto was assured that Shin actually hadn't attacked anyone.

Naruto shrugged, tossing the sword into the forest. "Sure Kyuubi, knock yourself out."

He and Shin walked down the path, seemingly oblivious to the cries of the man as Kyuubi attacked him. Naruto took the child from Shin. "Where do you think he's from?"

"Hidden village in the Grass," Shin answered easily.

"Good," Naruto stated. "No need for a detour then."

Shin carried the kid without complaint. Naruto was iffy with children. They always seemed to love him but usually after indulging them for a few minutes, he'd suddenly get wary and want to escape, like they'd threatened him.

And Kyuubi would refuse point blank to carry the child if asked. He didn't like children. Apparently they tasted horrible or something.

Shin rolled his eyes, wondering how life had become what it was.

He, Naruto and the arrogant bastard of a fox had been travelling together for nearly three years.

Shin had met Naruto while he was on a trip to Konoha. Shin had been trained as a ninja even though he was nobility. He was to have been the next head of his clan but he'd opted out, claiming he wanted to see the world. Money was no object to getting whatever he wanted and he had no need for security, having been an elite jounin. But all that had bored him.

He started travelling through the forests in the water country, bored and purposefully looking for trouble. Fighting had provided interest for his boredom at least for a few minutes. But then, one day, he'd killed a man with a bounty on his head.

Curious, Shin had gone to the hidden village of mist, Kirigakure, and had claimed the bounty. He'd gotten the money without question but he hadn't needed it. He carried the large sack of money with him, moving through the forest and sinking into boredom.

No one could fight on par with him. At least the dead guy had put up something of a fight though. Which was when he'd realized that maybe he could take down the people in the bingo book- not the notoriously deadly ones of course, that would be suicide and he was bored with life, not tired of it.

That day, he met Naruto.

The boy had been asleep in a clearing on a dry patch of ground. He'd seemed so pathetic and weak, all alone in the forest just waiting for the next thug to stumble upon him and murder his stupid ass.

Feeling a tug of pity, Shin had taken off his cloak and put it over the boy before leaving his sack of money and walking away.

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"You didn't try to kill him."

Shin had jumped sky high, ninja training be damned.

In front of him was a giant of a fox, black and ominous, staring at him. The fox was huge even by ninja standards and had six tails. It was sitting on its hind legs, staring him in the eye, taller than him by at least an inch.

"Er…" he answered intelligently.

"Blondie over there. You didn't try to kill him. Why?" the fox said clearly.

Talking fox, Shin thought, wondering how to react. I could be really awed, severely creeped out…or I could run.

In his mind, voting was going rapidly toward running when the fox grinned. That made the vote unanimous.

"I have no reason to kill him," he answered after a moment.

The fox snorted. "I didn't ask why you didn't kill him. I asked why you didn't try. I would have ripped your throat out if you'd even thought about harming him," it said calmly, as if talking about the weather and not ripping out his jugular.

"Right, well. I had no reason to try."

"Why did you leave your bounty money with him?"

Shin as getting irritated. He'd done a good deed. What the hell was with all the questions?

"I don't know."

"Alright then," The fox said, stepping aside, as if letting him go.

Before Shin could retort- rudely he found himself in a tree. He blinked, thoroughly confused.

"What the-"

He looked up at the person holding him up. It was the blond boy. The clearing was empty. But next to the fox was a man Shin recalled from the bingo book as one of Kirigakure's own missing nins. One of those he had a good mind to stay away from.

"Aw hell," Shin frowned. He pushed himself away from the boy. "Run. I'll hold him off."

Deep blue eyes regarded him with amusement before the boy vanished. He reappeared a moment later, back next to Shin. Shin looked down at the clearing. The man was dead on the ground, slaughtered cleanly and the fox was glaring at them both.

"Naruto, you asshole!" the fox yelled. "I wanted to kill him."

The blond, Naruto, just shrugged and mumbled a soft, "Moron."

Shin had stared between them both, wondering if he'd been caught in some weird genjutsu. No, he would have noticed. The blond was back on the ground, arguing heatedly with the fox.

Shin shook his head. They were…interesting.

Smiling softly to himself, he jumped down and joined them.

It was the first time anything interesting had happened to him and he wasn't about to just leave them.

They stared at him as he stood there, grinning stupidly at them both.

"Is he a retard?" Naruto asked, nudging Kyuubi with his elbow.

Kyuubi shrugged, as well as a fox could shrug and Shin cough, trying to stop grinning.

"Where are you two headed?" he asked abruptly.

"Nowhere," the blond answered.

"Great!" Shin grinned. "Let's go."

Naruto had looked at Shin like he was an idiot and then at Kyuubi.

Kyuubi had shrugged and they had walked away. Shin had grabbed the sack of money, putting it in his satchel. He let Naruto keep the coat.

They left the forest and Shin led them to Amegakure to his home.

They didn't ask him questions about his family or his wealth but he told them anyway. His family accepted the two strangers as his companions easily. The children loved Kyuubi and even when he threatened them with early deaths, they simply cooed at their new pet.

Naruto enjoyed watching Kyuubi suffer under toddlers' hands. It was calming.

They two of them stayed with Shin for a few weeks before getting restless and setting out again. The new head, Shin's younger brother Izuna, had given them gifts of clothing and money before they left. The whole family said goodbye and offered them a place to live if ever they needed it.

Shin had noticed Naruto's eyes glaze over at the easy acceptance given there but he hadn't pried. It wasn't his place to question the boy anyway.

When they left, Shin left with them. The two agreed to Shin's half-baked plan of attacking dangerous s-class nins and collecting the bounties- but Naruto had insisted that they give the bounties to families that needed them and not needing the money, Shin had agreed. Kyuubi didn't seem to care. Anything was fine with him as long as he got to kill something. The fox had some serious anger issues.

The three made a name for themselves in ninja circles as thorns in the sides of hidden villages. Because they killed many targets the villages wanted, they were added to the bingo books so they could get killed and not interfere with the economies of the villages.

They were free to move anywhere (as free as people in bingo books could be) and went to every country except for the Wind and Fire countries, which Naruto avoided like the plague. They'd even gone around them twice, just to avoid being near their borders, which quite frankly, was retarded.

When Shin asked, Kyuubi muttered something about Naruto being allergic to sand and leaves and Shin shutting the hell up.

They became close friends and good partners, and sometimes when Shin was drunk, he'd claim they were the blond and fox brothers he never had.

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Naruto made Kyuubi go back into the forest when the child stirred. There was no point in rescuing him just so he'd die from fright. It was almost night time so he made a fire, waiting for the boy to take in his surroundings.

The boy was no older than ten and burst into tears the moment he realized that he'd gone from one band of captors to another.

"Can I please knock him out again?" Shin pleaded.

The kid bawled even louder and Naruto threw shin an annoyed look.

"We won't hurt you," he assured the boy. "We're taking you home. You're from the Grass village aren't you?"

Eyeing Naruto wearily and wondering whether his tears would aid in sympathy or get him killed, the boy nodded and settled for sniffing and silent tears.

"Good," Naruto smiled warmly. "Do you have family there?"

The boy nodded again. "They couldn't afford the ransom," he said quietly.

Naruto frowned. "The men that took you?"

The boy nodded again, mumbling thanks when Naruto handed him an apple. "My family's poor but they asked for a lot of money."

"But they took you away from the village," Shin pointed out, moving closer to the fire.

"They wanted to sell me as a slave," he replied.

Seeing Naruto's eyes darken in anger, Shin coughed. "It's a good thing Kyuubi stopped them, then."

The boy looked at Shin for a moment. "I saw a picture of you outside a bathhouse."

They waited, wondering if the child would mention a bounty.

"You were banned from there," the kid said innocently. "For being a pervert."

Naruto choked back a laugh while Shin went into a long tirade about the art of watching beauty and-

Naruto tuned him out. When he got like that, he sounded like Jiraiya. Naruto wondered if he was forever cursed to be the student of perverts. From Kakashi to Jiraiya to Shin. If he thought about it, there was a strong chance Iruka had an inner perv.

Naruto felt mild annoyance and sighed.

Kyuubi must have been near the camp site.

He waited but Kyuubi stayed away.

Naruto shrugged and went back to listening to Shin argue with the boy.

Because he and Kyuubi had stayed together even after the exile, their close proximity increased their awareness of each other. Naruto could feel Kyuubi's emotions and the only reason they still hadn't mastered communicating by thought was because Naruto thought that would be crossing some serious boundaries. He'd already lived most of his life with Kyuubi in his head. He was kind of enjoying the perks of thinking anything he liked without background commentary. Not that Kyuubi failed to provide commentary just because he wasn't sealed in Naruto.

They rarely talked about the bond… Kyuubi suspected that was because talking about it would lead to talking about the third person they shared the bond with.


Naruto lay down and stared up at the stars.

Sasuke was still alive, that much was obvious by the very fact that he and Kyuubi were still alive. Which had been a gamble at the time cause Naruto was positive that there were some people who'd gladly die if they could get revenge on others by it.

And Sasuke did have a thing for revenge.

The way Naruto saw it, Sasuke would make sure he lived long enough to make Naruto suffer.

Naruto's emotional connection to Sasuke had worn off during the week after his exile. Before it did, it had almost seemed like he could read words in the bitterness and anger he felt from the Uchiha.

You betrayed mehow could you leaveYou're dead when I find you

Naruto took the first watch sitting with Kyuubi in a tree. He knew there wouldn't be a second watch, especially when Shin knew that even if he fell asleep, Naruto and Kyuubi would protect his sorry ass.

"You're thinking about him again," Kyuubi stated, staring down at the camp site where the boy was fast asleep and Shin was poking at the fire.

"You ask me that everyday and everyday I say no," Naruto pointed out. He dropped the genjutsu he usually had over himself and two tails appeared behind him, the same colour as his hair. They wrapped themselves around his torso, keeping him warm.

"I expect you'll tire of lying after a few years."

Naruto rolled his eyes and leaned against the tree trunk, running a hand through his hair.

"Say I said yes, what then?"

Kyuubi huffed, amazed at Naruto's stupidity. "You shouldn't have left him behind."

"You should have mentioned that three years ago," Naruto offered dryly.

"I did," Kyuubi retorted. "You were too busy being chivalrous."

"It was the right thing to do," the blond replied irritably.

"I never said it wasn't," Kyuubi grinned.

Naruto made a face at him and turned away.

Sasuke was safe in Konoha. That was all that mattered.

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Naruto was glad when they finally reached the Grass village.

Apart from the itchiness he felt from all the tall grass he'd walked had to walk in just to get to the village's front gates, he was fine. Shin and him were glamoured as weary travelers while Kyuubi was with them as a small black fox, resting on Shin's head.

Shin flirted with the two women who were on duty at the gate, explaining that he'd brought a child who'd been kidnapped. They ooh-ed, aah-ed and winked at him until Naruto pointed out that they were all ignoring the child they were supposed to be fussing over. The boy sheepishly hid behind Naruto and only came out once he saw a woman walking dejectedly toward a small shop.


The woman looked up, shock and hope in her eyes. She stared as the boy ran to her, hugging him and bursting into tears.

When the kid turned, trying to point out who had helped him, no one was there.

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"You didn't even ask the kid for his name," Kyuubi said dryly when they entered their hotel room, making himself a bit bigger.

"Mm, tragic," Naruto said absently, dropping his glamour genjutsu and stepping into the bathroom.

Shin was going through all the rooms, touching stuff and being a nuisance to no one but himself.

Naruto took a long shower and came out to find Shin at a large window overlooking some of the village.

Naruto nodded at Kyuubi, letting the fox feel his curiosity.

Kyuubi, from his place on the couch, muttered, "His hobby."

Ah yes, women watching.

"There's a bath house next door," Shin whispered reverently, kneeling at the window pressing himself against the glass.

"You're cleaning that window if you get anything on it," Naruto said sternly.

"It's like we carried Jiraiya with us," Kyuubi sighed, closing his eyes and settling in for a nap.

Naruto rolled his eyes and went into his room. They always enjoyed the luxuries of suites in the hotels they stayed at when passing through various villages. It almost made up for all the mud, dirt and blood they were usually covered in when roughing it while travelling.

Naruto decided a nap was in order and promptly fell asleep.

His dreams were the same as they always were…alternate realities where things were different.

He smiled in his sleep.

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Sasuke moved Naruto off his lap only to shift his body so he was lying on the couch with Naruto.

He kissed the blond again, one hand coming up to cup Naruto's cheek while the other wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer.

The kiss had definitely evolved from the gentle rubbish they'd been doing seconds before. Tongues dueled and bodies writhed.

Hands started to wander and Naruto shivered when Sasuke traced his spine. Wanting to get more than the occasional groans from the brunet, he shifted up, his thigh pressing insistently against Sasuke's groin.

Sasuke moaned loudly into Naruto's mouth and Naruto grinned, before Sasuke exacted revenge by pressing his own thigh into Naruto hardened length and starting to rock shamelessly against him.

If that was how Sasuke liked his revenge then dammit Naruto would be an avenger, too!

Naruto licked a trail down Sasuke's throat before biting down harshly, marking him. Sasuke seemed to be into biting too, cause he moaned audibly and pulled Naruto back up to resume their scorching kisses.

The friction from their rocking- which quickly became thrusting- was egging them on. Moans, groans and frantic whispers filled the room (along with the evil laughter from the TV) and drove on their erratic movements.

Sasuke kissed Naruto hungrily, trying to wrap himself closer to the blond. Naruto obliged by wrapping his hands

They were so into the kissing and rutting they didn't realize all their moving meant they'd run out of couch and-

"Ow, dammit!" Sasuke groaned when his back connected with the floor.

"Well, there's nothing else to fall off of," Naruto chuckled before Sasuke shut him up with a kiss.

They were still both hard after all.

Naruto wondered for a moment if Sasuke realized that this made him gay but decided it was something he probably shouldn't bring up at the moment.

He placed his hands on Sasuke's waist and drove forward again and again. Beneath him, Sasuke moaned deeply, matching his pace to Naruto's.

Needing more, Naruto spun them so he was on the ground. He moved his legs to either side of Sasuke's hips and pulled Sasuke back down to him. The friction was amazing.

He felt Sasuke's cock pressed against his own harder and faster and he groaned, wrapping his arms around Sasuke's back and raising his hips off the floor in quick, sharp movements.

The kiss grew messy as their thrusts grew erratic. Naruto's shout was muffled by Sasuke's mouth right before Sasuke let out a keening groan of his own. They shuddered and shivered against each other, riding out their orgasms for as long as they could before sagging against each other.

"Wow," Naruto whispered, his forehead pressed against Sasuke's.

Sasuke tensed for just a moment before he relaxed. His hands slid over Naruto's clothed back and he smiled lazily.

Soft breath was on his lips and he shifted eagerly.

Naruto moaned softly and captured Sasuke's mouth in a searing kiss.

"Are you tired?" Sasuke whispered.

Naruto snorted in answer and smiled softly, taking Sasuke's hand in his. "Bed room?"
It was a sign of the apocalypse that Sasuke nodded slowly, his eyes growing even darker with lust before he nodded.


"You were going to leave without me."

Naruto smiled sadly. "That was the plan, yes. But I suppose I decided I didn't want to not say goodbye."

Sasuke's heart was racing. "You're not leaving without me."
The words were softly spoken but Naruto knew the pain and hurt they failed to hide. But he couldn't protect Sasuke. Danzou's capture had been proof of that and if Sasuke left with Naruto, he'd be targeted as well and taken as a missing nin. Again.

Naruto didn't want that. Sasuke had a future here. He could be happy. If Naruto was going to live like a felon, he didn't want Sasuke getting injured or captured or hurt because of him. And as long as Danzou didn't have Kyuubi or Naruto, he couldn't complete the control jutsu- if he even managed to find another way to do it considering he'd used his last try and failed.

Naruto frowned thoughtfully. Sasuke was important to him. He always had been and this was his way of protecting him- keeping him as far away as possible. It was the only way he would always be safe…and have the family and friends that Konoha could give him.

Naruto wouldn't delude himself into thinking Sasuke would always be with him and never change his mind. It was enough that he had wanted him last night. That was a memory he'd treasure forever.

But, he knew, if Sasuke asked him to take him- just one more time- he'd agree in a heartbeat.

"Konoha is your home, Sasuke." Naruto said calmly. "Not mine. I won't take it away from you."

"I'm coming with you. Naruto, I-"

The next moment, Naruto was right behind him and Sasuke was reminded of Sakura's attempt to make him stay.

Soft lips brushed the nape of his neck.

"I love you, Sasuke."

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Naruto woke up abruptly and was almost glad the dream had ended there. It would have been torture for him to have continued to replay his last moment with Sasuke.

His wrist was burning, reminding him of exactly what woke him up. He swore loudly when he glanced at it.

There was a black mark coiled around it, almost like a bracelet. He scowled deeply. There was no way Kyuubi or Shin would attempt suicide by tattooing him in his sleep. And he'd have woken up if they'd tried.

He ran his hand through his hair, still staring at the marked wrist before taking note of his surroundings.

The suite was eerily quiet.

That wasn't unusual though if Kyuubi was asleep and Shin was still watching naked girls.

He walked into the main living area and scowled.

Kyuubi was awake and Shin wasn't alone at the window.

Naruto stared in disbelief at the white haired man sitting next to Shin and drawing lewd pictures of the bathing women. Neither men paid him any attention.

Naruto turned to Kyuubi.

"I died in my sleep, didn't I?"

"And found Jiraiya in the afterlife?" Kyuubi inquired dryly from his place on the couch.

"Aw crap. I'm in hell."

Jiraiya huffed in annoyance and looked at Naruto as if to say he should be quiet. As if it was everyday that he met exiled missing nins and perved at women from their hotel suites.


"hey Naruto. Great view you got here."

"Mhmm," Naruto sighed. "What are you doing here?"

Jiraiya was in no way a threat and his getting in without a fuss from Kyuubi proved that much, even if Kyuubi hadn't met him while in this form.

And Jiraiya wasn't freaking out over the fox on the couch so it was possible that he'd gone to Konoha and Tsunade had filled him in on the whole Danzou-Kyuubi-Kit-Bond-Sasuke issue.

Naruto saw Jiraiya glance at his wrist and smile softly. Anyone else would have missed it.

Naruto caught the look and stared down at his arm.

It was burning slightly where that mark had appeared.

He growled at Jiraiya. "What do you know about this?"

Jiraiya's smile turned into a full-blown grin and he motioned for Naruto to sit.

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Name: Sasuke Uchiha

Age: 21

Class: S-class missing nin, former Konoha ANBU

Purpose in Life: Revenge. Again.

Current State of Said Purpose in Life: Getting there…

Sasuke stared at the woman who was brazenly trying to seduce him in a public park. She was smiling, fluttering her eyelashes and somehow, her clothing seemed to be slipping off her body as if by magic.

"No one's here," she purred, touching his hand.

No other people were around but there was duck and her seven ducklings at the nearby pond, all watching Sasuke and the woman with wide, innocent eyes.

"Ducks," Sasuke said, nodding at the ducklings.

The woman looked at him and giggled, deciding he was joking.

Sasuke sighed as she leaned in to kiss him.

Killing her when she hadn't really done anything but follow him around (and try to have sex with him in a public park) was probably something that would be considered illegal.

He wondered briefly if he could claim that it was a crime of passion.

Yes, your honour, Anbu captain sir, we were in a passionate, heated embrace and I accidentally set her on fire. What's that? Why did I do it? Like I said…It was a heated embrace…

Without the use of a scroll, Sasuke surreptitiously summoned a snake. It landed on the woman's head and after a moment's confusion, she screamed and fell in a dead faint.

The snake hissed in snaky laughter and nodded at Sasuke, vanishing again.

Sasuke sighed and shifted in his seat. His genjutsu didn't make the fact that he had a tail any easier. It wasn't something he could easily forget even if he kept anyone else from seeing it.

And it made sure he never forgot his goal.

His tails were a good reminder after all.


It was like their roles had been reversed.

This time, Sasuke was chasing after the blond. He liked to think it was different though, seeing as how he hadn't found Naruto even once and he never spewed nonsense about bonds and 'I'll bring you back to the village'. Those were quiet significant differences.

It was strange though, that he never ran into Naruto. His sources were amazingly accurate and he'd been seen in all the places Sasuke had searched but it was always with at least a few hours in between. That had Sasuke seriously pissed off- that he kept missing Naruto by just hours.

He'd considered getting team Taka back together again but he thought of having to bite Karin if ever he needed help and shivered. He'd really rather not. And he couldn't babysit both Juugo and Suigetsu when he had things to concentrate on. Besides, he'd heard they were each doing fine on their own and even though he knew they'd jump at the chance to help him again, there was no point.

He'd find Naruto using his own power.

Finding Naruto was important…because once he did, the blond would pay.

The woman on the ground stirred and Sasuke rolled his eyes, summoning another snake. She fainted again and he sighed.

The scenery in the hidden grass village was really beautiful.

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Sasuke sat at his motel's bar, glaring at women when they started to approach.

They approached anyway.

Sasuke sighed, annoyed, as he went to the bathroom. Telling women off seemed to have no effect when the only thing they bothered noticing was that he was talking to them.

He shut the door behind him and Body Flickered to the motel's roof.

Sasuke sat down and watched the people moving below him. He was beginning to think that maybe he wouldn't find Naruto. The blond was doing a damn good job of hiding and always keeping one step ahead of Sasuke.

Sasuke glared at the sky. Did Naruto know he was after him? It would make sense. But then, he wouldn't be taunting Sasuke the way he was.

Sasuke had heard of the man he was moving with. Apparently him, Naruto and Kyuubi went everywhere together.

A spark on the ground alerted Sasuke to the fact that he had unconsciously activated his full body chidori. He sighed and controlled his chakra.

When he found that man, Shin his sources called him, he was going to make him die slowly.

A sharp pain in his wrist had him staring down at it. Had he twisted it sometime?

Sasuke frowned at his wrist.

There was a blue mark and it was burning something fierce. Had that waitress put something in his drink?

No way. He'd have noticed.

He sighed and decided to leave the motel. There was no point in worrying about something he had no idea about. The best thing would be to get information about it and if it was anything harmful, find and kill whoever had placed it on him.

Before he could Body Flicker away again, someone appeared next to him.

Sasuke looked blankly at the man, wondering whether he should bother pulling out his sword.

"What do you want Kakashi?"

Kakashi's eye crinkled in that way that indicated he was smiling. "Uh…to bring you back to the village?"

"Who are you, Naruto?" Sasuke scoffed.

"No," Kakashi smirked. "But I know where Naruto is."

Sasuke smiled maliciously.

"Lead the way then."

Kakashi rolled his eyes. He knew that if he wanted, Sasuke would kill him in a heartbeat. He wasn't what he used to be. And Sasuke had apparently been busy on his vacation away from Konoha.

The rumours he'd heard were disconcerting.

Kakashi led Sasuke onto the street below. "So…how've you been?"

Sasuke grunted in answer.

"Good. Meet any interesting people?"


"Really? I thought he was dead…"

Apparently, Kakashi understood Uchiha-ese.

"Have you been in touch with Itachi lately?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes at that.

Kakashi already knew the answer to that. Itachi and Sasuke met occasionally and sparred viciously before parting ways again. Their strangely violent reunions were the reason most people still thought Sasuke was trying to kill Itachi.

"I heard someone say you were looking for Naruto."


"Any particular reason?"

Sasuke ignored Kakashi then, instead choosing to walk in silence.

Kakashi followed his lead and didn't speak anymore, glad his mask could hide his triumphant smirk.

(I am a Jiraiya page break. Come get me ladies!)

When Jiraiya went to open the door to their hotel room after a knock sounded, Naruto wondered if maybe the old guy was making himself too comfortable there. Sure he wasn't a threat but if he was still loyal to Konoha, it was possible he was being followed on the chance that he met Naruto.

Granted, that wasn't particularly alarming as Naruto was sure he could take the Konoha Anbu on but still

Naruto frowned when Pakkun came in followed closely by Jiraiya who was talking to the dog.

"Where's Kakashi?"

"He's in the village. A few blocks from here."

"He found him?"


"And Kakashi's still alive?"

"For now."

Jiraiya nodded and smiled at Naruto, who was eyeing him warily. "Who are you looking for?"

Before Jiraiya could answer, two people Body Flickered into the room.

Naruto's eyes widened and he wished Kyuubi would suddenly become a giant demon fox and attack this village. He needed a distraction of that scale to be able to escape the one person he'd been keeping away from all these years.

Sasuke seemed to maybe be considering the same.

Naruto and Sasuke stared at each other, not saying anything.

"Hey Sasuke," Kyuubi greeted.

From his place at the window, now holding binoculars, Shin waved absently at the two new people in the room. Jiraiya motioned for Kakashi to join them at the window and he accepted graciously.

Kyuubi sighed, watching them. "Retards."

Kakashi, Shin and Jiraiya settled down at the window, all watching and taking notes.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked Sasuke finally, his voice cold.

Sasuke was surprised.

Naruto had changed, a lot. His hair was longer and it suited him. His scratched headband was hanging loosely from his neck and just added to the whole rogue look he seemed to be going for. He was dressed like a civilian and looked…well…he looked good enough to eat.

Sasuke's mouth watered but he reminded himself that this was the man who'd slept with him and left him behind.

Forgiveness was so not welcome here.

Naruto watched Sasuke with burning curiosity as the brunet eyed him back.

He saw the once-over Sasuke had given him and something deep down inside had twisted uncomfortably when Sasuke's eyes had just turned indifferent after his perusal.

What a jackass.

"It's a free country, isn't it?" Sasuke asked, seeming uncaring as he turned to watch what Jiraiya and Kakashi were doing.

Naruto bristled at the clear dismissal but enjoyed the change of profile.

He'd always dreamed of him and Sasuke meeting again and not just the pervy wet dreams.

In his day dreams, Sasuke was married to a battle-ax of a woman and was haggard and old, wrinkled and tired from being a family man. They were satisfying dreams.

But here he was and the stupid, inconsiderate bastard didn't even have a bloody blemish or a scar or something. He was his perfect damn self.

Just like he'd always been.

And Naruto's body noted that efficiently, buzzing as it remembered the last time it had been with Sasuke.

Damn it.

The beautiful pale skin was just calling him to touch it. That dark, gravity-defying hair was begging for his fingers to muss it up…

Naruto took a wary step back.

It wouldn't do to entertain thoughts of Sasuke. And him. In a bed. Having amazing-

"Well," Jiraiya clapped his hands, startling Naruto out of his gutter-ridden thoughts. "We have a message for you both that concerns those tattoos you suddenly have!"

Sasuke looked at his wrist and frowned. "You're responsible for this?"

Jiraiya tossed a scroll at Sasuke. Sasuke looked at it and glared when Jiraiya told him the necessary hand signs to do to activate it. Apparently Jiraiya was too busy gathering material for his next book. The other two were just perving.

Sasuke made the necessary signs and pressed his palm to the open scroll.

He stood back and a second later, an image of Tsunade sitting at a desk appeared.

She seemed surprised and dropped her sake.

"Sasuke!" she coughed guiltily. "Funny seeing you here."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled, hiding her sake. "Er…I suppose Kakashi found you."


"I told him not to activate the scroll until they found you and Naruto."

Sasuke nodded at Naruto and Tsunade turned.

"Oh!" she frowned. "Huh, that was fast."

She shook her head. "Anyway, I'm sure you both noticed the bond marks on your wrists."

When they didn't speak she continued. "Yes, well, those are my doing and you'll feel them burn or inflict injury in a number of conditions. One would be when you disobey me."

They both growled at her and she ignored them.

"Another would be when you resist it," she smiled smugly. "I went through the trouble of mixing a loyalty jutsu along with a marriage jutsu, on you two alone of course cause adding myself to that would just be weird. Anyway, I also added a dash of a summoning jutsu so you do as I say and find your way to me. Oh, by the way, you will feel the need and effects of all these jutsus so do try to follow through with them."

They were silent a full moment before any reaction was given.

"Marriage jutsu." Sasuke deapanned finally, staring at the image of a grinning Tsunade. "You placed a marriage jutsu on me and the idiot?"

Naruto didn't say anything. He had just jumped out the window in a random suicide attempt.

Or maybe he was trying to run away again.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned back to Tsunade.

"When I find you, I will kill you."

Tsunade waved her hands airily, dismissing his threat. "Yes, yes. You have a month to find the girls and train with them."

"What girls? Train for what?"

"We're taking Konoha back."

With that, Tsunade disappeared.

Naruto had just been thrown back in through the window by Kyuubi and his wounds had already healed. He looked at Sasuke and stared at the window again, weighing his options.

Before he could jump back out and try to properly kill himself, Sasuke pinned him to the wall.

"You might not remember," Sasuke whispered in his ear, pressing his body to the blond's. "But your life is tied to mine. If you die, I die."

Naruto swallowed, turning his face to the side. "How could I forget being bonded to an asshole like y-"

He cut off with a gasp as Sasuke's tongue licked a long, clean swipe against his throat.

Before Naruto could push him away, Sasuke pulled back and walked toward Kyuubi.

Kyuubi seemed highly amused while Kakashi and Jiraiya were looking over the fence at the women's bath house outside.

Naruto frowned, moving away from the wall and glaring at Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked.

Revenge never grew old. At least, not for him.


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