Door To December

by Rizember


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Chapter 2: Joining the Cause


Name: Bunch of Random Ninjas.

Members: Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Shin, Kakashi, Jiraiya

Age: Varying from twenty-one to sometime before evolution began.

Class: Altogether, they might make one intelligent genin. However, each is considered S-class and deadly- especially now that their idiocy and power have been combined.

Current purpose in Life: Girls, naked girls, naked Naruto, avoiding Sasuke, world domination... Depends on who you ask, really.

Current state of said purpose in life: They're all pretty much screwed.


"On a scale of one to ten, just how girly do you think you're being?" Kyuubi asked curiously, writing in the dust with one of his tails. "Cause this is what I'd give you."

Naruto looked at the number Kyuubi had just written and frowned. "An eight?"

"Infinity. Your balls must be in Sasuke's purse."

Naruto shot him a glare and continued to stare out over the roof into the night sky.

To say he was pissed was like saying hell was mild.

Pissed just didn't cut it.

He wanted to go out on a rampage.

He wanted to kick baby pandas and make koala bears go extinct.

He wanted to hunt and exterminate little cute woodland creatures- and maybe get Kyuubi to rape quite a few of them...

But most of all...he just wanted Sasuke gone.

It was just like the bastard to ruin three years of perfectly good avoidance.

Never mind that Tsunade was kind of the reason for all this and was to blame for everything.


Never mind that.

Naruto's mind was made up and it was all Sasuke's fault.

Because his logic was cool like that.

After Tsunade's little surprise jutsu announcement and Sasuke's impromptu lick, Naruto had escaped to the hotel's roof. His chakra was perfectly hidden and he lay down, having complete faith in his ability to not be found.

Kyuubi was lying by his side, like a bored shadow, staring up at the sky and offering free sarcasm and wit, because according to him, the best things in life were free (unless you wanted mind-blowing sex, which you sometimes had to pay for).

Naruto had a good mind to kill the fox and put himself out of his misery.

The bond he had with Kyuubi had just grown stronger over the years they'd been in exile together.

It was now at the point where if they really tried, concentrated and stopped arguing long enough, they could read each other's minds and feel each other's pain.

He also knew that because he and Kyuubi had been away from Sasuke so long, the bond would try to renew itself and adjust to the three of them being together.

Naruto had done some research during his travels and found out that with long distance, the only thing that would affect Sasuke's life would be their death. Everything else was insignificant.

Or would have been insignificant...

If the fool hadn't come looking for him.

Ungrateful bastard that he was.

After all he'd done for Sasuke, leaving so he could have the perfect Konoha life, revive his little clan and not have to stress over incomplete three-way bonds, he repaid the blond by doing none of that.

"Calm down, ya pansy," Kyuubi yawned. "If you're gonna brood, do it on your own time."

Naruto took in a deep breath and settled against Kyuubi.

The fox didn't point out how gay that was, instead wrapping his tails around Naruto's chilly form and settling in for the night.

Meanwhile, inside the building...

Sasuke lay back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Naruto was pretty good.

He couldn't sense his chakra at all.

Of course, that didn't help much when Sasuke had already planted a tracer on him and knew he was on the roof. The tracer, a tiny rude, obnoxious snake called Kaori was in Naruto's pocket, fast asleep. It sent Sasuke visual and vocal messages of what he observed and he'd relayed the fact that Naruto had been swearing at Sasuke for the past half hour. It also added that the blond was amazingly creative with his swear words.

Sasuke smirked as he continued to stare blankly at the ceiling.

After Tsunade's pleasant announcement, Naruto and Kyuubi had disappeared. He knew the blond probably didn't want to be around him but Sasuke would have none of that.

He'd let the blond have his little tantrum but come morning...


In his time away, Sasuke had brushed up on the failed jutsu. He'd taken notes, obtained information and guessed at quite a few things.

Now that Naruto was within his reach, Sasuke would have him. And with Tsunade's jutsu ensuring that Naruto couldn't run away, it was a done deal.

Sasuke would soon have his vengeance against Naruto. Cause really, who was he if not an Avenger?

His black tail twitched excitedly beneath him and he chuckled before settling down to sleep.

The three stooges were still planted by the window, only ever moving for potty breaks since Sasuke had informed them that if they even so much as tried to pee in a bottle right there in the living room, he'd see to it that they never had to pee again.

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Naruto's morning was alright.

It wasn't good, it wasn't was just...alright.

He and Kyuubi had BodyFlickered into the apartment before dawn to get some breakfast and had noticed Shin, Kakashi and Jiraiya all asleep at the window.

Tempted to toss them out, Naruto had quickly gone to the kitchen area and poured himself a bowl of cereal while Kyuubi went about doing unspeakable things to chicken.

It always pleased Naruto to know that most hotels and motels in the hidden villages tended to provide kitchens in the suites for shinobi too paranoid to have room service.

He figured Sasuke was still asleep and was infinitely grateful for that because he had a lot to-

"Good morning."

Naruto paled and bit back an irritated sigh.

He looked up at Sasuke and nodded in acknowledgement.

"Morning Kyuubi."

Kyuubi growled in answer, waving his tails at Sasuke in greeting. Sasuke chuckled at the two and moved to make himself some breakfast.

As he walked passed Naruto, his tail casually slid over the blond's two golden tails, wrapping around them and stroking once, and Naruto immediately stiffened.

Sasuke mumbled an absentminded apology and continued on his quest for eggs and bacon.

He didn't turn around to see Naruto's red face, didn't see the goosebumps running along Naruto's arms...didn't hear the barely audible gasp...

He did however, see Naruto's back as he hurriedly left the kitchen.

Kyuubi was staring at the Uchiha with an amused smirk in place. "You did that on purpose."

Sasuke gave Kyuubi a blank look. "Did what?"

Kyuubi simply chuckled and continued to demolish the large chicken Naruto had gotten him from the fridge.

He didn't need to look up at the Uchiha to see the triumphant smirk on the brunet's face.

Naruto was a calm, collected and competent ninja and in under twenty-four hours, Sasuke had managed to have all that shot to hell.

Kyuubi was betting on Naruto regrouping and getting his act together soon. Naruto could be as stubborn and unmoving as a rock and also had the point of keeping his new reputation as incentive to keep Sasuke away from him.

But Kyuubi also knew the Uchiha seemed pretty determined to have Naruto and was likely to do anything to get him.

It would be an interesting battle of wills.

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Naruto spent the rest of the morning beating up an unsuspecting tree to such a degree that the poor thing prayed fervently that it could be reborn as a falling rock so it could squish him.

When he got back, he was tired, sweaty and quite irritated to find that Jiraiya, Shin and Kakashi were all still camping out by the window. Now, however, they had sheets of paper surrounding them, some had numbered charts that looked like they were ratings of the women they'd watched while others had actual drawings of the women they were watching.

Naruto smirked, feeling particularly evil.

He BodyFlickered away and went to the bathhouse. So as not to cause any suspicion, he quickly called each woman aside, told them what was going on, gave them the three stooges' descriptions and hotel room number and quickly took their place with clones of them before returning BodyFlickering back to the hotel where he stood smugly by the three men.

He waited.

The women would get dressed hurriedly in their pissed off bloodthirsty mood but he gave them five minutes. In the mean time-

Jiraiya scowled. "All the women are-"

Naruto chuckled darkly, "Old fat guys?"

He'd made all his clones change form, into a naked Jiraiya who was then doing 'the wiggle'.

"AH MY EYES!" Shin screamed, scrambling back and clawing at his eyes.

Kakashi had taken wisdom from Naruto and had jumped out the window, hopefully to his death, to rid himself of the image he knew he could never un-see.

Naruto chuckled as his naked jiraiya clones accosted the eyes of the three perverts It served them right.

Jiraiya was apparently in shock, not knowing whether to take offense to the fact that Naruto was advertising his bits or that the other two men were blowing chunks (he was sure he could hear Kakashi moaning about broken bones while he puked).

He wasn't that fat, was he?

Jiraiya stared down at his stomach and Naruto chuckled. "Yes, you are that fat."

With that bit of revenge done for now, Naruto figured he'd go take care of Sasuke at the moment.

He sensed the Uchiha's chakra in his room and was almost completely sure of his plan.

Getting to Sasuke, or getting rid of Sasuke, would be impossible while the stupid jutsu was present, if Tsunade was to be believed.

And killing Sasuke would really be counter-productive.

It would be easier to just make the Uchiha hate him again. Like he had before.

Couldn't be that hard.

Maybe he'd just crack a few dead Uchiha jokes or something.

Okay, no...that would be mean...

Naruto paused, standing right outside the door to his room.

He could always kill Itachi...

But...that would just make Sasuke chase after him in full avenger mode and he was trying to get rid of him, not leave him emotionally scarred and vengeful.

Well, without murdering anybody, the blond was sure he could get Sauske to hate him again. He'd just use different ammunition.

And then, when he found Tsunade, he'd kill her (which would hopefully kill the jutsu as well) and then risk Sakura becoming the next avenger.

He was pretty sure he could take her.

For now, he couldn't leave. He knew fairly little about the marriage jutsu and as such, it would be an extremely idiotic move on his part to even attempt to escape with what he was sure was a tattoo-like mannacle on his wrist.

Sighing, he nodded to himself and walked into the room only to be tackled to the ground.

Naruto glared at Sasuke who was smirking as he held the blond down, as if he was a little boy who'd just learned to go potty all by himself.

"You're looking alittle too smug for someone who's just pinned me," Naruto said calmly, giving Sasuke a smirk of his own.

Naruto's sudden smirk, one to match the Uchiha's perfectly, was highly suspect and Sasuke wisely held on tighter only to be surprised when he found himself surrounded by Naruto's clones.

He definitely hadn't seen the boy make any hand signs, not even one-handed.


Naruto simply laughed darkly as his clones suddenly removed Sasuke off him and held the Uchiha down.

The blond then got up off the ground and moved to smile down at the glaring Uchiha.

"If you wanted me so bad, Sasuke, all you had to do was ask."

Sasuke's scoff turned into a choked sound when Naruto quickly straddled him. The clones were successfully pinning Sasuke's hands and legs.

Naruto lowered himself until he was draped across Sasuke.

Sasuke watched, suddenly transfixed, waiting to see what Naruto would do next.

The blond completely surprised him by abruptly planting a soft kiss on his lips.

"I really missed you while I was away, Sasuke," he whispered, placing another kiss on the Uchiha's lips.

He trailed wet kisses along Sasuke's jaw to his ears, nibbling on them. Sasuke jerked, sucking in a breath and turning his head to accommodate Naruto.

"I wanted to do so many things to you," Naruto said with a heady moan as he started to slowly rock against Sasuke.

Sasuke was finding it hard to breathe and shut his eyes in an effort to concentrate. He'd come down there with the purpose of turning Naruto into a quivering needy mess and yet, somehow the blond had turned the tables on him.

Naruto licked at Sasuke's neck before just sucking outright, knowing he was probably leaving a mark.

Sasuke gasped as Naruto bit down harshly and the blond shifted and pressed his mouth to Sasuke's, slipping his tongue into the other boy's mouth and groaning at the feel as he teased and traced every part of Sasuke's mouth with his tongue.

Sasuke moaned, mentally taking back every bad thing he'd ever thought about Naruto.

The blond was amazing.

He was already hard and gasped when he felt an answering erection brush against his own.

And then, just when Sasuke's brain jumpstarted and suggested that maybe he should really get involved, Sasuke ran his tongue against Naruto's, earning a shiver.

Encouraged, he smiled against the blond's mouth and bit down hard on Naruto's lower lip. The reaction he got was completely unexpected.

There was a loud resounding pop and the sudden splinter in his lip made his blood boil.

He opened his eyes and glared at the log on top of him.


Naruto had used the replacement jutsu on him.

And he was now kissing a block of wood.

Sasuke growled angrily, struggling against the arms of the clones that were still holding him down.

They immediately let go of him, winked and vanished.

Sasuke swore loudly, looking down at his obvious arousal.

He was going to kill Naruto.

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Name: Hinata Hyuuga

Age: Twenty-one

Class: Crazy, I mean S-class Suna ANBU captain (and genjutsu specialist)

Current purpose in Life: None whatsoever.

Current state of purpose in life: Going quite well, actually.


The kazekage was annoyed.

The report he'd just read clearly stated that a criminal called the 'masked bandit' had struck again.

What was even more annoying was that the citizens couldn't even give the criminal a better name.

People usually ended up dead for much less than just annoying him.

Apparently the person always wore a complete ninja assassin outfit, head to toe black with only a slit for the eyes.

Everyone however, said the bandit's eyes were a different colour and there was even one woman who'd been convinced he had no eyes but Gaara knew better.

It was someone skilled enough with genjutsu that all the genjutsu-based Anbu techniques failed.

That probably meant it was a bloodline limit.

Gaara rubbed a tired hand over his face.

He was at Suna's Anbu headquarters, having decided against calling the Anbu captain to his office.

While Anbu were technically supposed to be practically invisible, the new captain had insisted that they get their own building, even if the rest of the Anbu would never be there. Gaara had agreed so he didn't have to just kill the irritating captain. Besides, only the captain used the building, taking it as a personal vacation home.

Gaara braced himself and stepped into the Captain's office, a long rectangular room with the Captain sitting lazily in a chair at the opposite end.

His sand caught the dagger that was aimed at his groin and he scowled. He walked forward, dodging a specially-made sword that looked like it had enough chakra in it to pass clearly through his sand and cut him in half from his balls.

Caught between amusement and irritation, Gaara BodyFlickered past the steel-toed boot that was set to kick him in the nuts.

Finally, after a few more attacks at his lower regions, he was at the Anbu captain's desk.

He didn't sit in the free chair, only briefly wondering what ball-crushing ambush was placed there.

Gaara sighed as he faced his Anbu captain with a tolerant gaze.

She wore no mask and was reclining leisurely in her comfy office chair.

She claimed she never wore a mask because she didn't see the point.

That, and she wanted everyone to know she was a badass and could kick all their asses.

"Hinata," Gaara scowled. "Do you really need all those booby traps just for someone to have a meeting with you?"

Hinata smiled. "If they can handle those, they can see me."

Gaara counted to ten. "Why are they all aimed at destroying the male groin?"

She blinked. "They are?"

Gaara stifled a groan.

"Your 'office meetings' produce more casualties than ninjas out on actual missions."

Hinata nodded seriously, her short dark hair swishing with the movement. "You'd think they'd know better than to meet me, then."

"You call them in here," he reminded her.

"I do?" Hinata asked, gray eyes wide. "Whatever for?"

Gaara gave her a level look. "I'm the Kazekage and I got through only after using quiet a bit of chakra, myself."

Hinata clapped. "Exactly! I want all of them to be kage-level ninjas."

Gaara refrained from arguing that point. Hinata had a way with winning arguments through the use of utter nonsense.

"So what do you need?" she asked, finally sitting up and not minding at all that the kazekage was still standing.

It had taken a while but now, almost all the citizens in Suna were completely free with Hinata as their Anbu captain.

There'd been theories of her being a spy but Gaara had vouched for her personally, even though it was mostly because she was steadfast in her belief that Naruto was unfairly banished from Konoha.

She claimed she hadn't completely forsaken Konoha but that she wouldn't give a crap about it until it had a hokage that didn't make her want to commit treason.

The fact that her loyalties lay with Naruto, and Kyuubi, and whoever was against Danzou, was fine with Gaara.

He didn't particularly like Danzou but he would not interfere with Konoha politics when they were still allies, no matter how strained their relationship was, especially after Gaara had refused to hand Hinata over and had maintained his offer of sanctuary to Naruto.

And even though Hinata didn't spill Konoha secrets, Gaara was still sure she was do her duty to Suna. At least until he found an Anbu captain as competent as her.

Naruto hadn't accepted Gaara's offer of refuge but he'd promised the redhead that if he ever needed to kill Danzou, he shouldn't hesitate to call. Or send an eagle or something.

Gaara suspected that it was only the fact that Danzou knew Konoha didn't have the necessary power to win a war with Suna kept said war from breaking out but they kept renewing their treaties anyway.

"I need you to help a friend of mine," Gaara said.

Hinata didn't show any interest. In fact, she looked like she was stifling a persistent yawn, what with the way her body was shaking.

At least, that had been Gaara's theory before she burst out laughing.

"You have a friend?" she snorted. "It's not Kankurou's puppet again, is it?"

Gaara passively managed to let his blush die down before she saw it, all the while wondering how she'd known about that.

"Pay attention," he growled.

Hinata nodded, holding back a grin. "Go ahead."

Gaara motioned with his hand and a scroll appeared in the air in front of Hinata. She took it calmly, staring at the information and the face on it before she turned hard eyes on Gaara.


Gaara smirked, knowing she'd do it. Her 'no' was probably more from shock than an actual refusal.

She probably had a million questions but pride kept her from asking them.

"This doesn't make any sense," she said softly.

Gaara motioned for the door and Hinata stared at the figure that was suddenly standing there before she turned back to Gaara.

"You let a fugitive of Konoha into Suna?" she smiled proudly. "I'm impressed."

At the door, Tsunade stood looking smug and very much like the S-class inn and former homage that she was.

Hinata stood and bowed respectfully. "Lady Tsunade."

Tsunade simply smiled. "Hello Hinata."

Gaara frowned at the respect Hinata was giving Tsunade, something she'd never bothered giving to him. He also noticed that all the booby traps had been disabled as Tsunade walked into the room, unhindered, even going so far as to sit down in the chair Gaara had been standing by. The kazekage rightly assumed that grumbling about that wasn't appropriate behaviour at the moment and stayed silent.

"I'm here about the mark on your wrist," Tsunade said.

Hinata looked from Tsunade to the red mark circling her wrist. It had appeared almost three days before with no more than a slight sting.

She hadn't died or received any threats so she'd assumed she could carry on as normal- at least until she knew what the hell was going on. She supposed she could now tell her minions that they could stop sleeping in the library to research the mark and just go home.

"So..." she smiled. "Care to tell me why you put a summoning jutsu on me?"

Tsunade smiled pleasantly. "For summoning purposes obviously."

"For what?"

"I need your new found talents."

Gaara sighed and walked toward the door, more than ready to let the women have their little chat without involving him. He had a feeling he was better off not knowing anyway.

"Hold on, Gaara," Hinata called. "If I'm to be of service to Lady Tsunade in the foreseeable future, then I won't be able to see to the Konoha delegates coming in today."

Gaara shrugged. "I'm sure you can find someone else."

"Oh no," she smiled evilly. "I can't have some lowly ninja taking care of them."

"What do you propose then?"

"You can be their escort."

"I have no reason to," Gaara replied smugly. "And I owe you no favours."

Hinata's smirk grew. "I have pictures of your room before the makeover."

Gaara paled considerably, muttering a string of impressive expletives and nodded. "Fine. Who are they?"

"Neji, Kiba and Shikamaru."

Gaara shrugged. "Fine. I'm sure Temari would take the lazy one off my hands anyway."

Neji and Kiba couldn't be too bad, he figured. He remembered Kiba being the one who gave 'puppy love' a whole new definition and Neji being a fate-obsessed emo. They were nothing he couldn't handle. Besides, he was the kazekage. He could be rude if he wished and blame it on power going to his head.

Hinata smiled winningly at Gaara, shooing him out of the room before turning to Tsunade once Gaara was gone.

"I suppose you want Konoha back."

Tsunade looked suitably impressed. "Yes."


"Of course."

"What do you need me to do?"

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Name: Sakura Haruno

Age: Twenty-one

Class: S-class nin (medical nin, chakra specialist)

Current purpose in Life: Be the best badass Medical nin in the world, no matter what.

Current state of purpose in life: Achieved. Bloodily. Many times.


The forest was a calm and serene place.

Cute little woodland creatures running around, beautiful plants with colourful blooming flowers...two grown men begging for their lives.

Sakura loved the forest.

The woman, with the bright pink hair and bright green eyes smiled blankly at the two men.

They were both twice her size and dressed in ANBU uniforms but their masks lay at their feet as they knelt before her.

Sakura enjoyed their grovelling.

It gave her a sense of purpose.

There was no way she'd let them go once she caught them but the pleasure was in knowing that they didn't know that.


Sakura mentally rolled her eyes but kept her expression blank.

Her fingers twitched experimentally and one of the men moved. The other was crying like a baby because he couldn't.

Sakura had ensured that neither of them could activate any suicide jutsus knowing fully well that it was standard ANBU procedure. She had paralysed one with a poison senbon and the other...

Well, the other, she subjected to her latest jutsu.

A jutsu that gave a whole new definition to the words 'chakra control'.

Chakra strings ran from her fingers and into the veins of the squirming man. she didn't need him dead but the other one...

She flicked another senbon at him and he cried out, more from watching it pierce his skin than from feeling anything, the big baby.

Sakura had caught them both when they'd attacked her, assuming that she'd been a young, weak woman, travelling all by her lonesome.

She smirked.

Honestly, what the hell kind of ANBU attacked lone travellers, especially women? Had they no shame? No morals?

Sakura sighed at the now screaming man. She knew the feeling of chakra strings invading his skin and controlling his movements couldn't be the most comfortable thing but surely he could man up, couldn't he? When had hidden villages started letting little girls into their ANBU squads?


Bored, Sakura threw a kunai at the man under her control and he picked it up. After a moment, he stood and turned to his friend, kunai in hand.

With that, the other man stared in horror as his friend raised the kunai.

Sakura snorted as the man shut his eyes, apparently expecting death like a real ninja should.

To end their misery and her extended boredom, she threw another one of her own kunai at the paralysed man and ended his pathetic sobbing.

Who knew a man could produce so much snot...?

The other man stared at his dead friend and Sakura made him step back with a flick of her wrist and light movement from her fingers before she turned and leaped into the tree, running.

He followed her as she ran from tree to tree, never too far behind because of the strings she was using.

Finally, she reached her destination and sat in the tree. She threw a senbon into the man's pressure point below her and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Sakura leaned back against the tree's trunk, occasionally breaking off chips of wood from the bark while she watched the house below her, waiting.

It looked innocent enough; small, comfortable and bright. The kind of house children would probably try to take a bite out of.

She rolled her eyes at that particular thought and continued to watch.

A woman with dark hair came out the front door and Sakura smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes.

The woman seemed sweet, singing like a Disney princess and talking to a squirrel.

Sakura half-expected her to call out for her fairy godmother and whine about not going to some party.

The woman was dressed simply in a long flowing dress- the epitome of womanly innocence.

Sakura stood on the branch when a man walked out of the house, calling to the woman, "Leah!" and then he whispered something in her ear, probably something perverted, cause Leah giggled and swatted at his arm.

"Lovely," Sakura snorted.

The man was handsome and tanned, with brown eyes and a short dark hair.

He patted the woman's bum as she walked away and she giggled again.

Sakura figured she was fast-approaching her gag level and leaped off the branch, landing gracefully next to the couple.

After a cry of surprise, the woman shot Sakura an exasperated look and muttered something about how unlady-like Sakura was before smiling at the pinkette.

"You weren't gone long," Leah said pleasantly.

Sakura nodded but didn't reply.

"Is that blood on your top?" Leah asked, moving closer to inspect Sakura who just stepped away irritably. "How did you get blood on your top?"

Sakura gave her an incredulous look. "Quite easily, I assure you."

"Were you out fighting?"

Before Sakura could answer, the man stepped forward.

Sakura couldn't help the racing of her heart as he stared at her intently. She had long ago decided against the possibility of having fallen for him. She was attracted to him, but not in love.

He was handsome, attractive, charismatic and charming-

"Did something happen?" he asked worriedly, looking her over.

"I'm fine, Tai," she said blandly. "I found someone nearer than I thought. He's over there by the tree."

Tai nodded and motioned for Sakura to enter the house.

She heard Leah giggle again and sighed before she went into the house. Sakura let Leah move forward and lead her to the bathroom, chatting her ear off the whole way. Sakura had learned to listen faithfully as Leah could be quite dramatic when she wanted.

After Sakura had left Konoha, three years before, she'd found Leah, a helpless girl with no ninja skills whatsoever in the middle of some sort of gambling ring, about to be sold.

Sakura had rescued her out of principle and Leah had asked to travel with her, as her maid, as payment for saving her life.

Sakura had refused but said she wouldn't mind a companion and Leah had readily agreed.

Of course, that had been way before Sakura had become so obsessed with solitude...and death...and blood...and the feeling of peace that all three brought her.

At the time, Sakura had been in search of a master surgeon, someone who could train her further, in ways Tsunade hadn't.

She was eternally grateful for the knowledge Tsunade had given her but she knew everything Tsunade did; about being a medic nin, avoiding paperwork and drinking sake. Tsuane had only withheld the information about the regeneration jutsu, saying that she'd let Sakura know at a time when her youth was gone and she would require it.

Sakura needed a challenge and she was extremely patient, after all she'd waited three years.

Back then, she had heard news of Tai, a medic rogue nin who'd managed to manipulate his chakra into the body of another person's chakra system. However, he was only able to do it in theory. He'd actually never managed it himself because while his chakra control was above par, it still didn't compare to Tsunade's or that of her apprentices.

So Tai had been more than happy to train Sakura when she'd approached him.

He accepted her and Leah into his home and in less than three weeks, had started sleeping with Leah.

Sakura hadn't had a thing for him then and had been under great and gruelling training that involved a lot of dead bodies. She had discovered that he really knew his stuff. The use of chakra strings was amazingly difficult, especially seeing as she first had to move them using her chakra.

Tai had then introduced Sakura to 'hunting', a term he used to describe them going out for live specimens; people who he assured Sakura, were bad people, needed to die and would be quite beneficial to science.

Sakura had agreed, after all, most were somewhat bad, being leaders of human trafficking and red light districts.

She was now being refered to as the 'Pink Angel' because she was prone to setting the slaves and captives free from gambling rings, brothels and other places she came across. It was a name she hated but could do nothing about. She certainly wasn't going to dye her hair.

And then, Tai had introduced her to his variation of using chakra control in the strings to control people, and using that in turn, to perform brain and heart transplants.

Sakura had mastered the technique in a little over a year and had been quite proud of herself when he'd told her it had taken him nearly ten years to do it himself.

Tai had eventually insisted she go hunting herself and Sakura had become quite fascinated with it. She had to admit she might even had developed some sort of blood lust.

But Tai seemed to encourage it.

Leah however, did not.

Tai and Leah had been lovers for the whole three years that the three of them had been living together but Sakura didn't mind. In trying her best to not develop into the type of fan girl she'd been when she was younger, Sakura had managed to become one of the most aloof and indifferent women Tai had ever met.

Tai was always pleasant with her, only being serious when it came to their 'business' and Sakura's training.

Sakura knew that he was a player of sorts and that when they went into villages and cities, he slept around, but she didn't tell Leah. Leah was blissfully happy and ignorant and Sakura didn't want to deal with her weeping and really needed to keep staying there, especially seeing as how Tai had told her of a new surgical technique he was developing just for her.

Also, Sakura was hoping she'd one day be immune to Tai's charm, if she was just exposed to him for a little while longer.

'A little while' had lasted way too long in her opinion but then, she'd always had a thing for prodigies. There was even that summer she'd had a fling with Sai...

Sakura shook her head as she sank further into the bath.

She had to concentrate.

The man she'd brought with her would be their 'donor' for the operation she was performing that evening. Lucky for her he'd been blood type B. That was pretty rare.

It was easy enough but Tai was having a group of rich, old men to come watch so they could fund his research and even undergo the procedure themselves if they liked what they saw.

With the use of the chakra strings, Sakura could remove traces of poison and by forcing chakra and blood into the heart of someone during surgery, the brain or heart could be transplanted and the person could have their lives extended if a younger heart was used.

Kakuzu had been pretty intelligent in that area and it seemed Tai had simply modified his jutsu.

Sakura was greatly impressed by the studies and basic intellect that had gone into the jutsu and had to admit that the only reason she stayed with Tai and Leah was because of the new jutsu he'd promised that was just for her. If not for that, she'd have left as soon as she'd mastered the chakra controlling one. After all, Tai had Leah and Leah had Tai.

Sakura had her own agenda and neither of them featured in it on the long term.

As she was drying herself off, she heard the 'guests' arrive. One of them would be her client and undergo the surgery. He had a heart problem and would be dead within the month if not for their procedure.

Sakura was not an idiot, far from it.

She knew their clients were all fickle old farts, too afraid to die and rich enough to afford to postpone it.

She also knew Tai was using her talent to rake in some seriously hard cash.

She dressed up in her surgical attire and disinfected her hands before going out to meet them.

Leah had bathed and changed as well, now dressed like a seductive and overly-welcoming hostess while Tai was in a suit, apparently explaining the procedure.

Sakura bowed to the men around Tai who were all watching her with mixtures of lust and an obvious desire to own her.

She always received offers of wealth and prosperity once these things were done.

Tai told her the room and the client were ready and she nodded, going downstairs to the basement, Tai's designated operating room.

It was large and white with two operating tables and a tray for any tools Sakura might need.

The Anbu man and the client were each on one of the tables, already unconscious.

Sakura stepped forward, ready to begin.

She knew Tai and the others were upstairs in the observation area and if she looked through the glass, she'd see them.

She lifted her scapel and froze. Her wrist burned and she swore under her breath. To anyone watching, it probably looked like she was steeling her nerves.

She saw the red mark, like a swirling tattoo on her wrist and scowled beneath her surgeon's mask.

"Damn it."

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"Is everything alright?" Tai asked after the procedure was completed. It had taken close to three hours.

The Anbu man was dead, his organs having been used to help lengthen the life of the old rich guy.

"Yes," she said steadily, frowning. "Why?"

"I saw you pause."

Sakura shrugged, hiding her wrist as she crossed her arms across her chest. "I thought I'd forgotten something."


"Nothing important," she assured him. "I'll go rest now."

Tai nodded and congratulated her on her good job. The client was already awake and seemed fine. He was talking with his friends and would be ready to leave the very next day.

Sakura had already politely declined all the 'secret' offers made to leave Tai and come work for them.

She headed to her room, wanting nothing more than to sleep before she figured out who was responsible for placing a human summoning jutsu on her. And going off to kill them.

She'd only been asleep for an hour when she woke up.

Her wrist was stinging.

She was being summoned.

She smiled as she rose, excited at the prospect of having a worthy adversary.

She wondered if they'd be more than one.

It wouldn't matter anyway.

Usually, even if they were more, enemies usually came over with a leader.

Which meant if she controlled the leader, she'd control the rest of them.

She'd been training to control more than one body but found she wasn't yet up to it. One victim would have to be her limit for now.

She heard the grunting and moaning she'd become accustomed to hearing as she passed Leah's room and rolled her eyes.

She wasn't one to eavesdrop, especially when it was pretty obvious there was little or no talking actually being done.

And she almost kept walking.




She froze.

They were talking about her.

She backed up, leaning against the wall.

"We won't wake her up," Leah said, out of breath. "And stop talking about her in bed."


Sakura could almost see Tai's smirk.

"Please," Leah said spitefully. "It's not like you like you care for her."

Tai chuckled after another grunt. "Yes well, she's useful for business. We need to keep her happy."

Leah huffed. "Fine. Then maybe you could come onto her or something. It's not like you have anything more to give her."

"Tch," Tai growled. "I doubt she'd go for anything romantic. She's too-"


"Maybe. We'll just have to find a way to keep her here longer. I have a big client wanting her services."

Leah snickered. "Sounds kinky."


"But," Leah let out a long moan and was silent for a moment before she continued. "Won't...won't she stay anyway? You promised her that new jutsu-"

Tai laughed, sounding out of breath. "I did. But it doesn't exist."


Sakura froze, the rest of their conversation going over her head.

There was no new jutsu?


She felt her blood boil.

She knew Tai was using her skills but that hadn't bothered her because she needed the practise. And she needed him to teach her anything else he knew.

But apparently, he knew nothing else. And had lied to keep her.

She kicked the door open, uncaring as to their state of undress. Or their activity.

Sharp cries of pain brought her out of her pissed-off haze and she stared at the two in the bed, staring back at her in surprise, their expressions ones of discomfort.

Sakura blinked, realising she'd unknowingly released her chakra strings into their bodies.

She sat down at the desk calmly, wondering what to do about them.

"Sa-Sakura," Leah said, her voice small and soft. "What are you doing awake so soon?"

Sakura gave her a dry look, shrugging. She crossed her legs and continued to contemplate them.

From the looks of things, neither of them knew whether or not she'd heard their conversation or had just gone mad and snapped.

Sakura smiled slowly and Leah and Tai moved away from each other to face her.

Tai's eyes were wide as he watched.

"'re cntrolling us both?"

No doubt his mind was already counting the money he saw himself earning from making her do two operating procedures at once.

Sakura didn't answer him.

She was kinda surprised, too.

She was controlling two people simultaneously, something she'd never been able to do. It was the reason why she mostly only used her technique for speedy assassinations.

However, what was even more suprising was that she could control them without moving. She didn't need to point or motion with her hands at all.


This was new.

"This isn't necessary, Sakura," Tai started. "I think we should-"


He shut up.

Sakura sighed and stood, sending ripples of chakra along her strings.

Tai and Leah both passed out and she cut off their respiration abruptly. She immediately jump-started their hearts and left them there, unconscious.

There would be no point in killing them.

She packed her things and left.

Standing in the large tree in front of the house, she bowed respectfully at it, saying her silent goodbye.

Feeling a prescence behind her, she stilled.


Sakura's eyes widened as she stared into the eyes of her former sensei.

The woman in front of her look exactly like Tsunade but something was off.

She smiled however and nodded at Sakura. "I smell blood on you."

Sakura smiled back sharply. "Au dé ninja."

Tsunade chuckled and motioned for Sakura to follow her. "There's things we must discuss."

Sakura felt the pull on her wrist and frowned. "You're responsible for this," she pointed at her wrist.

Tsinade nodded, barely glancing down at Sakura's wrist.

Sakura's interest was piqued and she was safe in the knowledge that she could easily defend herself. She wasn't arrogant enough to assume she could defeat Tsunade. But she could definitely beat the woman in front of her.

"Alright," Sakura said. "Talk. And drop the genjutsu."

The woman smiled proudly at Sakura and let the heavy genjutsu wash off her, her own form coming to light.

Sakura had certainly grown into a dangerous kunoichi, Shizune noted with a pleased smile.

Tsunade was right to choose her.

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Tsunade sneezed and looked down at the notes in front of her again before scolwing up at Itachi. Hinata was silent beside her.

Itachi had appeared when their meeting was almost done, with some urgent new information.

"This project was called Door To December?"

Itachi nodded. "They planned to use a subject in random tests. Tests where the subject was unconscious and would black out every time, differing between days and weeks. In an effort to do what they called 'opening the door'."


"No, he was free to do as he wished," Itachi said. "That was why I never noticed it before. He was never missing for long and would apparently never remember the tests, not even wondering why days were missing from his memory."

"They tampered with his memory?"

"Yes. Made him believe he was doing mundane things. Training, shopping, resting..."

"This project," Tsunade sighed, looking at the file on her desk. "Did they succeed?"

Itachi hesitated and then nodded. "In a manner of speaking."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. The lab was destroyed and everyone was dead."



Tsunade grimaced. "Who was their test subject?"

Itachi's expression remained blank, successfully hiding the fury behind it. "Sasuke."


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