Nadesico Drabble #1: Maki Pairs Everyone with Tenkawa

Yurika sat in the Meditation Room, brooding over Akito's absence during the Christmas staffing change on the Nadesico. She had left the Christmas party early; she couldn't handle being without Akito. Now Akito was with Megumi, doing god knows what under the surveillance. A dark shadow loomed over her, and she looked up, she was surprised to see it was Maki blocking the light.

"M-Maki? You aren't with your friends?"

"They won't miss-tletoe me." Maki sat down beside Yurika without invitation. "Besides, it's my job on this ship to brood, not you."

"But how can I not brood?" She pouted. "My Akito is down on Earth, and I don't know how to reach him.

I can only imagine he's with Megumi now."

"I can imagine Akito with anyone. It's funny if you think about it."

"Funny? How can you find something like that funny? I don't want to think my Akito is that easy. He isn't."

"What I meant – what I meant to say was that when you think about it, you realize how ridiculous it is. Come on; give me someone to pair with Akito."

Yurika wanted to cry; her situation wasn't funny. Her tone retained its seriousness. "Megumi." She replied. That should shut Maki up.

"The Communications Officer experiments with a new interface that works her whole mouth and throat."

Yurika blushes. "Maki! That's gross. How can you possibly think or say something like that? You're doing a terrible job if you're trying to cheer me up."

Maki grinned widely. "Go ahead. Give me another name."

Yurika's hands clenched. "Ryoko."

"Two pilots start sharing the same cock—pit."


"She was found crawling in Akito's ventilation shaft, so he put something in hers."


"She gave a thorough explanation of human reproduction."


"A boson jump she wanted, Akito inside her she got."

"The Princess slept soundly afterward because she had a good – Knight."

"You're insane!"

"Maybe you're right, but you haven't even covered the boys yet..."

"What? My Akito is not gay. No no no no NO!"

"I know you're curious."

"No, it's just not right! I'd rather list off girls!"

"So, you like this game after all."

Yurika remained silent for a moment, pressing her lips.

"She wanted the bread and the baby in the oven!"

"... you."
"Akito always gets the butt end of the joke!"

Yurika stared at Maki for a long time, but finally gave her a light smile. "Thank you – I know my Akito will come back to me, I'm sure he will. You couldn't make a joke out of our relationship, never ever."

The only difference will be that you'll be saying his name ten times louder.

"I suppose I can't." Maki held her 'secret smile' though. "I should get back to the party; I left those two hos and they need a third. You should come too."

"No, it's fine. You go ahead without me. Merry Christmas."

Maki nodded and stood up. "Merry Christmas Yurika." After Maki left, there was once again silence, but it was different from the silence that was there before.

"Mr. Prospector couldn't ignore such a tantalizing deal, and Jun wanted his first indirect kiss from me... Minato strayed from course and Seiya started to want a life sized model, clothes optional, mech bonus..."