I know I said this would be a one-shot, but the possibilities of the second review entered my mind, and I had to go for it.

Let's see Hercule's reaction to Sayiaman's announcement.

Hercule's Reaction

Hercule was sitting at home, watching the news, when a report came on, saying Sayiaman had revealed himself.

"The Great Sayiaman from Satan City has actually revealed himself to be the son of Goku Son. Former World Champion, and the one said to have defeated the Demon King Piccolo many years ago, when he was just a Teenager. His name is Gohan Son, and the legacy lives on."

They went through several pieces, and when they reached the Cell Games, Hercule did a classic Spit take. "WHAT THE HELL?" He rewinded it to hear what they just said.

"Gohan Son was the true executioner of the Monster Cell 7 years ago. Apparently, the fact he was born a warrior has it advantages."

Hercule paused the TV. "Oh shit. I gotta find that kid." He got up and did any research he could on him. His house, his family, where he would be, anything he could possibly find. There wasn't much on him out there. There was a hell of a lot more on his father than him. Hercule did find out where he lived.

"Next stop. Mt. Paozu." Hercule took his Capsule Jetcopter, and went off to Gohan's place.

-with Gohan, 4 hours later-

Gohan and Videl were training with each other. Videl was flying around, learning how to fight like that. Gohan sensed someone was coming. "Hey, Videl. Is that you dad?" Gohan said as he caught a fist.

"What do you mean?" Videl launched a kick, which Gohan still blocked.

"Right over there." Gohan turned his head to a Jetcopter heading towards his house. Videl looked at where he was and saw the Jetcopter. "Hey, you're right. That is him. Why would he be coming out here?"

"Probably something having to do with Sayiaman's Announcement the other day." Gohan said. "I threw people for a loop with that."

"No kidding. You've suddenly gotten a lot more popular at school, that's for sure. Everyone is wondering if what you did was just a stunt, or you're the real thing. My dad heading to your place is proof of whatever you said being the truth. Think we should head back?"

Gohan was thinking. "Yeah, but when I say you should stop, wait for me to launch an Energy Wave up before you continue... Or an explosion. Whichever comes first."


"My mother is temperamental. You saw that firsthand. There's no telling what should would do if he came to her asking about me." Gohan said. Videl nodded. "Then let's go. Don't wanna keep him waiting do you?"

"Goten! We're heading back early today!"

"Oh man!" Gohan and Videl had started back with Goten, on foot so as not to be noticed.

-Gohan's place-

Hercule had just landed. "This seems to be the place." He rung the doorbell.

Chichi answered the door, in her usual outfit. "Um, hi. I'm looking for Gohan. I'd like to ask him a few questions." he said.

"He's out training a girl he was blackmailed by. He's teaching her to fly, far as I know." Chichi replied. "If you wanna ask him something, wait until he gets back." It was then that Gohan and Goten came out of the woods.

"Hey, Mr. Satan. What are you doing here?" Gohan asked.

"Ah, you're Gohan? I heard about that little announcement Sayiaman gave. I wonder if you would consider marrying my daughter. I always wanted her to be with a strong man, and I was never strong enough. You coming on worldwide TV and saying everything you did told me you were still alive. I honestly thought you guys had died since no one was left when everything was said and done."

"Well, as I said then, my Father was the only one who didn't make it. I try not to get bothered with it, because I know I made him proud that day, and saved the world while I was at it." Gohan replied. "Then again, I'm not thinking about marriage right now. I have a long way to go before that."

"Well then, if you decide to, don't hesitate to let me know. How about this? You train my daughter the way you were trained. Is that okay with you?" Hercule said, surprising everyone present. Gohan then went from a surprised look, to a smirk.

"Gohan, why are you smirking?" Goten asked. Hercule and Chichi looked at him and saw the smirk.

"Gohan, does it have something to do with that Videl girl?" Chichi asked. Hercule shot his head to her.

"Videl is the name of my daughter. She couldn't be training with him yet."

Gohan's smirk got wider. "Gohan, you're starting to scare me with that smirk." Goten said. "Wait. Is it time to do that?" Gohan turned his head to Goten and nodded. "Air or explode?"

"How about both?" Gohan put his hand to the air, while Goten pointed at a rock. They both fired an Energy Wave causing both signals to come up.

Videl came out of the trees a few seconds later. "Is it good?" Videl asked. Then she saw her father. "V-videl? You've already been training under him?"

"I didn't tell you for a reason!" Videl yelled at her father. Gohan and Goten walked next to Chichi and watched the two argue. "Any idea who'll win, mom?" Gohan asked.

"I don't know. She kept at it with me for hours. Not even your father could do that. Heck even Bulma gave up before half that time."

"I think Videl is gonna win this one. She's cute and strong." Goten said.

Hercule finally gave in to the argument. "Fine, you win."

"6 minutes, 32 seconds? Not bad." Gohan said walking up to them. "When you can argue with my mother for more than 5 hours, you got a lot of talent. She did it in 6 hours, 2 minutes, and what, 29 seconds?"

"31 seconds. She currently has the record of an argument with me." Chichi said, smirking. "Honestly, I don't know where she got it from."

"Well, Videl. This is one man I would actually allow to be with you without a doubt. Surviving that big explosion, and cause several others, even making the cameras go down the rest of the time after one of them, I can honestly say he is more than worthy of you." Hercule Satan was on his knees. "I know he could kill me any time he wanted to, if just for taking credit for a win that was his. Even if I didn't know he was alive, it's no excuse."

Videl had never seen her father like this. He was serious. "Are you sure about that? You always said it was you who defeated him. Why say something different now?" She tried playing a trick on his mind.

"Because it wasn't me! It was just a kid who beat him. I only helped by throwing that robot head right next to him. Cell crushed it and the real executioner came in and destroyed him. I recognized what he did when it showed a replay of him turning his hair blonde. The guys in the other group could do it easily. I never could. They beat him. I didn't. You're better off with him, than with me. Gohan, please. Teach her everything you can. If you change your mind about my other offer, let me know. I have to learn everything I possibly can, without facing the public. That lie I held on to for 7 years was revealed, and I can't even face the public like this."

Gohan looked at him. "Well, if I change my mind about it, I'll look for you and let you know. However, she would have to be okay with it before I even think about something like that. Right now, it's strictly training."

Hercule nodded. "Thanks, Gohan. I really appreciate it. I should go now. Videl, I think it's better if you stay with him for the time being. I can't go back like this."

"What happened to the confident Hercule Satan that everyone knew?" A voice came from the sky.


"Yeah, Gohan. I'm proud of you for doing that, it means you're willing to face the truth, no matter what the consequences. If I were there right now, I'd hug you. Good news though. Everything checks out. I'm set for the Tournament in a few weeks. I'm just going to be training my mind through meditation for a while."

"Alright dad. I'll see you then!"

"What? You don't have anything to say?"

"I already said everything the last 2 times I talked to you. I have nothing left to say, but see you then. The others might, but I doubt anyone here does." Gohan replied.

"Wait!" Hercule said. "I'd like to apologize to you. I had no right to take credit for your son's accomplishments. When you get back for the tournament, I will accept any punishment from you as you deem fit."

"Whoa! That was unexpected. The guilt finally getting to you?" Hercule nodded. "Well, instead of beating yourself up over it, push past it, and move on. Make yourself better than before. Your pride may have been taken out, but that doesn't mean you're powerless. Vegeta was the same way. Remember that, Gohan?"

"Yeah, I remember. I also remember Piccolo dying to take a blow directed at me. He wasn't always a good guy, but he's really looking forward to another fight with you." Gohan said. "He may be different now, but that doesn't mean he's changed completely. Vegeta is the Prince of all Sayians. Nuff said."

"Tell me about it. Hey, Hercule. If Vegeta ever wears on his pride, he's not going against it. It means too much to go against it."

"Right... Thank you, for your mercy."

"I don't call it mercy. I call it a second chance. Optimists have good qualities about them. Find one, and they could help you. I think my son might, after the tournament."

"You really think he will? Even after all I did?" Hercule looked at Gohan.

"Why not? In fact, I'll teach you how to fly, as well. That's what Videl had learned. Now she's training while flying. Mainly sparring, but I'm limiting myself to a very low percentage of my full strength. By the way, dad. I almost forgot something. Goten is a Super Sayian as well."

"Really? At his age? I mean, sure, I never met him, but 7 years old? You were twice that age when you could even come close to learning how to do that."

"Yeah. Surprised me too. Mom already knew about it, apparently." Gohan said. That was when he cringed due to the large amount of Killing Intent coming from behind him. 'Uh oh.'

"Gohan..." Chichi's voice was low, but firm. It was the voice all Sons feared. "Uh... Mom, I don't think now is a good time for that?" Gohan was a little scared.

"Mom, it's not his fault. He went Super Sayian, and I asked him. He didn't believe me, so I did." Chichi turned to Goten. The murderous intent in her eyes softened... but then grew. "Goten, I told you to NEVER do that!"

"Hey mom! It's not really his fault. He would've needed to train like that sooner or later."

"Give it a rest, Gohan. There's no reasoning with Chichi when she's like that. Best thing you can do is take what she throws at you, or try to dodge the pan. You remember my list of people never to piss off?"

"Yeah. Chichi is number 2 on that list." Gohan said.

"Well, she didn't get that spot for no reason. You are the only one that outclasses her when you're pissed. Vegeta is a close Third."

"Now, that is for good reason. Uh... you think you can calm her down?"

"Chichi. If you don't calm down now, I might not hug you when I get back." Goku stretched out the word back. Chichi paled.

"Sorry. I'll try to keep my cool. Then I can go all out?" Chichi asked.

"Just enter the tournament yourself. You could rack up a win or two. Assuming the Junior Division is there. If there isn't, you would either be knocked out the first round, or the second."

"So, I'll blow off some steam during that Tournament... Good idea." Chichi said.

Hercule stuck around for a while. "Well, I gotta go. Later!"

Hercule got up, and looked at Gohan. "Mom, we're heading back out. Videl, same place we came from. Think you can talk with your father regarding things? Goten and I are going on ahead. Probably get a few minutes of sparring in."

"Sure, Gohan. I'd need the rest if I'm gonna keep up with you. I'll also explain the Energy you taught me about on the way. He'll need to know that first, knowing his abilities." Videl replied. "I'm sure I can get him to understand it."

"What do you mean, with my abilities?" Hercule said.

"You have no idea what it is. You always called it a trick in the first place. You gotta learn how to control the Energy first. Then you can learn what he has to teach. I can give you an explanation, but that's it. He'd have to give you a demonstration, or even Goten." Videl said. Gohan just nodded. "Well, I'll leave that to you, Videl. Let's go Goten."

"Right!" Goten nodded, and they both took to the skies.

"Well, let's go dad. It's a ways out, and I'd have more time explaining it if we walked. Surely you have enough stamina for that." Videl said as she walked off.

"I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm good with it." Hercule went to his daughter.


That was weird.

Random Pricing

Goku talking from otherworld? $20

Gohan Training Hercule Satan? $100

Videl lasting over 6 hours in an argument with Chichi? $50

Hercule Satan on his knees? Priceless.

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