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As cliché as it was, when Chloe woke up, the sunlight was streaming through her window, onto her naked body.

Wait. A. Minute.

Chloe glanced down, and quickly realized she was naked, a blush spreading throughout her body. The blush only intensified, when she remembered why exactly she had no clothes on. Last night was coming to her, in bits and pieces, flashes of skin, and sweet nothings that had been whispered into her ears. Beautiful blonde hair, and brown eyes.

Collapsing against her pillows, Chloe brought her hands up to cover her eyes. Alek. She could not believe that she had slept with Alek last night. She could not believe that she had slept with him. Alek! Her protector, another Mai, the guy who teased her constantly!

She groaned, and tried to sort out her head. She had been drunk, they both had. They had gone clubbing with Amy, and Paul, and Jasmine. They had only had cokes though, so someone must have spiked their drinks. They had been dancing, a little more erotically than they probably should have. Alek escorted her home as always, and Chloe hadn't made him leave when she changed for bed. One thing had led to another, and suddenly there had been a flurry of kisses, and clothes tossed everywhere in a frenzy of passion.

And now, here Chloe was, 'the morning after', having to deal with the fact that she had slept with Alek. The alleged 'sex god' of school, even if he never slept with any of those human girls. But Chloe was not human. And neither was Alek.

Sighing, Chloe stared at a wall, trying to figure out what to do. How was she supposed to face the blonde Brit now? They had sex! Oh god, her mother was going to kill her. And if Amy found out, she was going to press her for details, and it would only increase Paul's hero worship of Alek. Oh god, this was all so screwed up.

But why didn't it feel worse?

That was what Chloe could not understand. She had supposed she was supposed to feel much worse than this. After all, she was in love with Brian, wasn't she? She liked him, but she couldn't be with him. She was heartbroken over him, yet she had slept with Alek. Had he just been consultation to her? That wasn't what it had felt like last night. In fact, Chloe distinctly remembered the words 'I love you' being exchanged on both sides.

So what exactly had happened last night?

Chloe knew the logistics, and she knew that they had sex. She remembered what it felt like, every touch, every kiss, and when Alek finally brought her to her climax. But she couldn't remember for the life of her, what was running through her head during the whole experience. And that was the most irritating thing about the entire situation.

What was it her mother had once said? Just because someone was drunk didn't mean they did things they wanted to do. It just released one's inhibitions. So did that mean that Chloe had wanted to have sex with Alek?

Confused by everything, and head pounding, Chloe made her way into the bathroom, starting the shower, and trying to clear her head. She needed to think about things rationally here. So she had slept with Alek. So what? What did that mean for Chloe? Did it have to mean anything? People had sex without love all the time!

But did Chloe want that for herself? And what about Alek?

It was all so confusing. Letting the warm water wash over her body, and wash away the guilt and confusion, Chloe took several deep breaths, trying to calm herself. If she was being completely honest, it sent little thrills of happiness up and down her spine, knowing that she had slept with Alek. It wasn't because she was the first girl at school to do so-or at least, she assumed she was-but rather because it made her happy. She liked knowing that she had shared something so special and intimate with Alek.

Sure, she had given away her virginity in a drunken stupor, but did it really mean that much to her? She trusted Alek more than she trusted anyone in the world. Who better to give it to? And it wasn't as if he were unattractive. He was gorgeous, and he certainly had given her a pleasurable evening. Chloe couldn't wait to do it again sober.

She immediately froze, in the process of washing her hair. Was that simply an errant thought, or had she actually meant that? Did she really plan to do that again? It was a mistake, wasn't it? She had thought she was in love with Brian. What else was hiding from her, deep in her heart and mind?

Pressing her flushed forehead against the cool tile of the shower, Chloe took several deep breaths, and tried to review the facts, to make sense of this all.

Fact: she could never be with Brian. Fact: she cared deeply about Alek. Fact: last night had been the best night of her life. Fact: she wanted to do it again. Fact: Alek was Mai, and she could kiss him. Fact: Alek had been sweet, and gentle, and kind, and everything she had ever wanted.

Trying to calm down her erratically beating heart, Chloe took several more deep breaths, and attempted to steady her shaking knees. Unable to, she slid down in the shower. The facts did not lie. They were lining up perfectly, and Chloe could not deny it.

She had wanted to have sex with Alek. She had wanted everything that had happened last night to happen. Chloe King had wanted Alek to make her feel like that, to treat her like that. There was no questions about it anymore. Brian had been child's play compared to Alek.

Without a doubt, Chloe King was falling heads over heels in love with Alek Petrov.

Alek was leaning against the chimney, waiting for Chloe. His mind was filled with thoughts, and memories of what had happened last night.

He had lost his virginity to Chloe King.

Not that he really had a problem with it. She was Mai, so she wouldn't die, she was gorgeous, sassy, brave, strong, flexible, and did he mention beautiful? But she was Chloe King. The Uniter. And while part of him was simply saying that it was all the more reason to sleep with her, he still could not believe that he had.

Because he hadn't been drunk last night.

She had, and Alek was fairly sure someone had switched her drink with an alcohol filled one, so Alek had stayed glued to her side, not drinking anything himself. And when he had helped her stumble home, she had let him watch as she changed, practically performing a striptease for him, without even knowing it. And there had gone his self control.

He had practically pounced on her, and one thing led to another, which eventually led to them naked in Chloe's bed, reveling in the afterglow. Alek had watched as Chloe's pale eyelids had drooped close as she slipped into a peaceful sleep, clutching him possessively. He had spent a good five minutes admiring her beautiful form, before the guilt finally kicked in.

He had slept with Chloe King. He had completely taken advantage of her. He knew he was falling for Chloe, he knew that they belonged together. But he had ruined everything, he was sure of it. After all, hadn't it just been last week that she was heartbroken over Bryce?

Alek sighed, and ran a hand over his face, agonized at this turn of events. He might have had a chance. He and Chloe had been growing closer as of late, even one of the jocks had pointed out that he stared at her a bit too long in the hallway once. They could have been perfect together, but he had gone and ruined it.

Losing his virginity was not a big deal to Alek. After all, of all the people to lose it too, he couldn't imagine wanting anyone other than Chloe. But he was a guy, and she was a girl. It was probably a hell of a lot more important to Chloe, than it was to Alek. She had probably been expecting rose petals and candles, while a handsome Brain stripped her of a beautiful white wedding dress. But instead she had gotten drunken sex, that ended nearly as quickly as it began, a flash of clothes and skin, and moans.

Taking a deep breath, Alek looked up at the clear blue sky. He knew what he had to do. He didn't want to have to do it, but he would. After all, he was Chloe's protector. They had to be able to move past this, and Alek would do what he had to, to make that possible, even if he had to break his own heart in the process.

Suddenly there was a noise, and Alek turned around to see a beautiful, slightly flushed Chloe King. She was wearing a pretty purple shirt with a tan colored shawl, and tight jeans that made Alek practically go week at the knees. Her hair was up in a messy bun, and it was all he could do not to reach over and tug one of her pretty blonde curls, as he had done last night. He needed to be mature. He had to be the cruel one here.

"H-hey Alek."

Chloe sounded nervous, yet determined, and Alek swallowed. If he hadn't been certain before, he was positive now. He had to do this, so it wouldn't be awkward for Chloe. She deserved more than that. She deserved a better protector than that. Alek groaned. He so did not want to have to explain this one to Jasmine and Valentina.

"Chloe, we need to talk."

The Uniter looked even more nervous as she bit her lip, but she nodded, and gently tucked a stray curl behind her ear. "Yeah. We do. What happened last night was-"

"A mistake." Alek cut off, and he avoided looking in Chloe's eyes, so he never saw the flash of utter pain that was evident in her pretty eyes. "And I'm sorry about that Chloe. I was drunk off my ass too." Lie. "I didn't mean to do that to you, you mean more than just some drunken one night stand." Truth. Chloe meant so much more than that.

"So…that's all it was?"

Alek refused to flatter himself by thinking that Chloe sounded hurt, or disappointed by that. She was in love with Brad. What happened with me was nothing, just a regret.

"Of course. Chloe, I'm sorry, I never meant to make you just another girl. You're important, you're special. We shouldn't have slept together. I failed you as a guard, and I should be taken off duty because of this." That was certainly true. However it didn't seem that Chloe wanted that.

"No!" She cried in outrage. "No, that's not what I want at all! Look, like you said, it was a mistake." The words pierced Alek's heart like a dagger. "We just won't tell anyone alright? It will be our secret?"

Placing his trademark smirk on his face, no matter how much it hurt, he spoke to Chloe. "Of course. Our dirty little secret. Though I don't know if I'll be able to stop the…jokes, whilst around a certain human of yours is around."

Chloe glared at him, and Alek tried to swallow down the bile. She still cared what Ryan thought. She would be upset about this because of him. Not because of the potential fallout between them, but with him. It was downright painful.

Alek watched as Chloe sighed, and then began to speak. "You're right. It was nothing, and we just have to move past this. Forget it ever happened, right?"

The male Mai gave her a grin, though it was a halfhearted one at best. "Of course."

Little did they know that what had happened the previous night would have the exact opposite effects. They would never forget what happened, and what came of it.