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Finally. With one last heave the final box was in place. The hallway was filled with boxes ready to be unpacked into the modest apartment, labelled for various rooms and with varying degrees of caution.

Ichigo had chosen freedom at the earliest opportunity, escaping from the loony bin that had been his home under the pretence that it was closer to the university that he was about to enrol in, which it was but at that point all that mattered was getting out. Not that he didn't love his family; he just wanted blessed peace and a chance to be by himself once in a while.

The apartment that he had chosen was a small affair but cheerily decorated with a total of four rooms; his new bedroom, spare bedroom-turned-study, bathroom and the hallway/ living room/ dining area/ kitchen. Small but cosy. He'd been able to save up for the rent by helping out at his father's clinic, and only recently starting his new job as a waiter. Both had been tiring but at least the pay was good.

Grateful that there were no more boxes to haul, he made his way to the kitchen and began to stock the fridge with the food parcels Yuzu had piled on him. Probably keep me going for a few weeks. Deciding it was time for a well earned break Ichigo grabbed a bottle of water and moved to throw himself down on the lone chair in the living space, the only piece of furniture that had arrived apart from his bed.

Halfway through the drink Ichigo could hear faint noises, getting closer and louder and soon it was a rhythmic banging. Smirking to himself as he worked out what, or rather who was making the racket. Soon cries of 'Ichigoooooo!' could be heard from where he was sitting and the smirk grew. One...Two...Three. BANG! Trust the man to throw himself onto the door.

Chuckling to himself the young man walked slowly to the fridge once more and put away his drink for later. Then, equally slowly, he strolled over to his front door and sighed as his mirth was quickly replaced with irritation as the cries got louder and louder. Frown in place he opened the door, just as his father decided he would be off breaking it down.

Ichigo turned to look at the dishevelled heap in his apartment only to come face to face with his father's fist which he dodged again with ease before getting a hit of his own. Stupid bloody father. What happened to peace?

"Ichigoo." His father whined and Ichigo fought hard not bare his teeth in annoyance.

"What do you want old man?"

Isshin started to sob. "All, hic, I wanted, sob, was to see my precious son, glub, all grown up and living on his own! Hic, Misaki! Our son has left the nest!" To Ichigo's surprise and faint horror, the man had already plastered a poster of his mother on the wall and had attached himself to it. Sure he loved looking at his mom's photo, just preferably a smaller one. In a frame.

Turning away from the sight he stopped as noticed the piles of boxes, not his own, that were next to his front door, which had been left open in the excitement. From what he could see a few of them were labelled; 'Food', 'Clothes', 'Toys' , 'Treats'. Huh? Toys and treats? What the hell is the old man doing with them?

It was then that Ichigo saw him.

"Umm, Dad?" Catching his father's attention Ichigo sent a short jab of his head towards the male that was currently standing just outside of his doorway. "What's going on, or rather, what did you do?"

Isshin once more broke down into tears. "Don't you trust me?" Ichigo merely looked at him and the tears soon dried up. Detaching himself from the poster of his dead wife, Isshin trotted over to stranger and clapped him on the back.

"Well Ichigo it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Aizen Sosuke. He'll be staying with you as soon as we get the papers signed. He's going to keep you company when you get lonely without me and keep you safe from all the bad men out there!" He broke off with a grin and looked round for the applause he had been expecting.

Instead all he got was the intelligent reply from his son, "Huh?" In all honesty the man didn't look as though he could save him from the supposed 'bad men'. True the man was around 6"1, if he was any judge, and he did seem to be nicely built, but all in all he appeared to be very, well, mild. The wavy brown hair and kind eyes of the same colour, hidden by glasses, spoke of quiet afternoons rather than keeping innocent teenagers safe in a fight.

It didn't help though that every time that he looked at the man Ichigo wanted to laugh. On top of the man's head were two white cat ears, soft and turned down slightly, and behind the man a pristine white tail moved slowly. It looked absolutely ridiculous and out of place on the male, but Ichigo couldn't silence the voice that urged him to find out Aizen would react if he stroked the ears. They did look really soft.

Trapped in his musings he realised too late that he had been caught staring as his father smirked at him and the man beside him smiled. Shit. Ichigo's face glowed red and started coughing in embarrassment.

"So, uh, I mean, what exactly did you do?"

Pouting, his father moved over to the boxes and stated routing around the top one, marked 'Paperwork'. With a cry of glee he held up his hand, in it a pile of sheets, and made his way over to Ichigo.

"See!" He thrust the paperwork in front of his son. "These are the adoption papers for Aizen," He sent a little wave over at the man, "and as soon as you sign them then you'll be his owner! All the boxes are his stuff and anything he might need. His bed should get here tomorrow."

It finally dawned on Ichigo what his father had been telling him. "You want me to adopt him. And live with me." His father nodded enthusiastically.

"Well you have the room and otherwise your sisters and I would have been sooooo worried about you! And Aizen here is wonderful, everyone at the adoption centre said so. You'll have no problems getting along."

"It's not like I can't take care of myself." Ichigo grumbled.

Whimpering his father replied, "So you're just going to throw the poor kitty back on the streets? How cruellll!"

Groaning in defeat Ichigo grabbed the papers from his father and went in search of a pen.

"Where do I sign?" Gleefully his father pointed out all the spaces.

"Well then I'll be off to let you two get to know each other. Byeeeeee." And so Ichigo's father skipped off into the distance.

Shutting the door with a slam Ichigo turned to look once more at the neko-hybrid that would now be staying with him. A few decades ago the new breed had turned up on the black market and proved popular. The scientist who had created them, Szayel Grantz, had only been in it for the fame and fortune and spared no mercy for the beings he created. Soon though activists made their disgust of the poor treatment known and the government was forced to look at the issue. Years of hard work finally liberated the hybrids and their creator was sent to rot in prison.

The neko-hybrid themselves were viewed as the half way point between a pet and a human being. You could adopt one, but not 'buy', and matters of abuse were taken very seriously. They had the right to reject an owner or to say no to unreasonable demands as they saw fit. They had the basic human rights and could be sent to school if they so wished. And now Ichigo had one living with him.

Scratching his head Ichigo went to introduce himself. "Umm hi, I'm Kurosaki Ichigo, and it means 'one who protects' and not 'strawberry' as some people like to believe. Sorry 'bout my dad, he's urgh..." He gestured with his hands to try and explain his father as words certainly couldn't.

The man opposite slowly let his eyes travel the length of the younger's body and leisurely brought them back up again. With a small smile he took of his glasses and placed them on the boxes, then shook his hair, a strand falling between his eyes. Without breaking eye contact with Ichigo he stalked over to the younger male, the smile morphing to a smirk, and leant towards the other's ear.

Ichigo shivered slightly as a hot breath ghosted over his ear, and sensing this Aizen chuckled to himself before saying,

"Nice to meet you, Strawberry."

It was a joke. It had to be. His father wouldn't really have made him adopt this, this, demon.

The week since he had signed those damned papers had been a nightmare as far as Ichigo was concerned. He had been forced to give up on his bedroom, relinquishing it to the bloody cat and so was forced to sleep in the study (never mind that it was supposed to be a bedroom anyway- it was the principle of the thing). As for the rest of his stuff, well it seemed as though Aizen lived by the motto 'What's yours is mine and what's mine is also mine.' He hadn't seen his beloved laptop for the better part of two weeks and the sofa was a lost cause.

Then, of course, was the man's horrid personality. Around Ichigo he acted superior and demanding, because after all, "Dogs have masters, cats have servants Ichigo." Oh, but if someone else was around, family or friends, the man had a heart of pure gold, all smiles and kindness so nobody would believe him when he told them the horror stories. Infuriating!

The only redeeming aspect of the whole thing was that Aizen was a fabulous cook and even Ichigo had begrudgingly accepted that the man could give Yuzu a run for her money. He had been surprised to learn that the older man could cook, a part of him had expected him to live of tinned tuna, but if he wasn't careful Aizen would only cook fish if he had half a chance.

Maybe not the worst nightmare he'd had then.

Thankfully classes hadn't started yet, and so he wasn't forced to share his attention between work and the cat. Strangely, despite his harsh words and actions Aizen seemed to be very attached to 'his strawberry' as the hybrid put it. He would follow Ichigo around the apartment freely touching and clinging on to the orange-haired male, and when his hands were batted away he would sneak his tale up to snake around the other's shoulders. Annoying at home, excruciatingly embarrassing in public, which meant Aizen did it at every opportunity.

Ichigo had had to resort to having locks being put on his room and the bathroom after Aizen had tried to follow the younger male into them. Now way in hell was Ichigo sleeping and god forbid showering with him. Aizen may have been half cat (demon) but he was steadily becoming more aware that he was still a man. A tall, muscled, good looking man- not that Ichigo would admit it.

The hybrid was also a man of few words, and when he wasn't pestering Ichigo or cooking he would hole himself away in his bedroom doing god knows what, and emerging some time later with a superior and smug look saying he knew something that Ichigo didn't. The conversations that they did have were short and clipped and often left Ichigo confused. For example:

"So, Strawberry." Aizen had continued to use the name knowing that it riled up the other. Ichigo's reactions were always the best. "What are you going to do with your life?"

"My name's Ichigo." The other snarled through gritted teeth. "And why do you care?"

"Well we are going to be together for a long time."

"Don't remind me. Just don't. But if you really wanted to know I plan on being a policeman. To help people ya know?"

"That so." And there the conversation ended with Ichigo feeling oddly let down by the response.

The only time Aizen seemed to let go of the holier than thou persona was when the two were playing. The box marked 'Toys' had turned out to contain a Wii and various games and controllers to go with it. Both of the men loved it but the problem was they were both deathly competitive.

At night neighbours could hear roars of "Bastard get out of my way!", "You fucking cheated!", "What the hell was that?" and finally the joyful laughter of the winner for the night, followed by choking noises as they were strangled. It was a miracle the police hadn't been called.

Unfortunately for Ichigo the other man had more experience of the games than him, and often used his tail to distract the younger male, and so he lost more times than he won. However he kept playing as that was the only time that he felt the other wasn't looking down on him, until he screwed up of course.

But that was that and this, well he wasn't quite sure of what to make of this.

The two had just finished dinner and as per routine Ichigo went to finish the dishes and Aizen to make desert. That night they were planning on chocolate cake with cream; their arteries may harden but what a delicious way to go.

At last there was only one more cup to put away and Aizen was just to put the cream on the generous slabs of cake. Reaching up high the younger male struggled to put the cup in the correct place. Finally he did it, but at the expense of stretching himself too far forward.

With a yelp he fought to stay on his feet but it was a losing battle as he toppled other. In a crash of limbs he knocked into Aizen and together they fell to the floor.

"Ow! Owowowowowow!" Glaring up at the man above him as if it were Aizen's fault, the orange haired male rubbed at the back of his head where there was surely going to be a bump. It was then though that he realised the compromising position that he was in. The older man's heavy frame pinned him down, their legs entwined and their inches faces apart as Ichigo watched the man lick his lips.

Then he noticed the other, more sticky problem.

"Damn it Aizen! I'm bloody well covered in cream!"

The man didn't even have the decency to look sorry and instead chuckled. "It was you who crashed into me while I was holding the tub of cream. Not the other way around."

Ichigo scowled. "I don't care! I'm covered in the stuff..." He trailed of as his eyes followed the older man's tongue as he once again licked his lips. Unconsciously Ichigo copied the movement causing the other man to smirk and the young man to blush heavily.

"You know you're right. You are covered. It would be such a shame to let that go to waste wouldn't it?" Before Ichigo could answer, or even understand the question, a coarse, warm tongue was suddenly on his cheek, lapping up the cream.

Struggling Ichigo said, "Don't you dare. Get. Off. Me."

Pausing his tongue's ministrations to the other man's neck, Aizen sent a growl towards Ichigo warning him to stop moving. Finally submitting after he realised that he wasn't going anyway, Ichigo was left to admit to himself that he actually kind of enjoyed the experience, not that he'd tell Aizen that he had a sinfully wicked tongue though. Even if it did turn him into a pile of goo.

In a state of bliss Ichigo didn't even register the other man taking off his top, and how the tongue had turned into sharp nips and fleeting kisses. He did, however, break off with a strangled cry as they found his nipple, surprising the orange-haired male with his own sensitivity. His whole body seemed to be on fire as the man marked and teased his skin. It all seemed too much and yet not enough.

It was then that the hybrid went in for the kill.

"Ahhh! Aizen!" With a cry Ichigo arched his back as a pure white tail snaked its way into the younger man's trousers and found Ichigo's length. With sure, steady strokes the tail turned Ichigo into a trembling mess as Aizen went to whisper in his ear, just like the time that they first met,

"Sosuke. Call me Sosuke. Ichigo." Paying extra attention to the lobe the older man had his owner moaning broken forms of his name as he brought him closer to completion, his mouth moving to cover Ichigo's in an attempt to drink in the moans and gasps for himself.

With a muffled moan Ichigo came, the tail stroking till the end. With easy movements Sosuke moved back a little from the young man, but not without a kiss first. Retracting his tail the trousers he brought his tail up for inspection. Eyeing the dripping tail with a smirk he turned to Ichigo.

"Looks like I missed a spot." He then proceeded to clean his tail, all the while keeping eye contact with the exhausted younger male.


With a sigh Ichigo trudged up the stairs to his apartment. Classes had just started and so far the work and his damned cat had kept him drained of energy. It was a relief to be back at the apartment, if he was lucky he could get a few hours of sleep before Sosuke demanded his attention.

Ah yes. Sosuke. Their relationship hadn't really changed but now all the touches seemed to mean something, and that both scared and excited Ichigo, but so far nothing of note had happened since the cream incident. The young man had learnt to ignore the part of him that was disappointed.

Finally reaching his door he went to open the door but for some reason the key wouldn't fit. He tried a few times but soon gave up in favouring of knocking the door in the hope that Sosuke would let him in. The door did open but it wasn't Sosuke standing there, but instead a small elderly woman.


"Oh you must be the young man they told me about. I'm afraid you don't live here anymore dearer but the nice gentleman left a letter for you."

After handing over the letter and saying goodbye the old woman closed the door leaving Ichigo confused and angry. Ripping open the letter he found a code and an address. Sosuke. That bastard better have a good explanation for this.

Wasting no time Ichigo grabbed a map from the reception area and stomped all the way to the new address. It turned out to be for a new apartment block close to his university, the type only the rich and famous could afford.

Frowning to himself Ichigo stormed through the entrance, a pristine affair screaming wealth, towards the elevator, the letter had specified that he went to the penthouse apartment. The short wait was tense for Ichigo and he jumped as a small ring announced that he had stopped. The doors opened onto the top floor, where there was only one door.

With nothing to lose Ichigo jabbed the code into a panel near the door, but was still surprised to find that it opened the door for him. His anger replaced with the fear of the unknown he cautiously stepped into the huge apartment, to come face to face with Sosuke.

Gritting his teeth he barked, "Damn it what did you do?"

Sosuke smiled. Not smirked but actually smiled. Something he would never do when he wasn't playing nice. "I bought this place, with my own money of course, and had all our stuff moved here. It's even closer to school and is bigger and overall nicer. I do, after all, prefer to live in luxury."

Momentarily stumped Ichigo finally retaliated with, "But how the hell did you afford this place? It must cost a fortune."

Sosuke did smirk then. "Do you remember all those times when I went into my room with the laptop?"

Ichigo scowled. "Yes and?"

"Well it just so happens that I play the stock market as a small hobby. I happen to be rather good at it." Ichigo's mouth hung open at the revelation as the older man continued on. "So this means that you're leaving in my home bought with my money and therefore we go by my rules. Understand?"

When no reply was offered he laughed softly to himself before strolling over to the young man and suddenly lifted him up bridal style. Keeping hold of the struggling male he headed towards the master bedroom and threw Ichigo down onto the soft sheets.

"Rule no. 1. We'll sleep together in this bed. Rule no. 2. You'll let me go in the shower with you. Rule no. 3. No door is ever to be locked except the front door. Finally, for now, rule no. 4. You'll let me touch you."

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