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Her eyes were puffy and red. Her hand reached up to her face and wipped the tears from her eyes. She fell onto her bed and slowly turned to face her wooden table. There lied a picture of Team 7. Or the old Team 7.

Just a hour ago she had came face to face with Sasuke. Yet instead of fighting him, or persuading him to come back, all she did was stand there. Her eyes widden in fright as Naruto rushed into battle. She was just as useless as an Acadamy Student on a S-ranked mission.

She thought she had grown stronger. She thought she had the strength to take down Sasuke. And she thought she was a better kunoichi then the helpless nuisance she was 3 years ago. She wanted to protect Naruto for once. Instead she had put a burden on him. Everyone who had been there for her. Those who fought for her protection.

Kakashi-sensei. She still remembered the time when they were assigned to mission to the Hidden Mist Village. The time they fought the rouge ninja Zabusa and his student Haku,

Kakashi had smiled and said, " I won't let my comrades die, I'll protect you with my life. Trust me."

Sai. Even though she had took a disliking for him at first he had slowly gainned her trust and was just as important. He was part of Team-7 now. He had filled the void left by Sasuke.

Then there was Naruto. What she was about to do, she knew she could never face him anytime soon. She had placed the burden to find Sasuke on him. To this day he continues to search for him while risking his life. She couldn't watch him do that. But no matter what she said Naruto wouldn't let go of the mission to find Sasuke.

He had smiled and said," I won't let go of Sasuke, not yet, not ever, I will bring him back mark my words because that is my ninja way!"

All her friends here. Starting with Ino to Shino, she truly was grateful. "

Next time, next time I will protect them." Sakura said to herself surely using any means available.

She gathered a backpack full of items and made her way to the gates on Konoha. Before making her way out she turned and looked back. She wouldn't be returning back to her home anytime soon. She smiled sadly as an single tear fell down and quickly disappeared.

" Goodbye." Sakura said gritting her teeth and she said her farewell.

" Tsunade-sama, Sakura has disappeared!" Shizune had reported.

" Say what now?" Tsunade said keeping her calmness but even Shizune could see she was worried by her strong grip on her sake.

" Naruto-kun was at her house to see if she wanted to treat him to ramen and after a while of no answer he tried openning the door and it openned. Inside he found a note." Shizune said handing the Hokage the said note.

Tsunade glanced at the written paper sealed in an envelope labeled Shishou. Tsunade opened to latter placing it on her desk so Shizune could read it as well.


By the time someone found this I probably would be somewhere out in the ninja world.

I promise I will be back. But next time stronger and not useless.

Thank you for everything you done for me. Arrigato. Give Naruto my thanks as well.

Other then that, I have a request, please don't look for me. I'm sorry. Take care. Farewell.

Your student,


Shizune gasped at the letter and said ," I will request a group of ninjas to look for her."

" No." Tsuande said her eyes still on the letter. " Place trust in her. Sakura is strong."

Word had spread throughout the village. The medical pink haired kunoichi was gone. Everyone couldn't help but be a bit taken back by the sudden information. It was just so different. Naruto no longer smiled everyday. Ino sat crying. Hinata was even more silent. Sai would glance and purposly pass by Sakura's now abandoned house. Kiba wasn't as lively and ready to take action. Lee wasn't trainning as hard as he would've. Tenten couldn't find the spirit to wake up and laugh. No one would have thought that one kunoichi could make such a difference.

But everyone had the same few questions.

" Where would she be going?"

" Where is she now?"

" How is she?"

Even Lady Tsunade had stayed away from sake. Well most of the time. Since she couldn't help but remember the face of her pupil smiling cheerfully at her handing her a bottle of sake.

" Just where are you now Sakura?"

She had done it. Sakura had finally done it. After days and weeks of traveling she had found it. The Akatsuki's Hideout. Reluctanly she had entered, alert of anyone or anything ready to strike.

As she had made her way through the dark maze she was stopped. Although of her inability to see clearly through the darkness she saw a pair of blazing red eyes. Three swirls within it. She wasn't in absolute danger. It could have been worse. The oppenent before her was Uchiha Itachi.

" Who are you?" Itachi questioned his firey red eyes fixed on Sakura.

" Haruno Sakura, I wish for you to train me." Sakura said confidently.

Suddenly with an snap of Itachi's finger the black hallways flashed on with lights. " Haruno Sakura, your wish is for me to train you?" Itachi said questioning.

" Yes mam." Sakura said. Then realizing what she had said she quickly apologized.

Itachi raised an eye and then the corners of his mouth formed in a smile. " Very well." Itachi said. " Come with me."

" Yes sir!" Sakura said following the Uchiha.

The room he had led her to wasn't the emptiest of rooms. Standing before her was each and every Akatsuki member. There was a few missing though. Deidara and Sasori wasn't present. Sakura could see another seat empty. Uchiha Sasuke was engraved in the stone chair.

" Itachi, who's the Konoha girl?" Zetus said glancing was caution to Sakura. He was ready to strike if told so.

" No need to hurt her." Itachi said brushing away his thoughts. Itachi turned towards the leader called Nagato. " Nagato, this girl wishes to join the Akatsuki." Itachi said pointing towards Sakura.

" So this is the famous Pain." Sakura thought.

" She is a Konoha kunochi." Nagoto said studing the so said girl. " Very well. I see potiental in you Haruno Sakura." Nagoto said. " But like every other Akatsuki member you see here, you must be tested on your skills. Both pyshical and mental." Nagato said wondering if a mere girl could pass the test awaiting her.

" Your exam will take place in 2 days. Rest well." Nagoto said his voice emotionless.

" Yes sir." Sakura said as Konan was ordered to excort her to her room.

" Sakura-san, I'm exactly really glad your here. For once I would have someone to talk to that's not a boy." Konan said her face friendly.

It was hard to believe that the same girl who would've became her best friend here was the person who could destroy an entire village.

" Oh, I forgot. Your robe and ring." Konan said laughing at her stupidity. " I will have Itachi bring it to you later. Since I don't know where the girl's robe are kept." Konan said taking her leave. " If there's anything I can help with, dont hestitate to ask." Konan said smiling as she closed the door.

Yes this was not as Sakura expected. Everyone in the Akatsuki was suppose to be cold and deadly. Yet here she was, experiencing hopsitality, friendliness, and help. The fearsome Akatsuki was going to be her foster family.

The knock on her door had woken Sakura up. She opened the door as Itachi handing her a pair of robes and a ring.

" Put these on, and then come down. Deidara is almost going to kill me if he doesn't meet you. Sasori wants to see you again after the fight the last time." Itachi said laughing.

Sakura couldn't speak for a while. She heard many stories about the ruthless killer of the Uchiha clan. People spreaded rumors that in order to active the Mangekyou Sharingan he had without hestiating slaughter his whole entire clan leaving only his little brother.

" Oh and, Sasuke's here to." Itachi said adding on.

Sakura froze in place as she mutter a slight okay and Itachi left.

Sakura changed into her black robe with red clouds on them. Her ring fitting perfectly on her middle finger. Sakura felt so different. Like for once she exactly could so something. She opened the door and made her way down.

She felt a hint of guilt when she saw Sasori. Almost a year had past since the battle with him. Lady Chiyo had died. Sasori had been fately injuried but able to be saved by Kabuto's Reanimation Jutsu. Although Sasori was fairy happy about that. Now he truly was a puppet, something he longed for. But the puppet he was created from was different. He felt emotions, sadness, and happiness. Though to Sakura's relief Kabuto was dead.

But at that moment she saw someone she knew before. Yes, joining to Akatsuki was no longer as easy as she thought it would be. Standing a few feet away with the same eyes as Itachi stood Uchiha Sasuke.

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