Summary: A Puck/Blaine story told as a series of short drabbles, all inspired by single words. Rated M for slash sex and language.

Drabble #1: Rain

Don't ask Puck how, but he totally got a look at Schue's letter from the Ohio Show Choir Governing Board way before he announced their Sectionals competition in glee club. Yeah, he was stealthy that way – like some sort of badass ninja.

So Puck took his mom's Volvo out to Westerville and found that Dalton place and waited until everyone left before breaking in just as thunder cracked in the distance and it began to rain in cold sheets between the building and his car on the far end of the parking lot. Just great.

Anyway, figuring he had some time to kill before the rain let up and he could get back to his car without getting soaked to the bone, Puck decided to do what he came here for – find out a little information about the Dalton Warblers. The choir room was pretty easy to find, especially when some dude inside it started to sing very loudly while banging on the piano.

Puck peeked into the room to see a smaller guy with dark, curly hair, his back to the door and a bottle of Jack sitting in front of him on top of the baby grand he was playing like his life depended on it. The bottle was half empty and the slurring of the guy's words meant he'd probably drank all the missing liquor himself.

Christ, if this was their competition, the New Directions had a lock on Sectionals.

Oh, it wasn't like the guy wasn't good. He was fantastic – better than Finn or even Puck. But Puck had enough experience with alcohol to know that a guy drinking this heavily, alone, on a Wednesday night wasn't put together enough to be much of a threat at competition.

When the guy finished his song, Puck almost thought about backing away and getting the hell out of Dodge, until he had a better idea. Clapping slowly, Puck caught the boy's attention as he strolled into the room. "You got some pipes on you, man."

Forcing the look of shock from his face slowly, the boy – who had an attractive enough face that he was probably popular despite being in glee club – gave Puck a once over before demanding, "Who are you?" and listing to the side, just a little.

"Just a guy looking to get out of the rain," Puck lied, thinking the boy was so drunk, he probably didn't even know how late it was or what a flimsy excuse he'd given. "Who are you, my drunken friend?"

"I'm not drunk," he insisted, knocking over the piano bench as he stood up, his feet getting tangled in the mess of furniture below him. He would have fallen if Puck hadn't grabbed him around the chest and pulled him away from the piano and out into the more open choir room floor. Breathlessly, the boy looked up at Puck and said, "Gosh, you're pretty."

Puck rolled his eyes and chided himself for being surprised that he'd meet a member of the choir at an all-boys school who was gay. Hmm. Maybe this was a good way to get some information. Drunk older ladies tended to way over-tip Puck for pool-cleaning when he threw in a little flirting to sweeten the pot. Maybe a gay dude would be the same.

Keeping his voice low in that way women tended to like, Puck smirked and said, "You're not so bad yourself. What's your name, sugar?"

Blushing, the boy looked away, but didn't pull himself out of Puck's arms as he replied, "Blaine."

Puck bit his tongue so he wouldn't ruin his plan by saying, "More like Plain!" and instead rubbed one hand up and down Blaine's back, whispering, "I'm Noah."

The boy shivered and nestled the side of his face against Puck's shirt. "You feel strong. Are you strong, Noah?"

"Sure, babe," Puck replied, wincing a little at the smell of booze on Blaine's breath. "You wanna tell me why you're drinking alone tonight?"

Blaine shrugged and mumbled something about his father, jumping a little in Puck's arms when thunder cracked through the air from not too far away. "Besides, I wouldn't be drinking alone if you drank with me."

Shrugging, Puck let go of Blaine and stepped far enough around him to grab the bottle of Jack and take a few swigs before facing Blaine and asking, "Satisfied?"

"No," the boy pouted, rubbing his face with one hand. "Thought maybe the odds would be better at an all-boys' school, but no… Sadly, my satisfaction has to wait until college." Then he grinned up at Puck and asked, "Unless…?"

Figuring what the hell, he was a sex shark and at least he couldn't get this dude pregnant, Puck shrugged and took another long swig of Jack. Swallowing the fiery liquid, Puck pulled Blaine in again and smashed their lips together. Blaine moaned loudly and gave as well as he got, pressing his alcohol-ripe tongue into Puck's mouth sloppily. He wasn't as good as Santana, but he wasn't as bad as Quinn, either, so Puck went along with it, letting the Jack dull his brain out of all thoughts that this was weird and wrong.

After kissing for a while, Puck got tired of holding Blaine and himself up, so he broke away and said, "C'mon, babe. I'll give you a ride home." Or, you know, to Puck's place where they could take this further.

"Oh," Blaine said softly, "I think I'd like riding you."

A flare of lust screamed through Puck's body at the suggestion and made him even more anxious to get somewhere more comfortable. Maybe the back seat of his mom's car? Giving Blaine one more kiss, Puck grabbed the bottle of Jack in one hand and the boy in the other, dragging both out toward the parking lot. The rain was starting to let up and Puck almost pulled them out into the open when Blaine said, "Oh, look. There's the security guard."

"Shit," Puck replied, holding Blaine close and unable to ignore the hard dick pressed against his thigh. Holding his breath, Puck watched the security car drive through the parking lot, shining a light here and there, but thankfully not on them, and letting Blaine gently hump his leg. He supposed a gay dude was still a dude and all, and that had been some pretty intense making out. It's not like Puck could blame the guy.

Once the security guy pulled out of the Dalton parking lot, Puck tugged Blaine toward the Volvo and shoved him over into the passenger seat. "We can't stay here, babe. How 'bout I drive us someplace more private and you tell me all about Dalton?" What? Puck never forgot his mission, even when sexy times were involved, just like James Bond.

"Okay," Blaine nodded, grabbing the bottle of liquor from Puck's hand and taking another swig of it. "What d'ya wanna know, Sexy?"

Puck smirked at the nickname and started the car, shaking his head a little as some of the booze started to kick in before backing out of his space and pulling out onto the road. "You got any sports teams?"

"Dalton?" Blaine scoffed. "Yeah, right. I finally get to a place where I'd be safe in the locker room and the stupid school doesn't even have a football team."

"You play football?" Puck cried, trying not to swerve too much as he drove them in the general direction of Lima. "Aren't you a little…?"

"I kick, alright?" Blaine huffed, taking another swig of alcohol until Puck took the bottle away from him and threw it in the back seat. Who knows how much a little guy like him could drink before totally ODing on the stuff?

"We had a gay kicker on our team, too," Puck pointed out. "At least for a while last year. That sucks that you can't play."

"At least we have show choir," Blaine sighed, leaning over to kiss Puck's neck like he wasn't trying to drive a freaking boat of a car through the pattering of rain that was still coming down. "The Warblers are, like, my escape."

"Oh, yeah?" Puck asked, clearing his throat when he noticed how husky his voice had become because of Blaine's mouth and that hand that was inching its way toward his crotch. "What's so special about these Warblers?"

"We're an a cappella choir," Blaine whispered, biting Puck's shoulder a little. "And I'm the star. They let me sing whatever I want, even Katy Perry."

Puck wanted to mention Katy Perry's nice rack, but he was supposed to be playing gay here and with Blaine's head down in his lap now, he wasn't so much playing it as living it. "Shit, dude. What are you doing?"

"Road head," Blaine muttered, fumbling with Puck's fly. He wanted to push Blaine away or pull over and let him continue or something, but they were driving through downtown Westerville and if he pulled over here, they were sure to get busted by the cops and Puck just could not have getting head from a dude on his permanent record.

He tried to keep driving straight but then Blaine got his pants open and wrapped his mouth around Puck's dick and it had been so long since Santana had done more than rub him off over his clothes after he went down on her and the road was so slick from the rain that he completely lost control of the car and crashed into the front windows of a corner 7-11.

"Shit!" Puck cried as the dust cleared and Blaine sat up, shocked. "Fuck, shit, Jesus Christ, that was a bad idea!"

"It wasn't supposed to go this way," Blaine nodded, looking confused as the alarm on the deserted convenience store started to blare. "If I get arrested, I have to go back to public school! They'll kill me there!"

"Take off, dude," Puck insisted. "I got it from here. I'll just tell them I wanted to steal the ATM or something."

"Why would you do that for me?" Blaine asked, opening his door at the same time.

Puck shrugged and of all the things he could have said, he went with, "Us queer dudes gotta look out for each other, babe. And hey, maybe you'll finish next time."

Blaine snorted a little and nodded, giving Puck a grateful look right before he squeezed himself out the passenger door and climbed over the rubble at the front of the store. Puck pushed his way out of the car, too, and set about looking like he was trying to make off with the ATM next to his car, cursing his dick for getting in the way of what had started out being a totally badass plan.

This is the first in a series of drabbles based on random single word prompts. So far the first seven adhere to a single timeline, but I'm not sure how long that will continue. I want to have at least 30 entries by the time this is finished, and I will try to stick to posting one per day.

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