Title: Not Boyfriends – A Puckerson Drabble Challenge (22/30)
Author: pterawaters
Rating: NC-17 (sex and language)
Characters/Pairings: Puck/Blaine
Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama/Etc
Warnings: slash
Spoilers: season 2
Disclaimer: Glee is not mine, at all
Words: 750
Author's Note: Written as a (hopefully) 30-day series of short drabbles, posting once per day to fanfiction, gleeslash and blaineships

Prompt Word #22: Ignorance (prompted by ggbromance)

Summary: A Puck/Blaine story told as a series of short drabbles, all inspired by single words.

"Isn't it a little hypocritical for you to be going to Chastity Club meetings?" Blaine asked him and Puck laughed against the back of his boy's neck.

"Yeah, but it's a great cover," Puck insisted, trailing his hand up and down Blaine's still-naked chest. So what if he kind of dug the short, dark hairs that grew there? They were fun to play with. "And I totally thought I was busted once Lauren and Finn both found out."

"I get why Finn's not going to say anything," Blaine nodded and Puck guessed that since becoming friends with Kurt, Blaine had hung out with Frankenteen more than once and had seen that he was down with the homos or whatever. "But what about Lauren? I know you're not ready to be out."

"After the meeting," Puck said, leaning up on one elbow and turning Blaine to face him, "I asked her just that. She said she knew how bad the ignorance was at our school and she wouldn't say anything. It was pretty dope of her."

"It was," Blaine nodded, snuggling up against Puck's chest. "It's hard, though."

"That's what she said," Puck grinned, laughing when Blaine hit him on the shoulder.

"I meant for me," he pouted. "I get why you're not ready to talk about us and that's fine. I just wish I could gloat to all my friends about having the best, hottest boyfriend ever."

"Not-boyfriend," Puck corrected him, though he thought maybe he was coming around to the idea of making this thing more or less official. "I get it, though. If this place wasn't so lame I could be all, 'Back off, ladies. I'm taken by that guy,' without everyone calling me a fag. Instead I joined the freaking chastity club. I don't think I've been chaste or whatever since I was twelve and figured out how to jerk off."

"Answer me something?" Blaine asked, trailing the back of his knuckles up and down Puck's abs – and hey, that made his cock twitch because it usually led to a hand job.

Trying to sound normal, Puck replied, "What?"

"Do you … I mean, on a scale of zero being completely straight and six being completely gay, where do you think you fit?" Blaine seemed absolutely sincere, so Puck gave the question a little more thought than he might have otherwise.

Like, Puck was pretty sure having sex with a dude more than once without being in prison or whatever meant he wasn't straight. But then there were all those girls he'd slept with and the more-frequent-than-not fantasies he conjured up about topless Cheerios while he was choking the chicken, so he couldn't be gay either. But, he wasn't attracted to most guys like he was with most girls. Some guys, but not most. He was attracted to Blaine because Blaine was awesome and gave fantastic head and his cock was kind of pretty and had chest hair that was fun to pet. Shit. "I'm gonna have to go with two," Puck decided, running a thumb over Blaine's kiss-swollen lips. "Why?"

"Just curious," Blaine insisted. "I mean, I knew you were bi. I was just wondering where you fit on the whole spectrum."

"There's a spectrum?" Puck asked. "Like, people end up all over the place on it?"

"Now who's being ignorant?" Blaine laughed. "Yeah, they do. This town, though, your school – they wouldn't get it. It's too bad you can't come to Dalton with me. Everyone there would understand in a heartbeat, or at least they wouldn't give you shit about it."

"Don't you have to be rich to get in? And smart?" Puck pointed out, really wanting to steer the conversation back toward sex because they totally had enough time for a second round. "Whatever, babe. Even if people do find out about us, I could handle it. Now, where were we?"

Blaine smiled and nodded, dropping the subject as he took Puck's hand and placed it on his ass cheek. "About here, I think."

"Mmm," Puck agreed, squeezing the flesh there and taking a deep kiss from his boy.

So this is the last drabble I have completed as of right now. Hopefully there won't be too much delay getting the others posted. Any direction you'd like to see the story take? Thanks for reading and for any comments!