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Two days. Two fucking days it took to be given the "all clear" by the stupid hospital nurses to allow Logan to fucking move more than a few meters to the bathroom. Sure, he had numerous burns, bruises, cuts and a sprained wrist, plus he had to be detoxed because of that fucking drug Adam gave him but he was okay.

In the two days he was basically held down by the doctors to stay in bed, he'd had numerous visits from Derek, and they talked. The one time Senator Wright came in, Logan almost tore out his IV drip and flung his father against the wall with rage- since Senator Wright was only concerned about this reaching the press- which it would with Julian being in the public eye.

Derek, along with two doctors had to forcefully keep Logan back as Senator Wright screamed obscurities at Logan- blaming his son for all this as usual- before he was escorted out by security and hoped on the first flight back to New York after begrudgingly making sure his son was no more fucked up than usual and that his hospital bills where paid for.

He wanted to talk to Julian, and he wanted to talk to Julian now. And he wasn't taking no for an answer as he forcefully pushed past two nurses who threatened to call security. Derek soon ran up the hallway, pleading with them to allow him ten minutes. They did so, under the promise that Logan wouldn't work Julian up.

He promised. But not without crossing his fingers behind his back.

And so, he toddled into the room to see Julian sitting there, bruised and battered, staring at the hospital ceiling.

He closed the door loud enough for Julian to hear, but not loud enough to make the nurses think Logan was about to throttle Julian.

"Logan." Julian said, his voice still scratchy his on high alert.

Logan said nothing as he pulled up a chair to the side of Julian's bed and stared him.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Logan asked, voice raw from the incident still.

Julian continued to stare straight ahead, his lips formed in a thin line.

"We need to talk about this, Julian." Logan said solemnly.

"No we don't." Julian interjected sharply. "None of this changes anything. I want you to forget I said anything."

Logan barked out a harsh attempt at a laugh. "Oh yeah, because I'm going to forget running into a burning building, facing down a stalker who tried to kill all of us and then be told my best friend in love with me. Because that's so easy forgotten."

Julian's eyes stung with tears as memories rushed back to him, but he shook his head. "Are you doing this for kicks? To humiliate me? To make me feel guiltier than I already do?"

"I'm angry that you didn't just tell me." Logan stated. "I'm angry you let it get this far."

"You don't think I'm not?" Julian shrieked at him, tears spilling over. "I get that you all hate me, I see the looks I got from the doctors and police when I told them what happened! Nobody hates me more than myself right now!"

Logan shook his head. "It was normal to be scared, but you didn't even tell me about your stalker."

"What would it have mattered?" Julian muttered. "You where took caught up chasing Kurt."

"Because I didn't know any better!" Logan shot back.

"Because you never paid enough fucking attention to notice anything was wrong!" Julian retorted.

Logan licked his lips, forcing down his anger. "I'm not a mind reader."

"You're not blind either." Julian countered.

"You could have just told me you loved me and had a stalker!"

"What difference would that have made, Logan? Tell me!" Julian demanded. "Because if you had any interest, even the slightest, you would have cracked onto me. You just would have until I told you repeatedly I was straight."

"But you're not straight." Logan said. "You're gay."

Julian sighed, swallowing thickly. "Bi, and you totally just missed the point."

Logan shook his head. "I didn't miss the point, Julian... I understand a bit but the Julian I knew would have just been honest."

Julian laughed. "The Julian you knew? This is me Logan, it always has been. You just never looked hard enough."

Logan's eyebrows rose as he looked over Julian. His face was hollow, his usual rosy red healthy complexion gone, now completely pale. His eyes where drawn from crying and smoke, his face covered in small cuts. His arms too. His eyes had lost that mischievous spark they always used to have, and where now just a sea of brown with specks of gold. His hair was full of what looked like to be ash- casting a grey shadow within it from the distance. Julian's air of confidence and high-superior attitude was long gone and replaced with this timid-anxious looking boy in front of him.

"Oh, you see it now, hm?" Julian asked with a humorless laugh. "Always a bit too late with the catching up, Lo. Now, why don't you go check on Kurt and make sure his precious little face is still perfect?"

Logan's jaw tensed. "There's no need to lash out at him because of something I can't control."

"You knew from day one he was smitten with Blaine, Logan." Julian said with a long sigh. "You've been torturing yourself all year when in reality you knew he was never going to be yours."

Logan glared at him. "It wasn't like I had my best friend here to point that out to me, did I?"

Julian's eyes glinted. "It wasn't like I had mine ever, did I?"

"I think we're done, for now." Logan said with a stiff nod to himself. "We still need to talk more but-"

"Don't bother." Julian cut in. "As soon as they release me.. and the f-funeral's over.. I'm leaving."

Logan cast him an incredulous glance. "That's it? You're just going to fuck off back to Hollywood and leave us all to deal with your mess?" Julian was going to cut in but Logan continued. "Fantastic, Julian. Typical fucking you."

"What have I got to stay here for?" Julian said with a sniff, eyes watering again. "You?" He laughed humorlessly. "I'd rather not have to feel guilty every time I turn the corner."

The blonde moved closer. "What happened in the art hall wasn't your fault, Julian." Logan said softer, after a moment. "You feel like it is.. but you didn't make him do that.. he's sick. And I'd love nothing more to put him under six foot deep myself but I believe I've already pushed the limits of everyones patience.. including yours."

Julian looked up, chin high, as Logan sat down on the edge of his bed. "Stay around.. for a few weeks."

The brunette boy swallowed. "Why should I?" He asked shakily.

"So we can all get through this together.. so that you and I can be okay.. so that I can get over Kurt." Logan searched for the other boys eyes.

Julian let out a shaky sigh. "We're far from okay."

"That's why you should stick around." Logan said with a small, hopeful smile before leaning in and hugging Julian.

Julian stiffened at first, heart beating irregularly fast because just ten minutes ago they where being mean to each other and now Logan was hugging him? He sighed quietly and hugged him back, sitting up to bury his head in Logan's neck as the blonde rubbed his back soothingly. It didn't matter that they where both in pain at the contact, but it gave Julian hope that maybe.. just maybe something could be going okay. That their friendship could be restored.

Logan pulled back and gave him a tight smile, pushing hair behind the actors ear before standing up and patting his knee.

"I'll come back with Derek later... I'm hoping I can get discharged tonight."

Julian nodded, sniffing. "T-Thanks..."

Logan gave him another tight smile, eyes looking over him briefly before he sighed and left the room, the door shutting with a soft click as he heard Julian sniff harder this time, obviously beginning to cry.

He walked down the corridor aimlessly before walking into Derek who gave him a small smile.

"How'd it go?" Derek asked lightly.

Logan's lips twitched upwards before he allowed his own shaky sigh to come out- eyes filling themselves as he swallowed thickly. "It's a start... but I've messed up so badly, D."

Derek's eyes filled instantly as well. "It's alright. We'll fix him. We'll fix you, all of us. Together."

Logan looked up and met the athletes determined eyes before Derek hugged him tightly.

"Yeah." Logan said shakily into Derek's ear. "Yeah, we'll fix us."

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