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The first time Chloe met him, he raced into the room in all his Captain American glory. She had been tied to a stretcher and had been about to be cut open by one of Lex's scientists when he had burst in. To say she and the scientist were shocked was an understatement, she had exchanged a surprised look with the scientist, seconds before he was hit by Captain America's shield.

"I have to admit, that was quite an entrance." Chloe quipped wryly, noting the dead guards lying on the floor. Captain America seemed surprised at her calm attitude and set about undoing the straps that held her on the stretcher.

As soon as she was released, she rubbed her wrists and ankle's "So what did I do to get S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention?" she asked, while Captain America eyed her warily. He cleared his throat, "Your healing abilities ma'am." He said.

Chloe swung her legs over the stretcher and grimaced when her shirt that had once been a nice blouse was now torn straight through the middle. It showed everything including her bra, which was thankfully one of her plain white ones.

As soon as he noticed her current state of undress, he ducked his head and blushed fiercely before turning away to give her some privacy. Chloe smiled at this show of gentlemanly behavior but didn't say anything about it.

"So Captain America, are they going to test me in a lab?" She asked bitterly as she looked around for something that would cover her upper body parts. There was a pause, "Miss Sullivan, I would personally make sure they never did anything like that." He said firmly and at the fierceness of his tone, Chloe believed him.

"Where's the rest of your team?" she asked, suddenly noticing that the rest of the Avengers hadn't made their entrance yet. "They're out taking care of the guards and finding the rest of the patients here at 33.1."

She finally found a doctor's lab coat and used that to cover herself, "And Nick just 'forgot' to tell my team?" she asked, Finding it odd that Oliver and the rest of the JLA hadn't arrived yet, "He may have forgotten to mention it." Captain America muttered.

Chloe snorted, "Well, Captain we may as well get this over with." She said before grabbing a gun from one of the fallen guards. She headed to the door and yanked it open, by the time they had reached the stairs they had only encountered two guards.

There were loud shouts and gunfire echoing from the stairwell and Captain America placed himself in front of Chloe with a stern look in her direction that Chloe ignored. Halfway down the stairs a platoon of guards charged towards them, "Stay behind me!" Captain America shouted to her, before racing down to meet them.

She watched in awe as he used his shield both as a shield and a weapon, he was a blur darting between the enemy. One of the guards slipped out of Captain America's eyesight and readied his gun at Chloe. Before she could change her mind, she tackled him knocking the gun out of his hands and used her own gun to hit the side of his head.

She looked up to see Captain America finish off the last one, before getting up and facing him. "Not too bad Stripes." She said with a grin, there was a loud cry from above and seconds later Iron Man crashed down looking a little worse for wear.

Chloe gasped as she saw that his arm looked shredded, Captain America looked like he was going to be ill. Chloe darted forward and knelt next to Iron Man, she picked up his injured hand gingerly and grimaced. "Stripes, I should warn you no hospital's or morgues ok?" she said glancing behind her to see Captain America give her a flabbergasted look.

"What are you talking about?" he demanded, Chloe sighed "Look the more time we spend debating this, the closer your teammate will be to dying." She snapped. Captain America considered this before nodding. Chloe placed her left hand over the wound and felt her meteor power spark to life, seconds later a glow illuminated her hand and the wound that Iron Man had had.

Captain America watched in awe as new skin flowed over the wound and mended the deep slashes that had been engraved there. The glow started to ebb, until Chloe slumped back and sagged against the wall all ready looking deathly pale.

Seconds later Tony sat up, "Looks like Luthor has gotten some-" he cut himself off as he saw his teammate Captain America cradling a young woman with blond hair. "Hey, what happened?" Tony asked, feeling slightly sick as he glanced down at his arm that had been wounded.

"She healed you." It was a quiet whisper and yet, Tony heard it, he winced. He remembered now how close he had been to dying and then seeing a bright white light that beckoned him. "What do we do?" he asked, Steve looked up at him looking like a lost child "She said 'no hospital's no morgues'." He muttered before standing up with Chloe in his arms.

"Well, it sounds like we better listen to her." Tony said, there was a loud noise at the end of the hallway and moments later Thor burst in. "What has happened here?" Thor asked, his eyes lingering on the pale blond ensconced in Steve's arms.

"She healed Tony." Steve muttered, not liking the way how Thor's eyes wandered on the blonde's form. "We should radio back to base, and tell them of this new development." Tony said. Steve shook his head, "I have a better idea." He said, both Thor and Tony exchanged dubious looks at this. "We should take her back to her own team, they'll at least know what to do. Besides, she doesn't deserve to be transported from one prison to another after what she did for Tony." Tony looked uncomfortable at being put on the spot but nodded, "Well If we are taking her back to her team, you'll want to do that before Natasha and Clint get here."

Both Tony and Steve looked at Thor, "And since we only got one flyer here, looks like you'll be taking her." Tony added, Thor looked down at Chloe and nodded, "Very well." He said before holding his arms out for Chloe. Steve looked down at her, before gently transferring her to Thor, moments later Thor had rocketed into the sky. Little did Steve Rogers know, but he and Chloe Sullivan would meet again.

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