The third time they met Chloe was doing her usual routine and grabbing a coffee from the nearest joint. As she excited the internet café with her favorite drink clutched firmly in her grasp, she ran into a very familiar muscled chest.

She smiled and tilted her head back to look up at Steve, "I was starting to wonder when we would next run into each other." She commented dryly but with a little smirk on her face. Steve smiled down at her and moved so he wasn't blocking her way, "I figured you still needed time to recover." He said honestly.

Chloe nodded and then cleared her throat, "Well did you want to get a coffee?" She asked, honestly wondering why he was sticking around. Steve shook his head, "Uh no but uh I was wondering if perhaps you might join me on a walk?" He asked. Chloe hesitated as she still hardly knew the man but gave in when she saw his inviting expression.

He started to walk and Chloe fell into step beside him, "You look like you have a loton your mind Stripes." She said mock teasingly. He did indeed look like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Steve looked down, "Oh its nothing ma'am, I just miss real home." He said quietly and with some bitterness.

Chloe rubbed his arm comfortingly, "So tell me about it." She said quietly and he did. She spent the whole day with him telling her stories of where he had grown up in Brooklyn. Chloe found that he really was the All American Boy and smiled sadly. Breaking off in the middle of his story, Steve looked at Chloe worriedly, "Lets sit down." He said comfortingly and gently guided her to a bench. Chloe was so stunned that he was focusing on her needs that she was speechless. "You really are a Boy Wonder." She said eventually to which Steve just laughed nervously. "Boy Wonder huh?" He asked sounding stunned.

Chloe nodded, "I would know, after all I'm surrounded by men all the time." She said and then blushed as she realized how that sounded. Steve laughed, "And I doubt they would like me spending time with you." He said no doubt recalling the last time he had met The Justice League.

Chloe snorted and then sighed, "Sadly, I think you're right." She admitted. Steve studied her, "I know we barely know each other, but would us being together really be a bad thing?" He asked. Chloe bit her lip, "Of course not, its just the last man I dated...died because I...I made a mistake." She said quietly.

Steve winced and then looked over at her, "You know, you can't blame yourself for things that are out of your control." He said as he put his hand over hers. Chloe nodded and studied their hands, "You should take your own advice." She said softly. She moved her hands so she was lightly holding his own, she gave them a gentle squeeze before she released them.

She got up and smiled down at him, "Well Stripes, its been a pleasure getting to know you. Maybe we can do this again sometime?" She asked, wondering why she was suddenly so anxious. Steve looked up at her surprised, "You're leaving?" He asked, sounding stunned. Chloe looked around the park, "Well saving the world is kinda time consuming." She said lightly. Steve sighed, "I save the world too you know, besides someone taught me that its ok to take breaks now and then." He said, at his words Chloe laughed dryly. "Sounds like you should be telling one of my friends that concept." She said as she smiled warmly up at him. Steve studied her, "You should smile more." He said softly.

Chloe's heart raced, he had somehow gotten up in the time he had said that. He was looking down at her with an intense look on his face. Chloe's breath caught as he tilted his head towards hers, There was a loud scream and Chloe whirled towards the sound, she wasn't the only one. "Stay here." Steve said sternly and headed towards the sound. Chloe raised her eyebrow at his retreating back, "You really don't understand that I can handle myself." She muttered as she followed after him.

The scream was coming from an alley and Chloe bit her lip, the whole thing felt wrong. "Steve, we should go." She whispered, the feeling of being both exposed and watched grew. "I thought I told you to stay behind." Steve commented, without turning to look at her.

Chloe sighed, " And where's the fun in that?" She asked without missing a beat. Steve turned to give her a small smirk, "Just stay close to me all right?" He asked. Chloe nodded, he was after all the only one who had the most field expierence.

Steve stepped into the alleyway, "Hello, is anyone here?" He called out cautiously. Chloe bit her lip, feeling even more uneasy yet she couldn't put her finger on it. "Steve, we should go." She whispered. Steve turned to look over at her, "But what abou-" whatever he was about to say next was lost as he was hit in the back if the head. The blow didn't even phase him for that long, Chloe was so shocked that she didn't even register the two goons sneaking up behind her until one of them put a hood over her head and the other one grabbed her from behind. Chloe thrashed in his grip as Steve took out the guy who had hit him. The two guys started dragging her away and Chloe screamed, hoping that Stripes would come to her rescue.

Steve finished rendering the guy unconscious and looked around for Chloe. He whirled around when he heard a familiar scream and bolted off in that direction. He hated himself for not noticing sooner.

He almost cursed when he saw that two guys were trying to force her into the back of an SUV with tinted windows. Chloe was having none of it though and was putting up a pretty good fight for someone who was hooded. Steve shouted as he tried to distract the two goons and smiled triumphantly at their stunned expressions.

One of the guys pulled out a handgun and raised it in Steve's direction but Chloe chose at that moment to wildly kick the man's leg. The man bellowed and turned on Chloe but Steve interfered and attacked both guys being careful not to jepordize Chloe's safety.

Once they were both unconscious he carefully approached Chloe not wanting her to try and attack him. "Chloe, you ok?" He asked quietly, Chloe who had tensed upon his footsteps slowly relaxed when she heard his voice. "Yeah, but uhm can you get this hood off of me; I'm kinda all tied up at the moment." She said with an attempt at humor as she held up her hands that had been bound by duct tape.

Steve hurried forward and pulled off her hood. Green eyes met his briefly before they looked back down at her wrists. "I got it." Steve said quietly as he bent forward and took care of the tape as quickly as he could. Chloe rubbed her wrists and looked at the two guys still out cold. "So, any idea who these cats are?" She asked, inwardly hoping it wasn't Lex again. Steve looked up at her and sighed, "Only one way to find out." He said.


Chloe was dressed in her JL outfit, complete with black leather and a long black wig complete with sun glasses. Next to her was Steve in all his Captain American glory, she had to admit he made stars and stripes look good.

She smirked down at their trussed up captive, "So do you want to do the honors?" She asked. Steve smiled, "With pleasure." He said before he attached the man's coat to a griphook. Chloe watched in some shock as he pushed the man over the ledge. The cable that was keeping the man suspended was slackened enough that the man would no doubt feel like he was free falling.

It wasn't long before they heard a man cry out in terror, Steve calmly retracted the cable and brought the man up to face level with them. He grabbed the man roughly and hauled him up in the air as if the man weighed nothing. "Who sent you?" He demanded, the man stammered and begged for mercy. If anything Steve was unaffected and repeated the process until finally the man talked. "It was Luthor...he said the woman needed to be taken care of." The man stammered out, no doubt wanting the odd nightmare to end.

Chloe bit her lip at the man's words and avoided Steve's probing look, without saying another word Steve knocked the man unconscious. Chloe didn't even register it, "Look Chloe we'll figure it out." He said gently. Chloe couldn't bring herself to tell him otherwise.

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