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Dean is 17 and Sam is 13

"I can't leave them." Dean stated simply with fist clenched and jaw terse. Ally parted her lips as if she may say something but she let her lips fall back together and gave a grim nod.

"I understand, I only hope that you can make it back and stay for a while." Her words dug under his skin as he pulled in the fact that he may not make it back. He had made his decision though and he was not going back on it now. It was worth the risk right?

"With this line of business I may see you again soon." Dean chuckled keeping up his megawatt smile even though the words were too true.

"Probably not, you won't have a choice next time." Ally replied simply with little emotion clouding her voice or face. Dean swallowed hard at the monotone of the woman and realized he could usually pull that off too.

"Is there anything you can tell me about…you know?"

"It's against the rules."

"Aren't angels allowed to break rules? I was looking forward to that."

"I am no angel Dean."

"Then what are you?"

"All I will tell you is your father's words may be the death of you Dean, watch out for Sammy." Ally smiled sweetly running her slender fingers through his short hair and cupping his cheek. His almost glassy eyes she opened her mouth again, "Your mother sends her love."

Before Dean could collect the words she had dropped her hands cleared away the tears in her eyes. She turned away with a sharp snap and walked slowly away almost hovering above the tile. "Good bye Dean, I really liked meeting you, finally."

As she faded away into the light far ahead the edges began to grow dark. The picture in front of him was slowly eaten away by darkness until only his small patch of ground remained. As the pitch black swallowed him up he could have sworn he heard his father's voice ringing in his ears, calling his name. 'I'll fight to get back, I promise, I need you both.'


"Take your brother and run Dean!" 'I did'

"Deanie!" 'Sammy'

"Salt the doors and windows I'll be back as soon as I can." 'What if you don't come back?'

"Are monsters real?" 'I wish they weren't Sammy.'

"Watch out for Sammy." 'Yes sir'

"Why do you always side with him? I'm your brother!" 'He's our dad Sam.'

"I'm proud of you son." 'thanks Dad'

"We are his sons not his soldiers Dean!" 'Is there a difference?'

"He could have died Dean!" 'I know.'

"You're my big brother I want to take care of you too." 'that's my job'

"You left him alone? I gave you an order!" 'See this is what happens when I don't follow orders'

"Why do you always have to follow his every direction?" 'To protect you.'

"I love you son." 'I'm coming back

"I love you Dean." …I promise"


John and Sam Winchester weren't fighting when Dean woke up. They didn't fight as the doctor explained what a miracle had happened today. They smiled at each other as they sat in the hospital and listened to Dean's pleas for escape. Not a word of anger was uttered as they got Dean back 'home.' For a grand total of seven days Sam and John Winchester did not fight. And Dean was very grateful. When Dean heard the first words of bickering and complaint he knew it was over. That was okay, he had to be here. He knew that even more when his brother and father were going at each other's throats. Protect Sammy, from everything including Dad. Family comes first even when it is being torn apart from the inside out. This was part of his job even if Ally was right and it was the death of him.