Caught By A Hook

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: Trouble In London

It was a beautiful night in the city of London. The stars and the moon twinkled brillantly in the velvet sky, and a brisk breeze rolled in from the sea. Settled comfortably in the London Musuem, Finn and Holley stood on guard.

Recently, the Queen of England had been blessed with the opurtunity to borrow the Hope Diamond from America and put on display in London. Word got out fast as the paparazzi had a field day telling everyone in town about it. Unfortunately, according to Finn's new boss, the wrong parties had also been informed, and were planning on stealing the diamond tonight.

Holley's eyes were tired, but she kept forcing herself awake, looking back at the blue gem. It was nearly midnight and the thief hadn't shown up yet.

"You're sure Raptor didn't make a mistake?" asked Holley, looking over at her partner " I mean we've been at this nearly all night, and the thief hasn't appeared yet,"

"Patience Miss Shiftwell" said Finn to Holley " the first skill a spy must try to master is patience,"

"I thought it was stealth," thought Holley, rolling her eyes.

The purple spy car's soon came to an end however, as the wall near the diamond display case suddenly exploded! A black car with red eyes drove in through the new hole as soon as the smoke faded away and started driving towards the diamond. Finn's eyes immediately widened in recgonition.

"It's Gear," said Finn.

"Who?" asked Holley.

But before she could even get an answer, the black car below smashed open the case, and in a flash Finn was grappling down towards him. He immediately karate chopped the black car as soon he got his wheels on the diamond. Gear was shocked, but he hadn't dropped his prize.

"Well well" said Gear, looking at his attacker " Finn McMissle, long time no see. It's very fortunate that we meet again,"

"I thought I locked you up a long time ago," said Finn, eyes narrowed.

"You did, but I escaped" said Gear " and after all these years, I'll soon have my revenge,"

"Well you're not taking the Hope Diamond with you" said Finn " I'll stop you,"

"You and what army?" laughed Gear.

"This one!" said Holley diving down from her perch, and attacking Gear.

She and Gear battled quite a bit, matching each other blow for blow. Holley tried once or twice to snatch the Hope Diamond away from Gear, but as soon as she would, Gear would kick her in the side and send her reeling.

When it seemed like his partner was getting tired, Finn drove in to help with the fight, and successfully sntached the Hope Diamond away from Gear. Holley finishing the black car off with a shock of her tazer wires.

"Looks like you lost old chap," said Finn, holding up the blue diamond in victory.

"Not yet I haven't," grinned Gear.

And with that said, a choking fog of grey smoke started to pour out from the black car, making Finn and Holley lose thier sight and immediately begin coughing. Ten seconds later the smoke cleared, and when the two spy cars could see once more, they were surprised to see that Gear had escaped, and the Hope Diamond was no longer there.

"Drat," Finn growled in anger.

"The new director isn't going to like this," thought Holley to herself.

Later, Back At HQ

"Pathetic!" said an orange and black Raptor, staring intently at Holley and Finn " it was a simple robbery assignment and you couldn't even pull that off,"

Finn restrianed every fiber of his being not to lash out at the new director. Every since the old one passed on, by murder no less, Raptor had been assigned on as a head director for British Intellengce. Needless to say this car begged on perfection, and thought that both Finn and Holley were worthless as spies.

"How could a car this every take Jack's place?" thought Finn.

The silver, spy car's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his partner.

"Commander Raptor" said Holley " I know we failed to stop the thief, but we have a pretty good idea of who he is, and will do whatever it takes to bring the Hope Diamond back,"

"Enough!" shouted Raptor " as of now, you and Finn are offically off this case! I am hereby forcing both of you to take your vacations early. Set one tread into this case and I'll see you kicked off the force,"

"What?" said Holley " you can do that!"

"Try me" said Raptor, grinning wickedly " you have twelve hours to leave England and pack your bags. Have a nice trip,"

With those last words, Finn and Holley both drove out the office with expressions of anger clearly written on thier faces.

"Who in the world does he thik he is?" shouted Holley, as her and Finn drove out of HQ.

"The big dog obviously" said Finn " I can't believe that the higher ups thought this guy could even qualify as a head director!"

"None of the less" said Holley " he still has the power to take our jobs away. Guess we have no choice but to follow his lead,"

"Any ideas for a good vacation spot?" asked Finn.

"Well" said Holley, with a grin " I do have one idea,"

Finn immediately knew what Holley was planning and smiled back.

"It has something to do with Mater right?" asked Finn.

A blush told him all he needed to know.

"Well" said Finn " he has been pateint for this first date thing, so why not? Siddley!"

"Yes Finn?" responded Siddley's voice on the communicator.

"Get gassed and ready to go" said Finn " and warn a certian tow truck about our arrival,"

"Right away Sir," said Siddley out loud, as the two spy cars approached over the horizion.

Standing high atop the roof of a nearby building a certian black car kept watch as the two spy cars crawled aboard the jet plane, the Hope Diamond shining brightly in his hands.

"So Finn" said Gear, as Siddley took off " our game begins at last,"