Surprise! I can write more than just HP fics! Aren't you shocked. Anyways, KH has always been an obsession of mine, along with some of its characters (Riku, Axel, and Demyx, for example), so I decided to write an OC fic, which usually don't work out too well for me, but this one writes like slowly melting butter; easily and deliciously. Maybe not the delicious part, but you get my point. :P Since I don't have a Nintendo, and therefore can't play BbS, CoM, etc., please excuse any errors you might see here. There might be a few holes in KH2 because I played my copy until it busted, but that's a ways off. (; Also, I borrow a bit from the KH manga, but not so much as to bother the people who didn't read it. I just reference it here and there. Reviews are always welcome (and loved!), so if you even like this a bit, or see something odd, or want to tell me how horrible I am and how much you wish my cat would stop eating your tuna sandwiches, please, do us all a favor and leave me something to remember it by. I wish that you enjoy, and, without further ado, the disclaimer!

Disclaimer: I do not own this glorious game that is dubbed by the all-holy name of Kingdom Hearts. Forgive me. T.T


I looked innocently up at the sky from my six-year-old perspective as my mother practically dragged me, running towards our only hope; the mountain fortress that had been built for our ancestors long ago by the gods, so the legend goes. She glanced behind her, looking at the hordes of heartless my father and his father before him were fighting off so that we could run. Suddenly, we reached the gate, and my mother began to open it, setting down her broadsword to wage a battle with the decrepit wheel. Letting out a war cry she pushed with all her might, and the gate fell with a thud.

"Father Ivan, Gregor, quickly!" she bellowed, grasping her sword once more and retaking my hand, pulling me along. We scaled the stairs to a battlement, where my mother grabbed a bow and quiver off of the wall, for, though old, they still held much power. Not breaking her stride, my mother stung her first arrow and released, letting it fly into the heads of one of the larger heartless, making it fade, a lone heart sinking upwards into the darkening sky.

"Get off of your asses and get moving!" my mother screamed to my father and grandfather, who finally began to retreat into the fortress' walls, closing the gate behind them, but not before a multitude of heartless had broken in.

"Enya," my mother called, making me look up, "take this dagger and go help hold the gate, you've been trained well enough for this."

My eyes began to water as I took the long dagger from her. It was about the right size to be a small sword for me.

"Darling," she said, speaking to me softly for one of the first times in her life, "you'll be safe with your father. And one day, when we get out of this, you'll grow up to be a beautiful young woman."

Now I was truly scared. She had never talked about me growing up to be anything, much less beautiful. Nevertheless, I scampered back down the stairwell to where my father and grandfather were fighting wildly as heartless continued to seep through the gaps in the gate. I took a deep breath and jumped into the midst of them, slashing and hacking away. I heard a great bellowing laugh from my left and saw father and grandfather back to back. I made my way over to them, taking down a few more heartless, then summoning a thunder spell. I had been training since I could walk. Quite literally, in fact.

"Looks like your girl's got quite a lot of spunk, even at a time like this, son," yelled my partially-deaf old warrior of a grandfather. My father merely nodded with a nervous smile as he bashed in the head of an oncoming Shadow with his staff. And so it went for around another hour, the heartless still unrelenting, slowly weakening us with each passing minute, until we heard an ear-splitting scream from the battlements.

"Svanhild," my father cried out, instantly summoning a far more powerful thunder spell than I could ever manage and making a mad dash through the severely-reduced ranks of heartless towards where my mother lay with two heartless that had scaled the fortress' wall, as I was told later. My father made short work of them, and began to carry my mother back down when darkness began to truly and completely shroud my home world.

"Enya! Take this sword," bellowed my grandfather, throwing me a giant broadsword in a sheath, bearing the name Cathal, "I won it from a hot-headed Irishman that reminded me a lot of me, and you remind me of him. It is right, this way."

"But, grandfather!" I called, plaintively as darkness began to overtake the courtyard as well.

"My dear," his whisper came from the darkness, "I wish for you to not make the same mistakes as I did. There are some things that are unchangeable..."

"Grandfather!" I called out in the darkness, but no one heard me. I was alone. I wondered vaguely as I fell into a deep slumber if this was what death felt like; easily slipping into a world of darkness without any pain...


I awoke just as I had fallen asleep; alone, but this time on a strange island. I was taken in by a kind villager who ran the ice cream parlor on the main street, and soon learned that I now in the Destiny Islands. Mere days after I had come to the island I met two boys; Sora and Riku. We became instant friends (after I had gotten them free ice cream) and began to make trouble all about the island. Time passed quickly, and I almost forgot about my previous life in the Northern Circle, my old world. But memories like that cannot easily forgotten.

A year passed, and, the night of a strange meteor shower, a small girl was tossed onto the same beach that I had woken up on. She was found and taken in by the mayor and her husband (who hadn't had any children of their own) after having seen how happy Mr. Jenkins, my guardian, was with a small, energetic child running about. In no time, the trio became a quartet, and our adventures grew even wilder, what with Sora trying to impress Kairi all the time, and Riku never wanting to be shown up. But, by the time Riku and I were nine (I was proud to say that I was two and a quarter months older than him, however), something changed, or shifted, or whatever. No matter how famously we had gotten along before, we now teased each other and picked fights whenever we chose. I won some of these petty fights, but I also lost some, much to my dismay and Riku's delight.

Life was seemingly perfect, and we all promised each other to never leave (until, that is, the day we all went to explore other worlds like mine or Kairi's). Then came the day when I finally found out where my parents were from a gummi ship trader who had landed in the Destiny Islands quite on accident. Heartbroken, I said goodbye promising to come back, or at least, never to forget.

When I reached home, however, nothing was as happy as I had thought my reunion with my parents would be; y mother was still bed-ridden and slowly dying from the injuries she had sustained during our fight at the fortress. My father, Cid, the man who had taken me back to Traverse Town, and a few others had been searching for a cure, and had checked all the worlds they knew except for one; Enchanted Dominion. I demanded to go, like the petulant child I was, and we prepared for the journey that would never take place.


I sat on the balcony of the hotel my parents and the others that I had barely met now lived in, breathing deeply, relishing the scent of the heavy mist that now shrouded the entire second district. I sat there, swinging my lanky legs, I had just had a growth spurt, thinking about my life back in the Destiny Islands. I wondered how Sora, Kairi, and Riku were doing. Especially Riku. I blushed at the thought. Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my ten-year-old mind, I knew that I had a little crush on him, but had instead decided to cover it up with teasing and fighting.

Footsteps broke my concentration and I hopped back onto the balcony, unsheathing Cathal, which I always used, despite the fact that it was too big for me to handle well, and crouching into a battle stance. A dark cackle that I would come to know well came through the mist that was now allowing my to see a figure in a long black dress with horns on the top of its, no...her...head.

"Put that thing away, child," her voice commanded, "it's far too big a plaything for a tiny girl like you."

I growled, not breaking my stance.

"Listen to me, or you will not hear the bargain I offer," she commanded once more, but this time I, grudgingly, obeyed.

"That's better," she sighed, stroking the head of the raven perched on her shoulder, "now, child, my name is Maleficent, and it has come to my attention that you, Enya, intend to venture to my world, the Enchanted Dominion, to find a cure for your poor, dying mother. Is that correct?"

I nodded slowly, cautiously wondering how she knew everything.

"What would you say if I could offer you the cure...right now?" Maleficent said, instantly gaining my attention as she summoned a small, leather-bound book out of thin air.

"Yes," I answered, my voice cracking.

"In return, you just have to keep me company in my old age and maybe run a few little errands. But that's still a little ways off. What do you think, my dear?" she asked, her words sinking into me and holding me captive more than any ropes or chains ever could. Still, something wasn't right...

"I wish for you not to make the same mistakes as I did."


"I agree to your terms," I said, more assuredly this time. It didn't matter if I was giving up my life for hers. What I didn't know at the time, was that it was exactly what I was doing.

"There are some things that are unchangeable..."

"Just as a little sign of our bargain, wear this around your neck," she said in her sickeningly sweet voice while holding out what looked to be a deathly heavy iron locket on a necklace of chains. She also handed me the book, and that was what really did it. Book now in hand, I pulled the necklace over my head, instantly feeling it pulling me closer to the ground. Then, an insanely painful feeling began to stir in my chest. I screamed as I saw my own heart float out of my body and into the locket, their sizes matching perfectly. I felt my mind go blank as I saw the locket shift down into a simple pendant that looked like the heartless insignia.

When I looked up, Maleficent was gone, leaving me with the mist once more. Now, if only I could remember what I had been thinking about...

Whoosh. *wipes sweat off brow* Fun can be challenging with terribly plot-filled things like prologues. There wasn't much humor, but I hope you liked it anyways. (; I wrote it for you, tehe. I'm awfully sorry that I didn't go into Enya's time with Riku, Sora, and Kairi, much, but I promise that there will be flashbacks in the future, which was part of the reason I did what I did. You see, I don't think anyone wants to be reading pretty much the same thing twice. Which is why I don't go over things from one person's POV, then another's. Simple, sensible sense, in my opinion. What's yours? (= I'd dearly love to know.