Chapter 6

Back Down the Rabbit Hole

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"Sweet Pea," I heard Baby Doll gasp. "Open your eyes!"

I shook my head, keeping them shut tight. I didn't want to see the face of the man that now held our fate.

"I'd suggest you hurry, Sweet Pea." The male voice spoke. "Your parents won't hold the police off for long."

It was then that my eyes opened, recognizing that voice. "You!" I gasped.

My gaze fell on the smiling face of the Wiseman. His hand was held out to me, and I took it thankfully.

He pulled me out of the closet and to my feet. "Hello again Sweet Pea and Baby Doll. I hate to cut this reunion short, but I'm afraid you two don't have much time. In about two minutes, those policemen will barge through that door. You need to make sure you're out of here by then."

"Where would we even go?" Baby Doll asked. "There's nowhere left to run."

The Wiseman's smile only grew. "I'm glad you asked. Just outside of town is an abandoned firehouse. It will serve as a safe house for you two until you choose to leave it." He then turned to my closet, grabbing a green backpack. He took some clothing of mine off of the hangers, and stuffed it into the bag. He then went over to the drawer of my dresser, grabbing a small plastic bag where I had stashed my savings over the years. It surprised me that he seemed to know where I hid everything. He then turned to me, handing over the bag.

"Thank you." I said, slipping my arms through the straps. "Thank you for everything." Baby Doll added.

The Wiseman smiled. "My pleasure, ladies. Oh, and one other thing. When you get to the safe house, there's a little surprise for Sweet Pea."

I looked up at him curiously. "Me?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yes, you. And, remember this. Both of you. Not everything is what it seems. Sometimes, the pain of losing someone is so strong, that it takes over our minds, distorting our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, what we think is lost forever, is right where we left it." He stepped off to the side, walking until he was behind us.

"Wait." I said, turning to face him again. "What do you…?" I paused. He was gone. Again.

"Hey did you hear that?" A male voice asked from the hallway.

"Sounded like it was coming from the bedroom." Another voice responded. It didn't take a rocket scientist to tell that it was the police.

"Hurry!" Baby Doll said quietly. I nodded in response, gathering up any other supplied I would need. Then, an idea struck me. I turned to my radio I kept on my shelf, and turned it on. This would give my parents an explanation for the noise at least.

I then turned to my window, the soft sounds of the music floating throughout the room.

I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time, and every creature lends themselves to change your state of mind…

Slowly and carefully, I lifted the shutter and climbed out to my front yard.

And the girl who chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pill, has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels…

When my feet finally touched the ground, I began to hear the sound of a siren, and dogs barking. I felt rain pelting down on my hair, and mud sinking into my shoes. My house was no longer a house, but a large concrete wall. That wall connected with three others to create a prison.

"Come on, Baby!" I called to her, somehow automatically knowing what our situations was, and how to handle it. "We need to get out of here!"

She nodded, jumping down from the large hole in the wall. "Let's go." She said, grabbing onto my arm.

Together, we started running. Behind us, I could hear dogs barking and men shouting. "Their getting away! Stop them!"

A gunshot rang out, and I quickly ducked my head. The bullet whizzed by my ear, embedding itself in a tree up ahead. "We need something to hold them off!" I said. "We can't keep them running forever!"

"What's in the pack?" Baby asked. I quickly tossed a mud stained backpack, which obviously wasn't the one I'd left my house with, to her, allowing her to look through it. I'd begun to learn not to question the things that were going on, and to just keep running.

It was the only thing I could do now.

"Money, spare clothes, pocket knife….. Here!" She cried tossing me a small plastic package. The label read as "Beef Jerky"

"Perfect! This should get the dogs off of us!" I ripped the package open with my teeth, and tossed the pieces of beef behind us. The barking of the dogs decreased, and was replaced with the snapping of their jaws as they ripped into the jerky.

"All that's left is the prison guards. We get rid of them, and we're home free!" Baby added.

I nodded, my feet pounding against the muddy ground. My heart slammed against my chest as we neared a ravine that was too far across for me to measure mentally, and god knew how deep it was. Baby's eyes widened, showing instant panic. "Sweet Pea!" She cried, trying to get my attention.

I shook my head, keeping my focus forward. "We're gonna have to jump!" I said.

"Are you crazy?!" She shouted. "It's got to be miles across! We'll never make it!"

"We have to try!" I responded. "Hold onto my hand, and get ready to jump. On three, ok?"

She nodded, squeezing my hand into an iron grasp. She knew well enough that I was as scared as she was. "One…" I said my voice on the verge of cracking.

"Two…" Behind us, I could hear the guards shouting, and more dogs barking. They'd brought reinforcements….

"Three!" With a quick leap, we flew through the air.

A female scream was heard, but none of the guards could tell who it belonged to. As they neared the ravine, they came to a skidding halt, kicking up dirt and rocks and sending the pieces of earth over the edge.

"They wouldn't have survived that." One guard said.

"Definitely not." Another man grunted. "It's a long way down from here."

"Poor things were that desperate…" One other guard piped up. "Well, I guess that's all for today men. Let's head back."

As the men dispersed, none had noticed a figure that clung to a root that shot out from the wall of the ravine. And clinging to the hand of that figure, was a smaller figure dangling for her life.

Baby Doll shut her eyes, clinging to my arm. I had done the same, praying to god that the root would hold the two of us. The muscles in my arms strained to hold Baby and myself up, and threatened to let go at any point in time.

"Baby…" I manage to say through clenched teeth. "Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not let go, or look down. Everything is going to be ok. Alright."

"Yes!" Baby squeaked, sounding as though she was on the brink of tears. "Sweet Pea, please don't let me fall. Please…"

"I'm not going to let you fall, alright!" I said, trying to move my arms enough to keep them from locking up. I opened my eyes a bit, seeing that there was a small ledge jutting out from the cliff side. It was close enough to where I could get Baby Doll to safety, and maybe myself.

"Baby, I want you to listen to me alright? I'm going to swing you towards that ledge. You see it?"

Baby Doll opened her eyes, seeing what I had meant and immediately looked back at me with wide horrorstruck eyes. "No, you can't!" She cried. "The branch will break! You'll fall!"

"Baby Doll!" I snapped. "Don't worry about me, you hear! I'll be fine!"

"You have to promise me… Promise me you'll be ok!"

"Baby…" I groaned, pain shooting up my arms,


"Alright, fine! I promise I'll be ok! Just do as I say, alright?! Tuck your legs under you, and be ready to let go."

Baby Doll nodded briskly, crossing and tucking he legs beneath her. With a sharp cry of pain, I swung my body to the left, swinging her with me, and towards the ledge. When we'd finally gained enough momentum, Baby released my arm from her grip, and flew to the edge.

By a stroke of luck, she'd landed on the ledge effortlessly. I let out a sigh of relief, preparing myself for my swing.

A sudden snapping noise shattered my heart and my hopes. My gaze shot above me, seeing that the root really was breaking. Baby Doll frowned, noticing something was wrong. I looked back at her, trying to quickly swing myself forward.

That was my biggest mistake ever.

The branch snapped in my hands, taking away my chance of safety. Slowly, or so it seemed, I began to fall.

"Sweet Pea!" I heard Baby Doll scream.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact that would end my life. At least now, I'd be with Rocket again.

I felt an impact with something, but the wind still rushing through my head and the sudden feeling of vertigo concluded that I hadn't hit the ground. My eyes shot open, seeing that I was wrapped in the muscular arm of a man. "Hang on to me!" A voice spoke, bringing a sense of familiarity to my heart. Immediately, I flung my arms around the man's neck, and clung for dear life, squeezing my eyes shut again.

I could tell from the momentum that we were swinging back and forth across the ravine. We swung approximately four times before we had landed on the solid ground of the ledge. When my eyes opened again, I was bombarded by Baby Doll throwing her arms around me, trapping me in a tight hug. When the embrace concluded, I turned to thank my timely rescuer.

I didn't see him at first, but I turned around once again, seeing that the ledge wasn't just a ledge, but a cave cut deep within the rock. The hero of our encounter was sitting at a small fire, poking at it with a thin stick.

The firelight danced across his face, but one feature of his stood out against the dim light.

A pair of dark green eyes.

My breath caught in my throat, a memory flashing to my mind.

The five of us stood in World War I trench, preparing ourselves for the battle at hand against the Germans and their steam powered soldiers. Blondie found herself distracted, her eyes scanning across the soldiers. One soldier stood out among the others. A boy, who couldn't have been older than sixteen, with dark green eyes fixed at her. Blondie stepped forward, tossing back his helmet and bringing his face up to get a better look at him. Like the other soldiers, his face was covered in dirt, blood, and grime. Yet, his eyes held a glimmer of hope. Hope that this war would end soon and he'd never have another comrade die in his arms again. The face of this boy made Blondie want to cry, but she kept a hard, expressionless face.

"Blondie." I snapped, glancing over my shoulder. "Focus."

I'd caught a glimpse of the boy myself. I wanted to cry as well, but it had nothing to do with his age, that glimmer of hope in his eyes, or any of the horrors he'd had faced. No…. it was something else…. Something different entirely.

"But, Sweet Pea…" Blondie whispered, turning back to me. "He… He looks like…"

"I know who he looks like." I snapped. "You know as well as I do that it's not him. So get your head out of the clouds, and focus on the mission."

Blondie frowned, and glanced back at the boy, giving him an apologetic look. He nodded sternly, and turned his attention to his weapon that had suddenly needed to be reloaded again.

I didn't want to believe it then, and I didn't want to believe it now. He couldn't be alive. There was no way… I'd gotten a letter from the General himself that he'd been killed in action…

"E-Eric?" I stuttered.

Those beautiful green eyes of his fixed their gaze on me, and my heart wanted to melt.

"Hello, Abigail."

That voice… those eyes…. It couldn't be. No… It wasn't him.

I closed my eyes, placing my head in my hands. No. It was all a trick. This was all a part of those damn fantasies I was always living in. No, no, no.

When I opened my eyes again, I was no longer standing on that ledge in the pouring rain. I was now standing in an old abandoned building, covered in cobwebs and age old graffiti.

The firehouse.

Both Baby Doll and…. and that man was staring at me, concerned. "Sweet Pea?" Baby asked.

"No…" I whispered, suddenly feeling sick to my stomach. "No. It's not you. It can't be you."

"Abby." That damned voice spoke, getting closer to me. I could feel a hand reaching out for me, and I immediately smacked it away. "Don't touch me!" I hissed. "You are not him. You can't be! No… This isn't real…. This is a dream… it… it." My head was swimming, and nothing made sense to me anymore. I felt my knees becoming weak, and I fell to them, my vision beginning to fade.

"Sweet Pea!" I heard a voice call. But I knew it wasn't Baby Doll's this time.

Slowly, I felt everything fade away as I slipped into unconsciousness.

Her name is Alice…. And even though she's dreaming, she's unlocked the meaning for you.

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