This is written as one of Veronica's flashbacks from season 1.

Duncan just broke up with Veronica without comment or explanation. Lilly isn't speaking to Logan. The two decide to talk to each other to find out what is going on with the Kane's, but so they end up finding something else instead? I hope I did an adequate job of staying true to the characters voices. Please read and review. Let me know what you think.

I own nothing. It's all Rob Thomas.

It may be hard to believe but this boy, this obligatory jackass, the guy who's locker I planted a bong in, the one that bashed in my headlights with a crowbar, Logan Echolls, once upon a time used to be my friend. One of my best friends in fact. And once, for a brief moment, he almost became more...

I was walking home, my le baron was, as is often the case broke down. Oh well, I needed the walk to try and clear my head anyway. I was totally confused. What was going on with Duncan. He had completely blown me off today. He wouldn't even acknowledge my existence. Why? Had I done something wrong? If so what? For the life of me I couldn't think of anything.

My eyes began to sting from the frustrated tears in them. I stopped to collect myself, not a good idea to cross the street with blurred vision. I wiped my eyes. A horn blared. I looked up to see the bright yellow monster Logan got for his birthday a couple months earlier pulling up to the curb where I was standing.

"Hey, Ronnie!" he shouted his head sticking out of the window. The SUV came to a stop. The passenger side window rolled down. "What's up? You need a ride?" He offered. I bit my lip, considering. "Um...". Logan cocked a smile. "Come on," He leaned over and opened the passenger side door. "hop in."

I smiled weakly and nodded, climbing up into the seat, "Thanks." I murmured. This might be a good opportunity for me to find out what's bugging Duncan. Who better to ask if not the man himself, his best friend. I buckled myself in and we rolled off. We drove neither of us spoke for a couple of minutes. The only sound was from the dandy warhols cd playing. "I like this song." I remarked as an icebreaker.

Logan smirked, "Yeah, me too." Silence again for a few beats. I was just building up the courage to ask about Duncan when Logan said, "Can I ask you something?"

I turned my head and looked at his profile. He seemed almost nervous like. A very un-Logan like thing. "Sure." I said, intrigued.

"I was just wondering," he began hesitantly, "It's about Lilly." I nodded him on. "She's been acting weird. Like she's pissed at me for something, only I don't know what. She's been blowing me off and stuff. I was just wondering, I don't know, has she mentioned anything to you about me? About being mad at me? Something I did?"

I couldn't help myself. It was just too much of a coincidence. Logan asking me about Lilly. I burst out laughing. After a beat of stunned silence, Logan chuckled along with me, not knowing why. I guess it was infectious.

"What's so funny Mars?" I shook my head trying to contain myself.

"No, nothing." I said catching my breath. "It's just, well, I was going to ask you the same thing pretty much. Not about Lilly, but about Duncan. He was totally ignoring me today."

Logan's chuckle slowed."Yeah, I kind of noticed. I don't know why though."

"I don't know what's up with Lilly either," I offered, "sorry." either.

"Well something sure is up with the Kane family." He commented. "Maybe it's in their water supply."I smirked."Yeah, maybe."

The conversation stilled for a few blocks cleared his throat and dove back in to it."So, what are you up to right now?" he asked. "I mean are you busy?" I couldn't think of anything pressing I had to do.I had some home work but not much. That was it."Uh, no. Not really. Why?"

"I was thinking maybe we could hang out."

"Uh," I floundered taken by surprise. I mean sure Logan and I hung out all the time, but always as a foursome with Duncan and Lilly. The times Logan and I have hung out just the two of us I could count on one hand and probably not even use all my fingers. But hey, why the hell not? "Uh, sure." I finally answered, smiling. "Sounds good."

Logan smiled back. "All right."

We went to Logan's house. Nobody else was home. His Dad was off filming on Location and his mother went to visit him. His sister Trina just left for Australia. We were walking up to his house, I guess passing by the pool gave Logan an idea. "Hey, let's go swimming." he suggested, suddenly. Stopping in front of the pool.

I cocked my head to the side as if considering "Hmm, well, I'd really like to," I said then snapped my fingers in mock disappointment. "but darn it, wouldn't you know the one day I didn't bring my bathing suit to school with me."

"That's perfect!" He gushed. "Now you can finally knock skinny dipping off your list." I smiled wryly at him.

"Seriously though," He continued. "There are extra suits in the guest house. I'm sure you can find something that'll fit. I think my eleven year old cousin left one behind last time she was here."

"Ha, Ha." I replied, dryly to the obvious jab about my size. He chuckled. "Come on, what do you say?" I sighed. It was a perfect day for swimming. "Oh, All right."

"You found something, I see." Logan remarked as I walked over to the pool. He had already changed into his trunks and beat me out there.

I looked down at the pink and purple polka dot bikini, the only thing in my size available. "Yep, I did."

Logan nodded. "Good. Well I got towels." he proclaimed and turned to toss them onto a lounge chair. I almost gasped when I saw his back. There was a long purple slash across it. I was going to ask him what had happened, but I figured he just got it somehow from rough housing with the guys. The way he and Duncan always do. I will never understand boys.

"So," Logan ventured slapping his hands together, "shall we?" With that he took a running start for the pool and jumped in cannonball style. I jumped back to avoid the back splash. Logan's head surfaced. "What are you waiting Ronnie? Come on in the water's fine." I giggled and headed for the steps.

"Oh you are so dead Mars!" Logan shouted after I splashed him. I giggled."Oh you think it's funny? Well see how much you laugh at this." He started swimming my way. I let out a shriek and swam away. He caught up to me and grabbed a hold of me. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed triumphantly. He scooped me up in his arms, lifting me out of the water.

I squealed, "Logan put me down!" He shrugged. "Whatever you say." He tossed me back into the water with a big splash.

I surfaced to find him laughing his ass off. "Ugh! You're so going to get in now." I threatened and lunged for him. I pressed down on the top of his head and dunked him under the water. He emerged with a burst flicking water at me. I tried to go for him again, but he grabbed me around my waist. "I don't think so." He said. I was laughing and wriggling trying to get free. "Let me go."

"You gonna play nice?" He asked.

"Yes." I promised.

Logan looked at me considering, "How do I know I can trust you?" He asked. "Maybe I should just keep a hold on you. Just in case."

I laughed. "Logan, come on." I pleaded a bit more soberly. I finally stop trying to wiggle free and looked him in the face. "Logan," I began, but froze an odd feeling coming over me all of the sudden. I just became aware of how close our bodies were. The heat from Logan's body burned into me. It was so intense I was surprised the droplets of water on his skin weren't evaporating into steam.

Logan's expression sobered and his eyes locked onto mine. I never noticed what a pretty brown they were, very deep and liquid. "Veronica," he whispered my name, low and huskily. "Logan." I breathed. He reached up and wiped a wet strand of hair off my face. I swallowed hard. Unlike the rest of me, my throat was completely dry. His thumb stroked my cheek. His face moved closer to mine. I tilted my head up toward his.

"Yo, Logan!" A familiar voice hollered, shattering the moment. Logan and I broke away from each other. "Where you at?" Dick Casablancas appeared from around the corner."Oh, here you are." he stated. "Hey Ronnie. How's it going. Nice teeny weeny bikini." He leered.

"Hello, Dick." I greeted evenly. Dick Casablancas was not my favorite person. A fact he is apparently oblivious to. "So what are you guys up to?" he asked. "Just hanging out." Logan replied. "What are you doing here, Dick?" "I just ran into a couple of hotties from Hurst, sorority girls." He added in suggestive tone. "There having a party tonight. Told me to stop by and bring a friend." He paused as if waiting for some sort of response. When he didn't get one he added, "So? friend? What do you say?"

"Well I don't know." Logan said slowly with a glance at me. "I'm kind of already doing something."

"Dude come on," Dick complained. "that's so weak. You can go swimming with V, anytime. This party is a once in a lifetime thing."

"Right because we so seldom go to parties." Logan remarked. I snickered.

"Dude, whatever." Dick forged on. "Hanging out with hot college chicks is exactly what you need right now since Lilly's having a bitch attack. College chicks are easy. Don't you wanna go somewhere where you actually got a shot at getting some action. Instead of kicking it pool side here with the virgin queen."

"Dude!" Logan protested.

"What?" Dick complained, and shrugged. "No offense, Ronnie."

"None taken." I said and made my way to the steps of the pool. "And don't stick around on my account." Logan came after me.

"Wait, Veronica," I turned to face him but I had trouble looking into his eyes.

"I really have to get going." I insisted.

"Well hey, let me drive you." He suggested, reasonably.

"I can walk." I insisted rushing to grab a towel and dashing to the pool house to change. I didn't want to take the chance of being alone with him again after we had almost... Almost what exactly? Had we really been going to kiss before Dick interrupted? It sure as hell seemed that way. And that would have been a huge mistake. He's Lilly's boyfriend. Not to mention Duncan's best friend. So I guess for once in his life Dick Casablancas actually served a useful purpose.

Logan called me later that night. I ignored the call and never returned it. A week later Lilly was dead. And so was my friendship with Logan.