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Title: Goldenleaf and Greenleaf

By: Eneth nin Galasriniel {My name is Lauren}

Elvish Translations in {} and Mind conversation in []

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Summary: Harry Potter dies in the final battle right after he kills Voldemort. A strange creature enters his dreams and tells him to make a choice: go back to the wizarding world or choose a different path. He, of course, chooses the latter. This is the story of that path. Harry/Legolas slash

Word Count: 1, 918

Ch. 1- Prologue: Escape

(Harry P.O.V.)

A sickly green light emerges from his wand tip. He knew he was destined to kill Voldemort, but he never actually believed in destinies. Destiny didn't destroy those horcruxes, he did. Destiny didn't watch his friends die, he did. Destiny especially didn't have to kill the dark lord, oh no, he did. That green light was good proof of that. He should have known things wouldn't of gone as planned. Dumbledore had told him that when he destroyed all the horcruxes, his in his head would've been gone, too. Of course he wasn't that lucky, never had been. He should have expected to feel the dark thing still whispering in the back of his mind. He now knew Dumbledore had just used him to get rid of The Dark Lord; he was only a pawn, a pawn that had just committed murder. He, being the bloody-boy-who-lived, wouldn't have to stand trial for the acts of murder that day. He would be a hero, again. He couldn't stand the thought, but he knew he wouldn't live to see that. He had to be killed if Voldemort was never to come back again.

He would've just killed his self, but magic didn't work like that. He also knew that the death eaters were furious at him for killing their lord. That was his plan, get killed by a death eater, and maybe get hit with a rogue curse. But, as he had thought a million times, nothing ever happened the way he wanted it to. He was looking around for death eaters but didn't spot any, must of fled. Great, their goes his plan. What to do now? He could technically use muggle methods but that was too painful, maybe ask a friend to finish the deed. He knew they would never consider it so what ways could a wizard die? Murder, potions, the veil. WAIT…THE VEIL! Perfect! He would sneak a trip to the department of mysteries.

Everyone was in the castle getting healed so he apparated to the ministry entrance, dialed the number in the phone booth, then took a elevator to level nine. When he took a step in the room it brought up old memories he had wished to bury forever. He never wanted to relive the most devastating moment in his life, but tis' the only way. The veil looked exactly the same, haunting. He stepped up to it, made sure he had his wand for purposes he truly didn't know, took a deep breath, and then stepped forward.

Leaving his life as Harry James Potter forever.

He felt like he was drowning in a never-ending pit of whispers, hoarse voices, and feelings of deep sorrow. Something he personally never wanted to do again, then it all went black, and all the noises stopped.

He awoke to a bright white light. He looked around and noticed a slim, very beautiful figure walking towards him. He immediately plucked his wand out of his pocket and confronted the figure.

"Who are you?" He questioned.

"Me? I am Galadriel, lady of the wood. I would say you are formerly named Harry Potter?" She replied in a musical voice.

"Yes. How did you know that?" He asked, sounding confused. Did she know Legilimency?

"I read into your mind. It is not a common thing among us elves but that is what I did." She explained.

"Elves? Is that what you are? An elf?" He looked at her incredulously. She didn't look like a house-elf.

She blinked. "Yes, have you never heard of an elf before?

"I have read about them, never expected to meet one, well besides a house elf. Am I dead, then?"

"Quite the opposite really." She explained.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked.

"You have a choice: do you want to return to the wizarding world or choose to live in a different world? The Valar have given instructions to not let you die."

So, he was confused. "Different world? Valar? Why won't they let me die?" He was getting irritated that he was out of the loop. How did he not know all this?

"Middle Earth, beautiful place. The Valar are the type of overseers to the elf community, kind of like angels in their own way. And I do not know why you cannot die. Just to not let you." She spoke formally, and he started to believe that this wasn't a dream, but he still wasn't for sure.

So, maybe he didn't know a lot. How could he never of heard of a Middle Earth?" So, apparently there is a Middle Earth? Where would I stay in Middle Earth? I'm not an elf."

"Middle Earth is home to many inhabitants, including elves. You do not have to be one for you to stay in Middle Earth. Mortal kind is common. Have you chosen?" She took a step closer and he examined just who he really was talking to. Could he live in a new Earth with creatures and mortals that he didn't have the slightest of knowledge on?

"No, sorry but this is a bit overwhelming." Could he leave his home?

She nodded. "I understand, but I can only stay here for awhile."

"Well. Could you explain things a little bit better? Where would I stay in Middle Earth?" He asked curiously.

"Very well. You would stay in an elven city, because you are to be turned into an elf." She talked slowly to let it sink in.

"Me? An elf? Lets say I went along with this, what are the names of the cities?"

"That would be Rivendell, the Last Homely House of Elrond or Imladris, Mirkwood, the Wood of Greenleaves or Eryn Lasgalen, and lastly my home Lothlorien, The Golden Wood or Lorien." She talked proudly of the elven cities especially her own home. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Okay. So, I really didn't catch quite all that." He took a deep breath. "What's happening in Middle Earth?"

"There was recently a war just defeated a month ago. The elves have decided to travel to the Undying Lands and leave Middle Earth soon. If you were to choose a home I would pick Lothlorien, my home, I am the Lady Galadriel and my husband is Lord Celebron. We are the king and queen of Lorien we could establish you a place to stay." She spoke sadly of the war that had happened. Wonder if it was like the battle with Voldemort?

"I couldn't possibly be an elf; I have no experience. I don't even have a proper name or status." He was filled with disbelief. So maybe, he was in over his head.

"You could be my adopted son. The elves are tired of not having any new faces in The Golden Woods, that would change that." He noticed she had smiled when she talked about having a son.

"That is way too nice. How can you trust me when you don't even know me?"

"I have looked into your past, present, and future. I know you as much as you know yourself. I can read anyone's thoughts and have a discussion inside their mind. [Please make your decision soon, Harry son of James.]

"So, you've looked into my future, huh? Then you already know my choice. Since you apparently know me, what do I decide?"

"You eventually decide to accept my offer. We should choose a befitting name for a prince of Lorien."

He certainly couldn't do that, "You should choose then."

She nodded. "You need an elfish name, with good meaning. Do you know elven?"

"Theirs an elf language? How am I supposed to learn that in one day?" More stuff he didn't know, great.

"When you turn into an elf you will know the language." Well okay then.

"I guess that makes things easier." He said.

"In Westron or Common-tongue your name would be Henry, which translates to Marcaunon in elvish. It means ruler of the home. It is very beautiful. Do you accept?" She sounded kinda hopeful, he noted. Maybe she didn't think of any other names?

He decided to make things easier on her. "I like that name, so Iaccept."

"Okay then, Harry son of James, now known as Marcaunon Goldenleaf son of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. I will put you to sleep now, when you awaken you will have the features of an elf and know the language. I daresay living in Lothlorien will be a treat, we will be having visitors soon. Maybe one of them will be your mate. Belain na le." {The Valar be with you}

"Mate? Wha-" He got cut of when he lost consciousness and he knew no more.

Lady Galadriel internally snickered. Oh young, goldleaf you soon will know your mate. She picked up Marcaunon and awoke from the dream sequence.

Elvish Translations and Pronunciations:

1. Marcaunon


Harry or Henry in elvish

Means=Ruler of The Home

2. Belain na le

Beh-LINE nah lay

Common elvish goodbye

Means=The Valar be With You

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