Story: Goldleaf and Greenleaf

Author: Eneth nin Galasriniel

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Word Count: 903

Ch. 12- House of Healing

Last Time:

His lips twitched upwards a little, "I'm sorry, too. I-..."

He nodded to himself, "I love you." He said confidently.

I smiled and I felt myself nodding to sleep.

"Go to sleep. I know the way back," I heard Legolas say.

I fell asleep and Legolas carried me back towards Lothlorien's entrance.

"Uhh.." I groaned. Why was my head hurting so badly? I peeked out of one eye and saw five or six unknown elves in my face.

I shouted, "Ahhhh!" Now I was definitely awake.

"Young prince, we were getting very worried about you," I heard one of the elves say.

"Where am I?" I asked and I heard a few chuckles. So my distress was amusing, huh?

"You are in the house of healing, Marcaunon. My name is Aranhil and these are some of my fellow healers. Do you remember why you are here?"

I opened my eyes and looked around, well that explained the white walls. I tried to remember why I would be here, but all I could remember was a giant spider and some over things.

"Sorta. How long have I been out?"

The elf, Aranhil, looked at me and sighed. "Well you have been waking up on and off for about 6 days but before that you were sleeping for two-weeks. So almost three-weeks."

My eyes widened, "Three weeks? What was wrong with me? Am I all right now?"

Aranhil came closer and put his hand on my should, "Shhh." He whispered, "Everything is fine and you are quite alright now. You should lay down and get some more rest. I will inform the Lady and your mate that you are awake."

Legolas. I wonder how he was doing? I felt my eyes drifting closed, but why would I be sleepy if I just slept for three weeks? Nevertheless, I soon fell asleep.

I saw the huge spider coming towards me and I started to run. I felt the spider running behind me and forgot about Legolas on the ground. I tried to climb a tree, but the spider pulled me down and I landed on a rock; all went black.

I stirred and slowly opened my eyes. I jumped up when I remembered the spider and looked around. The spider wasn't there. Legolas wasn't there.

I woke up with a start. "Deep breaths, didn't really happen," I thought.

I saw a different elf than before sitting on a chair beside me. The elf stirred and I realized it was Legolas.

He saw I was awake, "Your awake."

I nodded. "Are you okay?"

He shook his head, "I'm supposed to ask you that. I'm not the one that was out of it for three weeks, but yes, I'm fine. Thank you for worrying."

I laughed, "Yeah, well, how could I not? How long have you been sitting there?"

He looked at his chair, "Not long. Just a couple of hours since you went back to sleep." Then he looked back at me, "Are you really okay?"

I forced a smile, "Yeah, I'm okay." Things were kinda awkward between us, I could tell. Well, at least to me anyways.

I looked at him, "You should go to your room and get some sleep. I'll still be here when you wake up."

He looked troubled but then sighed and stood up. "I'll be back later. I hope you feel better." He leaned over my bed and kissed my forehead. "Sweet dreams."

I smiled and murmured the same. Yeah, I feel awkward.

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