The rest of the night was a blur. Having her whole family around her, Kagome was ecstatic. She never knew how much she missed all of them until they were gathered in one room, each member of her family catching up with one another. That is the reason she loved Christmas. There was nothing that made her happier than seeing her family united and well. Sighing she leaned back against her mate, nuzzling his chin with her nose. A silent demand for affection. Sesshoumaru looked down into her eyes and wrapped his arms around her protectively. While his hands started caressing her belly, he inclined his head to give her a kiss that made her heart beat faster. She loved the feel of his lips on her own. Just a few seconds after starting, they got really into it but before it turned into a make-out session a few cat calls, mainly from Kouga and Takeru, and three very loud "ewwws' " by her nieces and Inuyasha, made them remember where they were. With a smile they parted, returning to watch their pack. Kagome loved to watch the happy faces of her family. The only thing that bothers her as she watched the mated couples and their offspring was Inuyasha. Well not namely Inuyasha but his own unmated status. After the whole misery of the love triangle, then Kikyos death and Kagomes mating, he didn't bother with trying to find new love. For him it was all a pain and not something he wanted a repeat of. He lived almost 400 years without any kind of relationship of the romantic nature. Then one night he met Kagura again. After the death of Naraku the wind demoness regained her freedom and spent many years searching new countries. At first she wanted to go to Sesshoumaru and declare her wish to mate him, but after she has seen him with the little priestess and the way he looked at her, she knew there would be no love for her to find there. So she took off and returned to the clearing where her new life began, the clearing where the evil Naraku was defeated, just in time to meet the slightly aged hanyo. She didn't recognize him immediately because even if he did age just a little in appearance, it was enough for him to look more like his older brother but not quite. If she would have ever met their father, she would have seen that he was his copy. Kagura felt lonely and she had changed quite a bit from the cunning bitch she once was. And so she sat down and talked to one of the only beings that understood what she had been through. This wasn't the last time they met, not by far. These conversations and chance meetings continued. Later on the meetings were not so much by chance but from the wish to see each other more and more, to help with the loss only the other seemed to fully understand and the need of friendship. This went on for almost 100 years, neither of them wanted to take the next logical step and open themselves up for the possibility of heartbreak, even if everyone else could see that they were perfect for each other and if Inuyasha mated her, his life-span would adjust to hers, so that not even death of old age could tear them apart. Kagome was sick and tired of Inuyashas' and Kaguras' antics. Kagura had become a close friend to her after some conversations about the past, they had come to terms with each other and it helped that Kagome could clearly see the love she held for Inuyasha, even if he himself was blind to it. So she made a plan to finally get them to talk and if she could believe her mate it will be put into action very soon. Kagura arrived in a gentle wind, not needing her feather to transport her anymore but coming straight with the wind. She materialized right in front of Kagome and with a little bow to her alphas she put her arms around her pregnant friend.

"Are you sure that this will work?" she asked Kagome in hushed whispers as to not alert the half-demon with the dog ears of their plan.

"Calm down Kagura, it will be fine." Kagome told her friend with a little smile. She couldn't help herself but find this behavior slightly amusing.

"Go and greet him, he is eager to see you!" she told her with a little shove in the right direction. Kagura made her way over to Inuyasha and greeted him with a kiss on his cheek. He turned slightly red from the attention and unusual greeting she gave him, but was happy all the more for it.

The room was still lit in candlelight and a little while ago, Sesshoumaru turned on the fireplace. It was warm and cozy and utterly Christmas. Kagome giggled when she remembered that just about 30 minutes ago pranks were pulled on one another and children were running wild around the house. Not that that came as a huge surprise, Kouga had sworn pay back for his car. But after Kouga ruined her dark gravy by putting chocolate pudding in it, she put her foot down and demanded for them to stop. She didn't have the illusion that that would be it, but she hoped they would stop at least for a few hours. To everyone's surprise they did. At least on the outside, no one noticed Shippo putting vinegar in Kougas drink, or him filling Shippos shoes with eggs for retribution. And no one would until morning when Shippo has to leave to get his mother eggs because 2 of hers had disappeared. All in all the evening was a full success. Everyone was happy and complemented her on her exceptional cooking skills. Even without dark gravy, the duck was amazing as always.

Later on Kagome suddenly announced that this year they had a room less to sleep in, because it was being rebuilt into a nursery and so Kagura and Inuyasha had to share one bedroom since all the other couples already shared and her mother, Souta and the twins always shared the same one. While Kagura knew of this, she still turned red as she asked Inuyasha if he had a problem with it. He, to his utter embarrassment, stuttered slightly and turned red as he told her that there would be no problem.

As the hour grew late and eve turned into night, everyone was slowly making their way to their respective rooms. The last ones down in the dining room were Sesshoumaru and Kagome, who had to clean the whole mess up. At the moment though, they were just watching the flames in the chimney. He was behind her, his legs spread with her in between and her head resting on his shoulder while he nuzzled her neck. She turned slightly to the side, capturing first his eyes and then his lips with her own. The kiss was slow, loving, giving. When they pulled apart nothing had to be said, they just knew. When he put his hands once again on her belly and rubbed the flesh there lovingly, she made a move to stand up and take him with her. He let her do it and soon he found himself in their bedchamber, on the bed moving as one, breathing as one, becoming one. And he knew that everything they endured, the loneliness he experienced as well as the loss were worth holding her in his arms, loving her and being loved in return. With realization came satisfaction, and with whispered words of adoration, he fell asleep behind her, cuddled around his tiny mate one hand on her belly, protectively spanning her womb, the other over her heart, both of them lovingly cupping what was his.

And her last conscious thought was that the only thing that would make this Christmas even more perfect was the announcement Inuyasha and his mate would give in the morning, because even if the walls were thick, they couldn't contain the screams of pleasure when a mating was consummated.

And with a pleased smile, realizing that right in that moment her life was as perfect as it could get without her pup in her arms, she cuddled closer to her mate and quickly fell asleep in his loving embrace.

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