Riiiight...so, yeah...went from Nazi Zombies to LittleBigPlanet. This is kinda random, but enjoy it anyway.

"I am the creator of science!" exclaimed Avalon Centrifuge proudly, flashing his signature move in front of his mirror, both arms pointed up diagonally. "My wonder knows no worldly bounds! Ahahaha!"

Grinning to himself, he went outside to where two sackboys and one sackgirl were waiting to hear his speech, along with Larry Da Vinci and Clive Handforth.

Putting himself on the big monitor screen, he controlled the screen so that he could see his audience waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Um, Mr. Science." mumbled Clive.

"THAT'S AVALON CENTRIFUGE TO YOU!" Avalon snapped, half-jokingly, chuckling a bit at Clive's terrified expression. "Haha, only kidding champ, but that is my name after all!" Avalon proclaimed, laughing again.

Larry rolled his eyes. "Just get on with it Avalon!"

Larry Da Vinici couldn't stand Avalon the moment he was admitted as one of the Alliance. As much as Larry hated to admit it, Avalon was a genius...

Avalon narrowed his eyes, but nodded firmly. "My name…" he paused dramatically, "My name is the name of science. Some have called me the essence of all that is awesome; some have said that I am the next Albert Einstein! I tell you the truth: These people are correct. It will be I, Avalon Centrifuge that will take down the Negativitron."

Larry rolled his eyes again, and the sackboys looked at each other. Avalon had the gadgets all right, but he was so full of himself!

Sackgirl, on the other hand, was staring at Avalon's face in the giant monitor with an expression of pure awe and fascination.

"My RoboBuns have just been updated: they will be able to assist you in battle. Use them wisely and carefully, for they are useless in the wrong hands. You will become pilots, warriors, assisting me in protecting the wonderful Avalonia!"

Larry scowled. "And CraftWorld!" he added.

"…And CraftWorld." Avalon said, nodding. "I see Sackgirl here seems to be very…interested! She appreciates the wonders of science!"

Sackgirl nodded, unable to take her eyes off of Avalon. One of the sackboys snickered.

"Sackgirl! Will you be my second-in-command? Will you be in charge of the Robo-Animals and assist me in taking down the evil Negativitron? I need ones who are interested in science and technology!"

Sackgirl was repressing squeals, nodding enthusiastically. "Yes! Of course!" she exclaimed.

The other sackboy laughed. "I don't think it's the science she's getting so excited about." he muttered.

Larry shook his head in exasperation. "This honestly isn't going to end well..." he muttered under his breath.

Well...if you liked it...maybe I'll make a story out of it. Maybe. Thanks for reading!