Off Her Rocker

The familiar chatter of the Great Hall filled Hermione with such a strong happiness that it almost knocked the breath out of her. She looked around, the laughing kids, the enchanted sky, the passing ghosts, and she felt more at home than she had in two years. Almost two years since The Golden Trio had first left to search for hocruxes.

Hermione walked down to the one long table. Not many people came back this year, and it only required one table. Whether they didn't come back because of their parents wishes, or because they were still celebrating, Hermione didn't know, and frankly she didn't care.

Winter was making the ceiling reflect snow, and Hermione thought once again about how happy she was that Headmistress McGanogall had let the students come early, before September. It had taken longer then they expected to rebuild Hogwarts, and thought they were planning for last September, that didn't happen.

People stared as Hermione almost skipped into the hall. Though Ron and Harry didn't return for their last year, Hermione had, and she was just about as famous. Even the staring students didn't ruin her mood. She sat down at the section of the table that was Gryffindor. She noticed the table was quite bigger, probably to hold more food now that the whole school was sitting at one table. Hermione looked up and down the rows. Ravenclaw was at the end closet to the Staff Table, and then went Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and then...Slytherin. Hermione, as much as she respected the new Headmistress, was concerned for McGonagall's sanity as she stuck the rival houses together.

Her thoughts were stopped for the time being as McGonagall stepped up towards the podium.

"Welcome back to Hogwarts! And for those who are new, Welcome! Merlin, I wish I was as good as Dumbledore when it came to speeches. I still miss him." She sighed.

"Ooo!" Most of the older houses whisted. Hermione smiled, the carefree atmosphere that she had missed at Hogwarts. McGonagall blushed.

"Um, well them, erm, I'm sorry to say we didn't have any new students this year, so the Sorting Hat was regrettably not needed. I must remind you that the Forbidden forest has not changed names and is still forbidden. For now, eat!" With a wave of her arm, the tabled filled with food, and Hermione saw that it was a good thing that they had enlarged it.

Mashed potatoes, lamb chops, all the favorites. Hermione loaded her plate and heard a snicker from her right. Draco Malfoy was looking at her plate in disgust.

"You gonna eat all that, Granger?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry Malfoy. I was trying to keep it from tempting you. You know, you're already fat enough. Thought I was helping." She gave the stunned blond an innocently sweet smile and then turned her back on him to talk to Seamus Finnigan.

Draco didn't bother her for the rest of the meal. Before they could go to bed, McGonagall stood again.

"I have important news. It has in fact almost been a year since The Battle." Hermione thought. The Battle was in May and it was January now. "We are going to be hosting a ball in honor of the falling of...Voldemort. It is mascaraed. Also, we have news of the new Head Boy and Head Girl."

"I bet your going to get it, Hermione." Whispered Neville. She smiled in his direction, silently urging McGonagall to continue.

"Head Girl, Hermione Granger!" She called, and Hermione smiled. The Gryffindors cheered, and so did the Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuffs.

"Head Boy, Draco Malfoy!"Hermione gasped. Many of her class mates did the same, and no one clapped, except Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise. McGonagall was defiantly off her rocker. Draco Malfoy, Head Boy? Impossible! The who table looked up to see the Slytherin's appalled face. Apparently his thoughts were similar to Hermione's.

Maybe she's got a good reason. I should just trust her judgment like I did with Dumbledore. Maybe it's not that bad, Hermione thought. Except...Oh no.

"You have to stay in the Head Dorms with him, Hermione!" Neville gasped.

"Head Boy and Girl, come see me after dinner. And now I will end this speech in the most suitable way possible. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Old habits die hard!" McGonagall said, and she sat back down with a smile. The whole table got up to leave except the shocked Slytherin and Gryffindor. She looked at Draco and then stood up to walk to the Staff Table. Draco followed her.

"Ah, Ms. Granger, Mr. Malfoy. Congrats on your positions. The Head Dorm in on the 3rd floor tower. Your luggage has already been brought up. Password is Frozen Pineapples. Good luck." and she sent them off.

It took about twenty minutes to find the tower. During the whole time, Hermione and Draco were quiet, but they were shooting daggers at each other. Finally they came to a portrait of the four founders standing in front of a much newer Hogwarts.

"Password?" They all piped.

"Frozen Pineapples." Hermione sighed, and the picture swung open. The six sided room inside was absolutely beautiful. The sitting room was floored with a maple wood, and the walls were a cream color, and on the wall directly across from the entrance were Draco and Hermione were standing there was a brightly painted mural of the Hogwarts Crest. There was a fluffy, cream, shaggy rug in the center of the room, with a glass coffee table and two red couches placed on top. Three book cases that towered to the ceiling with books nearly covered one whole wall, which was the wall to the right of the door. A stone fire place was on the wall to the left of the door. Each last wall that was on either side of the mural wall were two stair cases.

"Close the door!" Snapped on of the people on the portrait and Hermione slammed the door behind her. Draco was already in the sitting room, examining the crest. Hermione headed towards the book shelf, but then remembered Crook Shanks, and how cross he would be if she left him in there much longer. She made her way up the right stair case, and seeing Hermione, Draco thumped up the left.

There was a landing on this level, a little smaller than the room down stairs. This room was pentagon shaped and the stair cases had been connected on the two sides. The wall in between them there was another stair case. At the far side of the room, where the two walls made the pentagon's point, was two doors. They were both a chestnut color. Looking in the door on the left, she found the walls to be deep green. It was poorly lit even with the open window, and the bed in the middle was silver. This was obviously for a Slytherin.

"This is your room," Hermione said. "It's green and silver." Draco came forward and disappeared into the room. Hermione how ever turned to the stair case that lead even farther up.

A small kitchen was in this room. It had a fridge which had a side for frozen and a side for regular. There was a small counter, a sink, and pantry. A table with two chairs sat on one side of the room.

Hermione went to go report her findings to Draco. She approached the door, and lightly knocked. A very audible sigh was heard and then Draco cracked open the door.

"Malfoy, a kitchen is up that stair case." She said as she jerked her thumb in that direction.

"Okay, Granger. A bathroom is in between our rooms." he said, and Hermione was surprised at his civil tone.

"Okay, well, erm..Good night." Hermione said, and she turned as Draco slammed the door closed.

Hermione's room was red with a golden bed, where the basket with an angry Crook Shanks hissed. She let him out, and he took refuge under the dresser. Hermione rummaged around in her trunk and brought out her pj's. She heard a door open, and she found it was the bathroom Draco had told her about. He was probably using it. Hermione started to undress herself. Just as Hermione was removing her last piece of clothing, save for her undergarments, the door opened.

Hermione shrieked and turned to grab her robe. Pressing it to her nearly naked body, she turned to the surprised Draco. His eyes were wide and staring.

"I don't like this dorm! It's got to many doors!" He cried. She had never seen him this way. He was almost frightened.

"I don't care! Get out!" Hermione yelled. Draco quickly shut the door and Hermione sighed. She couldn't help but agree with him.

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