Perry Home Alone

Part 1

Phineas and Ferb were watching the news on the TV with their parents. Perry was beside them on the couch, sleeping.

"Crisis at the Danville Museum!" The announcer spoke.

"Crisis?" Lawrence questioned out loud on his recliner. "This can't be good. Wonder what all the hub-bub is."

The screen then showed a reporter in front of an empty museum display.

"I'm here on the scene," said the reporter. "Where a diamond has been stolen from this very case late last night." Lawrence and Linda gasped.

"A diamond?" Linda asked. "Goodness me! I wonder what happened."

"Let's get the scoop from the Museum's manager." The reporter said. She went to a man with black curly hair. "Now sir, tell us what happened last night." She put the mike under the manager's mouth.

"Well," The manager began. "Late last at around 11:30 according to our security cameras, two thieves broke in and took the diamond." The reporter took the mike.

"Can you tell us what the diamond looks like?" She put the mike under the manager's mouth again.

"Sure! The diamond was a beautiful crystal colored. It was pretty big too." The reporter took back the mike and looked back at the screen.

"Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the story on the Danville Museum Crisis! Back to you, Theresa!" The screen went back to the announcer.

"Thanks Bonnie." She said. "Now, here is the footage of the crime from the security cameras." A clip then showed the crime scene. The room was dimmed and it was quiet.

Then a rope dangled down from above. A short man wearing a ski mask on his face climbed down. He gently opened the case and snatched the diamond. He pulled up his mask a bit to shout up at his accomplice.

"Okay Duncan," He whispered loudly. "I got the diamond. Pull me up!" The rope then pulled him up and the clip stopped.

"We've been told by the museum staff that the reward for catching these dastardly crooks and giving back the diamond to the Danville Museum is $1000, and free six-month admission to the museum for a family of 5- They seem very desperate… Anyway, now, for the sports."

"Wow!" Phineas said. "A free six month pass to the museum! And a 1,000 bucks is pretty good too— That's it!" He looked at his stepbrother. "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today! We're going to catch those diamond thieving bandits and place them behind bars!" The boys jumped off the couch and ran towards the sliding door to the backyard.

"Don't forget," Linda called after them. "Isabella's play, Heidi, is at eight! And before that we're going to a restrarant, we'll be leaving at six!"

"Don't worry Mom!" Phineas reassured her. "We won't forget. It's all in our schedule of things to do!" Linda smiled as she turned back to the TV, changing to a cooking show.

"Such imaginations…" She said, chuckling. Lawrence got up and went to the kitchen.

Phineas opened the sliding door and he and Ferb went into the backyard.

Perry's watch beeped. The now-awake platypus stood on all fours, jumped off the couch and strolled out of the room. Lawrence came in with a bowl of mini pretzels. He looked around then at his wife who had her eyes glued to the screen.

"Hey honey." He said. "Sorry to interrupt, but, where's Perry?"

"Shhhh!" His wife told him. "Sit down Lawrence. Alicia Ray is in the middle of explaining how to make carrot cakes." Lawrence just shrugged and sat down next to her, eating his pretzels.

"Agent P," Monogram spoke to him as soon as the platypus turned on the monitor. "Today is Dr. Doofenscmirtz's day off, Now as much as we love to send you out there to check to see if he's faking and really up to no good, we can't. There's something more important we must discuss. Now, did you hear the news on the theft of a diamond at the Dansville Museum?" Perry looked shocked. Stolen diamond? What stolen diamond? I haven't heard about a stolen diamond. The news that my owners and their parents watched must've covered it while I was asleep.

And just as if Monogram could read minds, he asked Perry,

"Were you asleep?" Perry nodded.

"Well, that's probably why you didn't hear it then. Okay, let me explain…" Carl's voice then spoke up.

"You know what they say Agent P, you snooze, you loose."

"Carl!" Monogram scolded his intern. "That wasn't funny. Can't you see I'm explaining to Agent P what he missed because he was asleep?"

"You wouldn't be explaining it to him if he was awake."

"Hush Carl. He wasn't okay?"

"But sir…"

"Shut up Carl. I'm not in the mood."

"Yes sir." Monogram looked at Perry again. "Now, let me explain…"

Monogram told Perry all about the theft of the diamond at the Danville Museum.

"So, instead of going to foil Doofenshmirtz," Monogram said. "we need you to try to catch these guys and return the diamond to its rightful place in the museum. Can you do that Agent P?" The agent platypus looked at him and saluted. "Of course you can, now go Agent P; go and stop them!" The screen went black. Perry dashed to his hover jet, put it on, turned it on and flew off.

"Okay Ferb," Phineas told him. "Now we got to track down these two criminal masterminds. We'll search uptown, downtown, the entire Tri-State Area; we won't rest until these criminals are put behind bars!" Ferb looked at his stepbrother, uncertainly. Phineas realized what his stepbrother was thinking. "Oh yeah the play. Hmmm, then I guess we don't have all day." He sat down. "Hmmm, we could make our old transporter to find lost items again, you know, the one where you insert an image of the object and it transports to you? But in order to do that we need wanted posters of the crooks or a poster of the missing diamond. Then we can just teleport them to us, making them easier to catch." He stood up. "Come on Ferb, there's bound to be wanted posters of them in several places around Danville. Let's go see if we can find them." Ferb stood up. The boys were about to go when a poster blew into Phineas' face. Phineas looked at it. It had the picture of the missing diamond. He smiled. "Hmmm, now that's convenient. Now to rebuild the transporter." He and Ferb went to get the tools from the garage. Baljeet, Buford and Isabella then came in the backyard.

"Hey Phineas," Isabella said sweetly. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Hey Isabella!" Phineas greeted her. "We're going to rebuild our transporter we built earlier this summer to put in the picture of the missing diamond! The diamond will come to us and then we'll correct this grave injustice!"

"And get 1,000 dollars," Ferb added, pulling up his welding mask.

"Neat!" Isabella said. "Let's quick build it before I have to go to get ready for the play."

So the kids went to work on rebuilding the transporter.

Hours later, they were all done.

"Wow," Phineas observed. "That took longer than I thought. We only have a few more hours left." Isabella checked her watch.

"Oops." She said and then looked at her friends. "I got to go! See you all tonight!" Phineas, Ferb and Baljeet waved bye to her.

"Bye Isabella!" Phineas said after her. "See you in the play!"

"Break a leg!" Ferb added.

"Ooh, if that was Jeet here," Buford said. "That'd be a show to see!" Baljeet looked at him.

"Uh, you know that's just a stage idiom, right? It means good luck." Buford eyed him.

"I know, but a bully can dream, can't he?" When Baljeet didn't answer, Buford grabbed him by the shirt collar and was about to punch him. Baljeet laughed nervously.

"Why, of course they can." Buford put Baljeet on the ground again.

"Good! That's what I thought." Baljeet and Buford's mom called them for supper in the distance.

"Well, we got to go to." Baljeet said. "Well, see you guys later!"

"Bye Baljeet!" Phineas and Ferb waved to them.

"I'm not going!" Buford said, crossings his arms across his chest. "You can't make me." Buford's mom called again in the distance.

"Well, we can't." Phineas agreed. "But your mom can." Buford narrowed his eyes at Phineas.

"I'm not a mama's boy!"

"BUFORD!" His mom called, louder this time. Buford's eyes widened. "You better come or else no watching wrestling on TV for a week, young man!" The bully slumped his shoulders.

"Ah right mom, I'm coming; sheech!" He then left the backyard.

"Gosh Ferb," Phineas told him. "We better hurry or we'll run out of time." Phineas was about to head to the machine to put the picture in, when all of a sudden, something hit him in the face.

"What the?" He bent over the grass and parted a patch of it. It was the diamond! He picked it up and showed it to Ferb. Perry then came back. When he saw his owners and the diamond, he quickly jumped to hide in the bushes.

"Ferb, look! What sheer luck, I found it! I found the lost diamond of the Danville Museum!" He then looked at the machine. "Well, I guess rebuilding this was a huge waste of time. Oh well, we can't change the past once it's already done. Let's show this to mom and dad!" The two boys ran in the house to show their parents.

Perry couldn't believe it! He went all over the city, trying to find the crooks and the diamond, yet he couldn't find them. How did his owners find the diamond and not him? Oh well, at least the diamond is now safe. Perry, in pet mode, strolled out of the bushes and into the house.

"You idiot!" A voice snapped in the bushes. It belonged to a short man with patches of hair on his chin, the same man in the clip. He slapped a skinny man on the back of his neck. The second man rubbed the back of his neck where it hit. "How can you let the diamond get away and fall into the hands of a kid? Now these kids will tell and show it to their parents, call the police and we'll go to prison! Do you know what's it's like in prison Duncan, huh, do you? They got lousy rotten food there Duncan, and they make you work! Our boss will never forgive us and it's all your fault!" Duncan stood up.

"Howie," He started. "It's not my fault that I tripped on a garden gnome. I didn't put it there. Plus, if it's prison, they might have a lot of doughnuts." Howie crossed his hands, not looking amused.

"Would you stop already with your doughnut cravings? We got bigger problems to worry about!"

"Yeah but Howie," He licked his lips. "doughnuts!" Howie slapped his face.

"Why the boss chose you to be my partner is beyond me. Now come, before the police arrive!" Howie and Duncan ran off.

"Mom, dad!" Phineas announced once they were in the kitchen, as his parents and Candace were getting ready to go out. "Look what Ferb and I found in the backyard!" Phineas held up the diamond for his parents and sister to see. Lawrence, Candace, and Linda looked at what their son was holding up and gasped. Candace began jumping up and down, as was her habit.

"You guys found a diamond? I'm telling mo-"

"Honey, I'm standing right here," Linda said.


Perry came in then. Phineas looked at him.

"Oh, there you are Perry." The platypus just chattered.

"My word!" Lawrence said in shock. Linda bent down to his son and took it from him.

"Baby, how on Earth did you find this?" Linda asked her son, examinining it.

" I bet they made another one of their wacky inventions to find it." Candace told her.

"We were going to do that." Phineas told her. "But as it turned out, we really didn't need to." Linda looked at her daughter.

"Candace, shhh!" She said sternly. Candace huffed and crossed her arms across her chest. Linda looked back at her son. "How did you find the diamond, Phineas?"

"Well, let's just say it kind of flew into my face." He then looked at them in question. "Are we going to notify the police or bring it back to the museum?" Linda looked at her watch and gasped. She looked back at her son.

"I'm afraid we don't have time. If we don't leave now, we'll never make it to the play on time." She stood up.

"But what about the diamond? We can't leave it unattended. It's too valuable, the crooks might come back and take it."

"Then we'll have to call someone to watch it for us until we come back."

"Like who?" Linda thought about this a while.

"My parents might be able to do it. I'll give them a call, in the meantime, you boys get ready!"

"Okay mom!" The boys left to get ready. "I just hope you know what you're doing and this doesn't end with the babysitter falling asleep while watching TV and chaos ensues."

Two minutes later, they were all ready, but Linda's parents weren't there yet. Linda looked at her watch. It was ten past six.

"We can't wait any more, we got to go or we'll be late. We have reservations for six 'o clock at the restaurant"

"But mom, can't we wait a few more minutes?"

"Sorry sweetie, we're already late and we don't want to be more late." Phineas looked at his pet. He went over and stoked his pet's chin.

"Hey Perry, we got to go but we got a important job for you. There's a diamond that's extremely valuable, so until grandpa and grandma arrive, can you look after it for us? Make sure thieves won't steal it? If you do this for us we'll give you extra worms and fish in your supper bowl." He hugged him. "Thank you, I know you can do it." He rubbed Perry's head and stood up. "Well, we got to go, take care." He and his family left for the door. "You know what to do pal!" They closed the door after them. Perry strolled to the TV.

"We can't wait any longer." Howie told Duncan in the car. "We got to go now and tell our boss." Duncan tapped Howie on the shoulder as soon as he saw the family exit the house and get in Linda's station wagon. "I still can't believe you lost the diamond. I mean who loses an important thing like that by tripping on a puny lawn orna…" He looked at Duncan. "What?"

"Howie, they're leaving." Howie noticed this.

"What luck! This is the chance we've been waiting for! Get out of the car and let's go!" Howie looked at his assistant who still looked amazed out of the window. Howie kicked him slightly. "Well, don't just sit there and watch, let's hurry before they get back!" The two got out of the car. Howie locked it and the two ran for the surprisingly open window. They got under it.

"Now, on the count of three, we spring into action! Now, 1, 2…"

"Howie?" Duncan interrupted.


"After we get the diamond, can I get a doughnut if I do good?"

"Yes, yes, you can have all the doughnuts you desire if, and only if we get the diamond back."


"Okay, 1, 2, 3, go!" The two quietly jumped over the window and into the house. Perry was sitting on the sofa, watching his favorite soap opera on the television, while popping popcorn on the stove. The diamond sat beside him on the end table. He had tears in his eyes and they were streaming down his face. He had a tissue in his hand. The Kleenex box sat beside him.

"I love you, Derek!" Said the woman on TV.

"I love you too, Monica!" The man responded. "But there's something you must know." The woman looked at him, confused.


"I'm from the past!" The woman gasped.

"I'm from the future!"

"I'm a werewolf!"

"I'm a vampire!" The couple laughed and then hugged and kissed each other.

Perry blew his nose in a tissue. Duncan was crying too.

"It's beautiful!" He cried. "I love this soap opera." Howie smacked his companion.

"Come on!" He told him. "You can watch soaps at home! Right now, we're here for the diamond." He pointed to the diamond on the end table. "There it is, now let's grab it!" Howie started towards the diamond when Duncan held him back. Howie looked at him, sternly.

"What?" He whispered loudly.

"I think someone's home." Duncan replied in a whisper. "The TV's on."

"Good point Dun." Duncan looked proud of himself. "But what if they're asleep or the TV's just on and they just forgot to shut it off? If they are home, they might be too absorbed to even notice. Ether way, let just quietly tiptoe and sneak off with it! Come on, what do you say?"

"I don't know Howie, it's too risky. I'd rather not take any chances."

"Look! The boss wants the diamond delivered to him by nine. We don't have time to wait, I say we get it now and get it over with before the house owners get home! Now, you stay here and keep watch!" With that, Howie looked at the diamond on the table and quietly tiptoed towards it, not making a sound. Duncan stayed behind.

"Be careful, Howie." Duncan whispered.

Howe gently touched the diamond. "I got it, Duncan!" Duncan sighed in relief but gasped when a green hand sat on Howie's hairy hand. Howie froze in fear.

Perry grew wide-eyed when he felt something hairy on top of the diamond. He slowly turned around and saw a hairy-chinned man staring at him. Howie grinned at him.

"That's a good platypus, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to take this diamond and…" Perry pulled the diamond out from under him and jumped to the floor. He stared at the crooks.

'Give it here, platypus." Howie spoke to Perry as if he was a dog. "Come on, give it here, I'm not going to hurt you, just give it to me then we'll be on our way. Come on." The platypus shook his head. Howie looked angry.

"Why you!" He lunged at Perry. The mammal ran, dodging the attack. Howie hit the wall. He rubbed his head and stood up. "Oh yeah? Is that your game, huh? Well, two can play at that! Come on, give it here!" He ran after Perry. Perry ran as fast as he could, clenching the diamond in his hands. Howie tripped on the carpet, stood back up and resumed chasing Perry. "Come on, give it!" He chased after Perry through the entire first floor. Perry stood on the steps and looked behind him. Howie chucked.

"Wise guy, huh? I don't think so!" He was about to go up the stairs when Duncan grabbed him.

"It's too dangerous!" He cried. He pulled him out the window.

Perry wondered where were Linda's parents? Surely they'd be here by now! Then he heard the telephone ring. It rang three times before the answering machine picked up.

"Hello Linda dear," Spoke the voice. It was Linda's dad, Clyde Flynn. "Sorry, we're going to be late. Your mother and I got in a car accident and your mom might've broken her leg. Don't worry, everything's fine. We're on our way to the hospital now. I'll be with your mom a little while, but then I'll be right over! Bye dear, we love you lots!" Then the answering machine shut off.

Perry quickly went to the phone and dialed 911.

"Hello, this is 911, what is the state of your emergency?" A voice asked on the other end. Perry then chattered loudly into the phone.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't speak your language." Then the voice got angry. "Look, if this is a joke, it's not funny! We run a serious shtick here, we got no time for games!" Perry then hung up. Drat! He's a platypus; the police won't understand him!

"What are you doing?" Howie commanded to know. "Let go of me!" He shoved Duncan aside.

"We can't go back in there." Duncan said. Howie looked at him like he was nuts.

"Oh, what are you saying? Of course we can!"

"But you don't understand! There's an animal in there keeping watch. We'll never get it." Howie rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, a stupid platypus! They're mindless, they don't do much! I say we go back in!"

"But Howie…"

"You want your doughnuts? Now quit your complaining and let's go back in and snatch it before somebody comes!"


"Now Duncan!" Duncan looked down, ashamed.

"Yes sir." The crooks went back in the window.

This is my house too! Perry thought to himself. Phineas, Ferb and the rest of the family gave me this house to live in with them and I'm not going to let some crooks come in and steal this diamond! Phineas and Ferb are counting on me; I must to protect this diamond and this house until Linda's dad comes no matter what!