The Flynn-Fletchers went to the museum again with Clyde and Betty Jo. Betty Jo had a cast on her leg. Phineas looked at the diamond display but was shocked at what he saw under it. The boys raced to it after they were done in line, followed by the family and their grandparents. Underneath the display was a newspaper clipping withthe headline 'Diamond saved thanks to Platypus."

"Wow grandpa!" Phineas observed. "Take a look at this. Clyde squinted but couldn't read it.

"I'm sorry my boy." He told his grandson. "But my eyes aren't what they used to be. Can you read it to me?"

"Sure grandpa!" And with that, the boy turned to the newspaper clipping and read out loud.

"Wow!" Betty Jo said. "That platypus of yours sure is a hero."

"He sure is grandma, he sure is."

The family then went to look at other stuff in the museum, and then to see a movie about platypuses in the museum's IMAXINE movie theater.