A/N: One hundred percent AU. Harry and Ron left Hermione behind to look for Horcruxes and then Hermione's mandatory presence at Hogwart's is requested.

Pairing is Hermione/Draco, rated M for themes of profanity, perhaps smut, torture, and death.




A long brown-haired girl sat in a dark room, twiddling the slightly burnt parchment letter in her graceful fingers. Her eyes had scanned every letter in every line yet she still couldn't quite get herself to accept it. God knows why she was surprised, things couldn't get much worse could they? Well, they probably could. The room she was in was not familiar, it was not warm nor kind yet it didn't make her feel scared. It was unknown, it was cold and it was strange. Something she'd had to deal with too much lately.

She heard the clanging of three suitcases against the stairs, she heard the shuffle of a kind woman's feet, she even smelt the warm apple pie wafting in from the kitchen but it didn't change anything. It didn't change the fact that her life had changed so terribly she almost didn't recognize herself when she looked in the mirror. A cold breeze went down her spine but she couldn't even find the energy to react to it.

She looked out the window into the dark sky and felt a slight sigh escape her lips. How had these times changed so darkly in what seemed like such a small amount of time? Her eyes flitted to the table in the room where only last week she sat at, laughing with the only two people in the world she wanted to see right now.

The sun was slowly rising yet it was not warm nor inviting and she felt nothing from it. Ever since her world had fallen down around her she mostly felt nothing, due to suppressing it and when, for the smallest of moments she did allow herself to feel, it was far too painful and she felt her soul break away a little more. The red-headed woman before her offered a sympathetic smile that could not be returned. With one silent look, she knew it was time.

The girl slipped the letter into her pocket, rose up and went to stand by the black suitcases, taking one last look at her surroundings. It would be the last time for a while, if not the last time forever that she would see this quaint strange cottage and the warm people who currently lived in it. She took a deep breath and braced herself for what was to come. As she took hold of her suitcases in one hand and an old boot in the other, she felt that familiar whoosh suck her away.

As the girl finally disappeared, the crumpled letter fell from her pocket onto the floor. The red-headed woman, with tears in her eyes, stared at it's current position and did nothing.

The letter read;

Dear Miss Granger,

Due to new management orders, I have to request your mandatory attendance at Hogwarts this year. This year's new education schedule and required books are separately attached. Please arrange for a portkey transferal as it is safer.

I'm sorry, Hermione.

Minerva McGonagall.